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  1. I finally did it. Problem was that there were missing facegen-files (so all nifs and textures THAT WERE PRESENT were correctly converted, the problem were the files THAT WERE NOT THERE 😉 ) I simply believed the page https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Porting_Skyrim_mods_to_Skyrim_Special_Edition: I have attached my brand new conversion of the 6.0.0-version, I could successfully enter both the temple of dibella (as female) and play through the new quest "Follower of Dibella" (as male obviously). (The attached Texture-Pack is the same as the oldrim-version after running Cathedral
  2. I went through all the meshes and ran the optimizer again, without success. (On the other hand, I believe I was in that temple in my current run, but maybe I am mistaken....) I then took the 6.0 LE-version, converted that to SSE and applied my fixes to it (recognize the SSE-version of NiOverride to detect highheels and some minor changes). I then started a new game and went directly to the temple (I used LAL to directly start in Markarth), and it did not crash! I could actually get a new hairstyle there. I then started another new game as a male character in Winterhold, t
  3. Hi, the 5.4 conversion was mine. I just noticed, that I have some CTDs, too. (I just returned after taking a break from the game). However, the merchants in Solitude and Falkheath work for me. Also Whiterun and Riften. However, as soon as I enter the temple of dibella in Markath, the game crashes. I am going to check the files again, maybe I had fotgotten some meshes....
  4. Hi, I don't know, if this was already reported somewhere, but this dcl has a minor issue when saving in the LAL-startquest or in the Dagonar Prison: Those saves are only visible, if "Show all saves" is chosen, since they are not sorted in the current character. The reason are CELL-records with an underscore in the editor-id (like dcur_prison). See also (Once it also somehow did reset the character-id, which is the second part of the filename) To solve this, I changed the name of those cells to Camelcase (dcur_prison => dcurPrison etc.) and forgot about it.
  5. I found the difference: NiOverride is not a separate Plugin in SSE, so hasNiOverride = (SKSE.GetPluginVersion("NiOverride") >= NIOVERRIDE_VERSION && NiOverride.GetScriptVersion() >= NIOVERRIDE_SCRIPT_VERSION) is always false. For SSE there is only an all-in-one-plugin "skee", so the line (in ypsHeelsNio -> onInit) has to be (this should work for both oldrim and sse): hasNiOverride = ((SKSE.GetPluginVersion("NiOverride") >= NIOVERRIDE_VERSION) || (SKSE.GetPluginVersion("skee") >= 1) && NiOverride.GetScriptVersion() >= NIOVERRIDE_SCRIPT_VERSION)
  6. I looked into this and could actually detect the heels. Then I noticed, that the corresponding check should already be in the mod (since version 3.1), however it did not fire 😞 an the first glance I can see no difference between my check and the check already present (in ypsHeelsNio.psc)
  7. You are right, it should be ok. So here is my conversion. It is still based on 5.4.1 (since that is what I run myself, hadn't looked into 6.0.0 much) Things to note: - as mentioned, I removed the reference to the HDTHighHeel-Effect, so only DD-Boots count has highheels. (Is it possible to detect a HH_OFFSET in the boots NIF per script?) - since SE does not support Face-Overlays (yet?), the SlaveTats-based (facial) stud piercings are not shown (the script does still work, so after waiting for the piercings to heal you can use other piercings (NIF-based) - I had modified
  8. It should be relatively easy to convert. I have only commented out 3 line in the papyrus-script for the high-heels (to remove the hdt-high-heels-effect). (This means that only DD-heels count for highheel-training) Then I used SSE Optimizer on the nif-files, the rest seem to be identical to LE-version. (I have also changed another script here, but that has nothing to do with SE.)
  9. I had that issue also, but that was with an older savegame, so that was probably broken. xx040f0c (with xx being the mod-number of DDi) is the devicehider in slot 41, afaik that is normal and should not prevent nazeem going on. I "fixed" the problem by starting a new game to test the Chloe-quest out.
  10. I think I have noticed a problem. I have tried the Leon/Leah-quest in the current version (7.3), when Leah equips punishment-devices for not obeying the rules, those are not locked. I.e. when I unquip them from inventory, I simply have to choose "Unlock" and they are gone. (I noticed this with the SE-build from , but I could reproduce this in Oldrim as well. My oldrim-loadorder is quite full, so it could be some conflict, but in SSE, I tried it with a somewhat minimalistic plugin-set:
  11. You want to have a look at the file SKSE\Plugins\ypsFashion\ypsHairDefault.json There are several variants, simple copy the one you want (or edit it to your liking). Or you can place the styles you want into the places with the same number in "custom styles", i.e. length 5 into slot 5 etc. Then you can choose "use custom styles as default" in the MCM. Or if you have non-default custom styles that you want to progress into each other, place them into ascending slot numbers. I.e. if you f.e. currently have custom style 25 and your hair grows to the next stage, the mod checks if style 2
  12. Hi, thanks again for this great mod, I like it very much. One thing I don't like that much about it are the selections ("pick the first digit", "pick the second digit"), so I hacked the script a bit to make it work with the UIListMenu from UIExtensions from Expired (as also seen in his EFF) (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57046/?) If you like (and don't mind a dependency on UIExtensions), you may use it, I have attached the changed script as well as a patchfile (I have also changed the way "days remaining" are displayed, i.e. "1:05:37 days" instead of "1.234234 days") You can
  13. I am really a beginner in that regard (concerning this feature). Is there an easy way for a mod to read an ini file? I know of two methods: https://gist.github.com/SilverIce/ed94c6763ed3e65e4f53 http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48265/? But didn't have time to check them out yet. You might want to look at JSONUtil from PapyrusUtils (since you you already use StorageUtil, if I have seen that correctly from skimming your code), this means probably not much efford. You might also look at the functions ExportSettings/ImportSettings in dcur_mcmconfig.psc in Deviously Cursed Loot (DCL),
  14. I have a similar issue: I found a "RD Ebonite Corset of Eminent Smithing" (quite a while back). Equipping it additionally(!) equips "Pony Boots of Revival", which magically appear in the inventory. (however they are only shown as equipped when I close and reopen the inventory) When I unlock and unequip them, the corset is still equipped, but unequiping and re-equiping that also equips the boots. When I move them out of my inventory, a new pair is created. (I first noticed this because my normal boots where no longer equipped) For the IDs, how do I find these? (Yesterday I even had a situ
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