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    Mhhh, Google Translator isn't the way to go Hai Leute ich liebe die erste Übersetzung von mir Vorstelen Armbrustbolzen durch Sex 1.0.0 weil das meine erste Erklärung ist, dass es das richtige Schreiben ist, und dass ich die Frage nicht beantworten kann, ich denke, dass alles gut ist ist ihr original Mod gefallen, aber ich glaube, dass ich da bin Korrektes Deutsch: Hi Leute, ich würde gerne meine erste Übersetzung vorstellen: Armbrustbolzen durch Sex 1.0.0 Da dies mein erstes Project ist, hoffe ich alle Sätze ergeben einen Sinn und sind auch richtig geschrieben. (Next is not really to understand^^, not sure what Question you talk about) Hoffe euch gefaellt die Übersetzung so gut wie das Orginal, denke aber ich hab einen guten Job gemacht. <- At least that is the meaning I get out Next bit is even worse.. is that a translation from the translation?? Have a fun day Uni
  2. MrUnimportant

    Things In The Dark MODIFIED

    I write bullcrap.. 2.08 not 2.18 ^^
  3. MrUnimportant

    Things In The Dark MODIFIED

    No, last TID I played and had on my drive was 2.18.. and I had Chaurus breeding and pregnancy in my play through.. I have to admit.. it was buggy.. but over console you could more or less get all done. You seem to know what you are doing.. why not make a fresh mod.. something new? ^^ Like Barney said: New is always better *G* Waiting for 2 years now that somebody creates a Milk Farm like Captured Dreams ^^ Just for Maids and Cows ^^ Have a milking section in TID would make sense too..
  4. MrUnimportant

    Things In The Dark MODIFIED

    Hiho I played TID a few times and I tried your mod yesterday. Played it till the digging tunnel quest.. that is where I stopped and will uninstall again. What I liked: - Yes, there are way less quest bugs - New map layout is short to run What I didn't like: - Some quests are just finishing them self. Chaurus breeder quest for example was rather confusing. No fucking but pregnant and no lay eggs.. but you did it. The fun were the quests and doing it in the original. Same with the Nobel in The Entrance Hall.. quest just finished itself, no action beside standing around not sure what to do and suddenly the quest finished. - All goes to quick, if a quest takes 2 minutes to do and finish.. running to the spot: 2 minutes. Doing the quest, 10 seconds. Run 2 mins back. - Interrupt with the chick crucifying the small chick at the start... when I just got the text displayed, I knew my game would crash in a few seconds. Avoided the spot and ran around to keep playing. - Digging the tunnel was last quest and most bugged. Gave up here as she is not walking a step.. no idea where to go and also not really motivated to search ^^ Mod is way to fast now.. if I would play TID again, I would go back to the original and accept the bugs.. just because the feeling I get inside the original mod is way better. Uni
  5. MrUnimportant

    SexLab Pheromones

    Hiho again ^^ I get Chaurus also with Vampires. And even I went over half the map and waited in 2 hours steps over a few days, I couldn't get the rieklings going. I have to admit, I abused your mod mainly to get multi creature action to see in a rather easy way. Not many mods include that.. so I tried a bit all. Easy to control if you only have one option activated. I wouldn't make to much fuzz about the cure ingredients. Who wants to search, does.. who doesn't, uses the console in front of the cooking pot.. or like me I add the cure directly to my inventory. Try this: put 50 potions in your inventory.. load a new game, go inventory right away and drink all 50 potions. ^^ Which one of the pheromones is active? first or last? Same counts if you drink 2 potions and have the luck to have two rolls. I had that on your standard setup when I drank 2 small healing potions to get some health back.. the interesting part.. you can cure both.. I noted them down. When you do a 50 potions.. and get about 10 hits.. you can cure them. Tried.. worked. Didn't wrote those down.. but the 5-6 i remembered and made a potion over the console. Told me got cured. What is a pity.. when you have troll pheromones for example.. trolls out there are still aggressive. Would be rather cool if you could set the race as friends as soon as infected. And change back to enemy when you drink the cure. Is a bit annoying that you get attacked. Ever seen what a male dog does when he smell a bitch in heat.. attacking is the last in his mind heheheh Otherwise.. even you leave it like it is.. fun mod! Well done! Anything more, would be just a bonus. Will keep that mod active ^^
  6. MrUnimportant

    SexLab Pheromones

    Hi, not sure a bug.. I wanted to see how it works. Went to Secunda's Kiss and took all options out beside Giants. Drank 4 cure disease and wups.. I ingested Giant Pheromones. The funny part.. Chaurus are spawning. With Rieklings, nothing at all was happening. Could wait for days, nothing. If I could mention a wish, would be nice to see what Pheromones you have in you when you press "P" and check your status. Have a fun weekend! Uni When I moved away from Secunda's Kiss, I had suddenly Giants spawning, but in the giants camp, I get Chaurus ^^ rather funny
  7. MrUnimportant

    The Animal Mansion Redux

    May sound strange, no idea how.. when I used a older save character, not a freshly made one, I got the hunter speech and started. I played AM before.. so knew where is what to find. As I saw that the skip building the house was available, I pressed that right away. So had the quest finished before I got to Thaena. Gave the Iron and Steel ingots and bought the plot. She took the hike and I fast traveled. Went inside the mansion, worked so far. Then started the glitching. First Thaena was suddenly outside the Mansion double. Marked her for delete and completed the open quest to meet her over console, as I already did the Lana Quest and saw Thaena standing outside the mansion when I came back from Falkreach trip, got that quest from the Thaena inside the mansion. Got the dog, Horse and Wolf from the Companion Show.. but that is the stop.. nothing advancing anymore and the Mod Menu tells me I am with the primary on the first, Dog. I didn't used console beside getting rid of the Thaena bug you have when skipping the construction quest. Never finished animation ahead.. I let the story run as intended.. but stuck. Thaena has options to select, Guest, Jobs, Special.. but only the jobs end in a quest, the rest tells you sure, do it, but no quest gets started. Any idea? Sexlab Dialogs are deinstalled.. have no Mod running you declared a game breaker. Edit.. don't worry.. I uninstalled.. I will stay clear of the mod
  8. MrUnimportant

    The Animal Mansion Redux

    Hilt has no quest for me.. Dialogs not active ^^ can start and stop the mod in the menu.. but can't start the quest.. as I can only buy a horse ^^
  9. Just out of curiosity, demanding money for mod content, doesn't that collide with the copyright? Could Bethesta revoke your license on Steam if they ever would do a mod check and you have mods on, which violate the law, that you can't make profit without paying a royalty? Opinions? Me for my part, I do not want to lose my Skyrim.. by far the game that keeps me most entertained. I took all Kom anims off the system so far.. anything else I should deinstall as it moved on Patreon? Uni
  10. MrUnimportant

    Radiant Prostitution 3.2.2 (29-Oct-2015)

    tried to open Sexlab menu in Modmanager, choose last option on the left.. Rebuild and Clean.. check right side, Suppress Disabled Animations and Clear Suppressed List... click both and the anims should reregister
  11. MrUnimportant

    Immersive Pet Girl

    I'm glad you liked my first mod. I've been away from anything related to Skyrim for long, so it's now maintained by theFirstHeretic. Recently, I happened to reinstall Skyrim so I was curious about new features of the new ZaZ update, so I made this mod to test it. I really wish I had more free time at hand, so I could write something like Slaves of Tamriel again, with things I've learned since. I didn't know anything about modding when I first started it, so I made a lot of ugly hacks and couldn't really finish what I initially had in mind. I'm not so sure at this moment when I'll have enough free time to spend on modding again - could be in a couple of days, or maybe weeks. So I tried not to make any big promises about this mod. Thanks again for enjoying my other mod, and sorry I couldn't finish it myself. You went into the right direction with your first mod.. branding the tattoo was just a awesome gimmick! The right mod to get used by other mods as extension. So if you make a new one.. why not make a kennel you get send to as punishment. Cleaning job, bring water/food to the dogs, service them, shows, train new dogs,.. all crawling. And send back to the quest starter when done. It would be cool if more quest mods would be designed to have easy interaction with other mods. Like a Lego system.. not sure how easy to realize that would be ^^ In any case.. more please you have nice ideas.. 36.. hehehe thumbs up! I even kept the name when I went on playing something else ^^ hope you find the time soon soon Can you make the petgirl "light" version? still access to map and inventory.. but trigger on all animals when crawling? ^^ I might adapt it as the new walk for some mods ^^ cheers Uni
  12. MrUnimportant

    Immersive Pet Girl

    the dog anims work fine on my setup.. played Bestial Essence and Animal Mansion Redux on this (as far as the mods let you). Love your pee puddle getting bigger.. nice feature. The crawling gives also new options for punishment quests! But as a mod alone.. rather limited. You finished the the Tamriel Slave mod? I tried it.. very time consuming but somehow also fun.. cavity search.. feeding time ^^ but after feeding time I got stuck on sleep, never could go further and wanted to wait till you finish the mod to give it a serious go!
  13. MrUnimportant

    Immersive Pet Girl

    There's a MCM menu Yes there is sorry my bad I read 'enabled'.. crawl works, fetch works.. ported in a few dogs.. 10min nothing.. ported in a shitload of dogs.. nothing. I go right it should happen on random?
  14. MrUnimportant

    Immersive Pet Girl

    How you start it? Got a 1k bounty on my head.. just same options when the guards arrest me?
  15. MrUnimportant

    A Forsworn Story

    I can make a new play through and send you the errors.. but if you are busy and focused on an already new project.. not making much sense. I am a professional progammer.. or was ^^ even learned Assembler 30 years ago. And what I learned is simple. The first 80% of the project you do takes about 20% of the assigned project time frame. The last 20% take about 80% of the time.. debugging is by far the biggest time issue you have and prepare yourself for that when you start. But debugging is part of every project. I wrote a shitload of programs and wasn't to bad in what I did.. good logic structure but.. never wrote a single program that didn't need a check and was flawless from the first compiling. So if you start a new project.. declare the last try as done and finished or.. give up on it. Reading back into your coding always takes way longer as if you still have the project in your head with all the variables you used, you find a problem usually way quicker. So different offer.. if you need a tester and debugger.. or even translation from English to German or vice versa.. let me know. To many in here work alone.. you guys should make a Dev-Pool and see if you can't combine the work force to use each others strength. House and room architecture, Quest scripting, Lore, animations, objects and equipment.... Not all are good at all.. but pick the right people and if you get a Mod in stability and size like Maids 2: Deception... took me over 20 hours to not even finish.. and everything worked.. not one glitch or bug during the full play through.. but the story was really thin ^^ just as an example. Played a bit Things in the Dark.. 2-3 weeks ago.. gave up due to bugs ^^ Focus on finish what you start.. don't let new ideas push over your time frame.. finish what you started, then go to a new project.. or say that you give up on a project so people stop follow it. Getting back into is just a huge time waste if you just bug fix here and there. cheers Uni