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  1. Just out of curiosity, demanding money for mod content, doesn't that collide with the copyright? Could Bethesta revoke your license on Steam if they ever would do a mod check and you have mods on, which violate the law, that you can't make profit without paying a royalty? Opinions? Me for my part, I do not want to lose my Skyrim.. by far the game that keeps me most entertained. I took all Kom anims off the system so far.. anything else I should deinstall as it moved on Patreon? Uni
  2. MrUnimportant

    Radiant Prostitution 3.2.2 (29-Oct-2015)

    tried to open Sexlab menu in Modmanager, choose last option on the left.. Rebuild and Clean.. check right side, Suppress Disabled Animations and Clear Suppressed List... click both and the anims should reregister
  3. MrUnimportant

    Immersive Pet Girl

    I'm glad you liked my first mod. I've been away from anything related to Skyrim for long, so it's now maintained by theFirstHeretic. Recently, I happened to reinstall Skyrim so I was curious about new features of the new ZaZ update, so I made this mod to test it. I really wish I had more free time at hand, so I could write something like Slaves of Tamriel again, with things I've learned since. I didn't know anything about modding when I first started it, so I made a lot of ugly hacks and couldn't really finish what I initially had in mind. I'm not so sure at this moment when I'll have enough free time to spend on modding again - could be in a couple of days, or maybe weeks. So I tried not to make any big promises about this mod. Thanks again for enjoying my other mod, and sorry I couldn't finish it myself. You went into the right direction with your first mod.. branding the tattoo was just a awesome gimmick! The right mod to get used by other mods as extension. So if you make a new one.. why not make a kennel you get send to as punishment. Cleaning job, bring water/food to the dogs, service them, shows, train new dogs,.. all crawling. And send back to the quest starter when done. It would be cool if more quest mods would be designed to have easy interaction with other mods. Like a Lego system.. not sure how easy to realize that would be ^^ In any case.. more please you have nice ideas.. 36.. hehehe thumbs up! I even kept the name when I went on playing something else ^^ hope you find the time soon soon Can you make the petgirl "light" version? still access to map and inventory.. but trigger on all animals when crawling? ^^ I might adapt it as the new walk for some mods ^^ cheers Uni
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    Immersive Pet Girl

    the dog anims work fine on my setup.. played Bestial Essence and Animal Mansion Redux on this (as far as the mods let you). Love your pee puddle getting bigger.. nice feature. The crawling gives also new options for punishment quests! But as a mod alone.. rather limited. You finished the the Tamriel Slave mod? I tried it.. very time consuming but somehow also fun.. cavity search.. feeding time ^^ but after feeding time I got stuck on sleep, never could go further and wanted to wait till you finish the mod to give it a serious go!
  5. MrUnimportant

    Immersive Pet Girl

    There's a MCM menu Yes there is sorry my bad I read 'enabled'.. crawl works, fetch works.. ported in a few dogs.. 10min nothing.. ported in a shitload of dogs.. nothing. I go right it should happen on random?
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    Immersive Pet Girl

    How you start it? Got a 1k bounty on my head.. just same options when the guards arrest me?
  7. MrUnimportant

    A Forsworn Story

    I can make a new play through and send you the errors.. but if you are busy and focused on an already new project.. not making much sense. I am a professional progammer.. or was ^^ even learned Assembler 30 years ago. And what I learned is simple. The first 80% of the project you do takes about 20% of the assigned project time frame. The last 20% take about 80% of the time.. debugging is by far the biggest time issue you have and prepare yourself for that when you start. But debugging is part of every project. I wrote a shitload of programs and wasn't to bad in what I did.. good logic structure but.. never wrote a single program that didn't need a check and was flawless from the first compiling. So if you start a new project.. declare the last try as done and finished or.. give up on it. Reading back into your coding always takes way longer as if you still have the project in your head with all the variables you used, you find a problem usually way quicker. So different offer.. if you need a tester and debugger.. or even translation from English to German or vice versa.. let me know. To many in here work alone.. you guys should make a Dev-Pool and see if you can't combine the work force to use each others strength. House and room architecture, Quest scripting, Lore, animations, objects and equipment.... Not all are good at all.. but pick the right people and if you get a Mod in stability and size like Maids 2: Deception... took me over 20 hours to not even finish.. and everything worked.. not one glitch or bug during the full play through.. but the story was really thin ^^ just as an example. Played a bit Things in the Dark.. 2-3 weeks ago.. gave up due to bugs ^^ Focus on finish what you start.. don't let new ideas push over your time frame.. finish what you started, then go to a new project.. or say that you give up on a project so people stop follow it. Getting back into is just a huge time waste if you just bug fix here and there. cheers Uni
  8. MrUnimportant

    A Forsworn Story

    Hiho.. everybody seem to be fast in here ^^ I tried T, 'wait'.. several times.. nothing.. tried different spots.. nothing starting or changing So jumping down into the nothing was the right way to enter the cave? Not the one inside the area you created.. marker bugs are on the Skyrim map... quest for killing Katalia guys who killed her group from the start.. Pointed to a Mill.. Go back to Katalia mother, don't remember her name now, Bsomething ^^ also pointed inside the Easy Empire House.. she even walked in as I ported her out to see what she does at the house.. she entered the door.. but didn't came out on the inside ^^ I think it should have pointed to the teleport stone at the Forsworn Hideout. Werwolf markers were also not at the right spot.. but if you remember and checked map where you have been.. you could always go on in the story. Not the CD shop itself.. the topless Forsworn Armor is plain sexy.. so I thought more of BDSM gear in Forsworn style would be nice.. but I also think I understood that you didn't do the gear. Love that you picked up the Forsworn and how you put it together in a very nice picture. Mod is very VERY nice for a first try! And so unique.. it should get more content. So big thumbs up from my side for the lore!! Was fun to play.. except the bugs.. if you don't know console a fair bit.. rather frustrating and so much worth to play it. Would be cool if you polish the mod up a bit and see if you can't add more content.. cheers Uni
  9. MrUnimportant

    Request Your Mods From Me

    If you can dream.. why not dream ^^ What Mod would I like? The base idea of Captured Dreams is nice. Mine, Smithing, house maid.. but it would be nice to have the whole idea extended and interacting.. more than one Mansion.. fighting each other for supremacy. So to the bondage theme of Captured Dreams I would make subdivisions. Milkmaid: Farm hand cleaning animal boxes, planting stuff, feeding and caring for the animals, Milkmaid.. quests like house delivery (breastfeeding), daily milking, competitions and other quests all subdivisions can share Bondage Slut: Mine, Smithy and House maid (CD like) Highclass Escort: Errand girl, cook helper, Slave trainer Petgirl: Hunter assistant, Kennel worker, Pet trainer Negative behavior results in Breeding bitches for all races.. Falmer to Horses.. bring in kids.. you as mom or father have to train them till they get takes away for duty.. but with black screen is fine, no kiddy sex animation needed anywhere.. just tasks.. you give what you think they should become. Mansions have usual rooms plus party area for raised stage wipping scenes, animal sex crowd entertaining, milk bars, "get your wife/husband trained" BDSM section.. and not just clapping.. when the chick gets fucked by a bear or whipped the shit out.. people start to fuck each other.. more fun ^^ and how fun is the Orc Mission in Radiant Prostitution.. if you invite 8 orcs and 8 times you get a 3,4 or 5 way bang, not one on one.. makes more sense... same for the mansion.. more group sex when there are groups ^^ Needs a mansion per big City and side quests of spying at others, assassinate with poison pussy/dick, exchange of slaves, competitions (loved the Beast Mansion Companion version and parties), "convince" other faction pets (steal stuff), BDSM catwalk parties, endurance milking competitions, hucow market,... "steal the price cow" sounds more fun to do suddenly If you fail a task.. doesn't only mean your stats go down.. no, your random chance to get sold goes up.. you get sold.. you start in the new house from scratch. Menu to adapt the difficulty devo needed ^^ Depending on quests you choose to accept and do.. you can get sold too.. if you fuck the other side over bad.. they might just offer enough to buy you and make you the boss toilet slave.. or you had friends.. if you had.. and might rescue u? ^^ If you had no friends.. escapes fail at random.. and results in worse treatment.. if possible The result should be the possibility to take over from your boss and make him\her your bitch. or build at a location.. like Beast Mansion does.. a new mansion at the side and open with your own staff a new faction.. fight the rest till you are the only one or are a limbless toilet slave strapped fro the rest of your life and thats it.. game over dude ^^ Simple Slavery trigger to start and get sold at random to a house.. you can't choose where you end. Assignemt to what subdivision you go.. is random, selectable or changeable depending what house you got sold too. No start over direct visit.. mansion shop is only to buy slaves or objects and potions. Rest not accessible.. you must get sold to start. Tuedelue Uni ^^
  10. MrUnimportant

    A Forsworn Story

    Hiho.. got stuck.. made it to Chapter 4 and entered the Cave... came to a strange Cave but nothing happend in there.. jumped down the big hole way before the strange cave and came out in another cave. Three teleport stones, Spriggan, Chaurus and Werwolf beside.. Moira and Ethrane standing there... no marker, nothing to talk.. nothing active.. ?? whats next?? No exit... nothing working in that cave... and no quest open.. when I entered the Nordic Ruin.. quest got closed. To the mod... the idea is fun.. scripting is at best average. Compared to Maids 2: Deception, Bestial Essence and Beast Mansion Redux... last mods I played this week.. very unstable. Good in lore.. bad in scripting.. you should team up with the guy from Maids 2 ^^ you would complement each other. If somebody would do some BDSM gear for Forsworn.. would give the whole idea a new kick and could be as fun as Captured Dreams to play. Just please.. before you add more buggy content.. how about get the stuff you have implemented a proper debugging. Had quest markers all over the place and if I wouldn't have remembered some spots.. only console would have been a way to advance. But Balletboot, bras, arm gloves made from blood crusted human skin.. would kinda fit Love the idea and story behind.. and get a proper English translator.. some stuff is fun to read.. some just hard to understand.. cheers Uni
  11. MrUnimportant

    Maids II: Deception

    Installed Maids 2 yesterday and wanted to give some credits to the guy who wrote it. You seem to be a scripting god! Had absolutely no crashes beside of the every 3-4 hours freeze due to memory issues. But as I have a shitload of prostitution mods running beside.. very smooth, man! Very very good scripting!! Story starts awesome.. and gets rather ridiculous boring. Not giving people the information to make a decision.. isn't the magic Game of Thrones formula, dude! I don't go into the senseless deaths in your story.. no spoiler for any reader.. but man.. I guess you understand your story as you wrote it.. if you just follow.. looks like you couldn't make up your mind what exactly should be the end result. Made it to the new Sky land and stopped out of boredom and not knowing why I am doing this time wasting at the end. Absolutely no motivation to go on.. seems very much pointless right now. Putting an invisible target in a swamp.. doesn't gives you credit for originality, bro ^^ Hope you find a story writer for your scripting skills.. as good are your scripts.. as bad is the story in the back.. very very confusing without any clear information.. but stability rocks a shitload!!!!!!!!!! I take the mod down and can't wait to see your next work.. please invest a bit of time into the story plot next time. Confusing stuff... and got very very boring towards the end. Most stable mod I ever played and I had running for this setup: Beeing Female HDT Animated Pussy Devious Devices (A, Ex, I) Devious Training HDT Physics HDT HighHeel Heretical Resources More nasty Critters Aroused SOS ZAZ HDT Workshop Radiant / Animated / TDF Aggressive Prostitution FillHerUp Cum Shot Brothel SexLab Guild UNP Base Main body Temptress Race Maids 2 - Deception Plus the side stuff you need ^^ (Always newest versions) (Cum Shot Brothel is the most unstable in here.. I would leave it out.. rest works kinda sweet together and had no quest bugs) Awesome scripting work!!! Cheers Uni
  12. Ok.. VIP solved.. devo not your problem.. it must have been my setup. I did a clean, checked Settings ingame of CD and unchecked, rechecked the quests. Sleep, wake up and Master relation ship selection was up, right after first VIP, assist customer(slave) .. ran through smooth and easy, Elisif had a short hang around stage 475 but with some patience it went on and finished like it should. The Courier giving me a msg while I was waiting outside the door till after 9pm was the hickup, my guess, and only difference to the other days running smooth. So sorry for wasting your time... Slave girl E. quest running now.. zaps gone and did over 6 quests.. cool stuff! Thanks a million for the super fast answers! U rock! Cheers Uni
  13. This is not for the Mod Maker, just some info for people who search for help.. my personal experiences. Hope it helps somebody. When I started my first Captured Dreams, I choose financial option and got to a cut scene. Master put a Harness on the char, not a belt. I think this bugged it in the first. I wasn't able at a later stage to remove the harness. After punishment the harness changed color, so I wasn't sure if it was part of the game. I tried to remove the harness.. key, spell, force that often, I got punished a lot. My tips to that further down. The harness was a bug.. Master can't remove it, delivery quest gets unaccessible. You are at that stage.. I found no solution. Console not working and when I used TesEdit. I got the 'skin' removed but the harness function was still there and delivery quest never could get started. Fresh start, less mods, thats what I did and ran way better. If you have crash issues.. what changed the world to me was: Save Cleaner ... I used it for the first time as I had crashes.. selected all options I could and had a look.. WAY BETTER!! Just make two saves and just use last to clean.. so you still have your spot if it fails and messes up. So punishment.. the Mod Maker might excuse.. but Set Timescale to .. makes it endurable My way through fast punishment. Save when you go to bed. Any Mod triggering a sex scene while locked, might fuck you up.. don't run those. If you use Arousal, Sent, Devious Enslaved,... set the trigger criteria to nearly impossible and stay out of sight in the corner of the door.. that worked fine. Quicksave short before 7am you see Valen (what was hoschies name?) triggered to pick you up, when the compass top screen disapears, Set Timescale to 20 till you are put in place, then set to 200 as soon as he moved away from you. Quicksave.. Rack is faster, but gets stuck more often when he jumps on it while wipping and Hoschie not moving anymore.. needs reload.. dont wait, will not change The option where you stand is less crashy but you need to check around 1.30 to change Set Timescale to 20 till Master sequence is done, as soon as Master stands up and moves, put timescale to 200 again. This doesn't happend every time and is random. Rack you can just let run and check in the evening. 1900 it triggers to fetch you. As soon as compass triggers, Set to 20. You get escorted back. Inside sleep till 5.40 - 6.40 grid.. if you would end over 6.40.. dont. When you wake up, make a fresh save to be able to restart the day... you never know. Set Timescale to 100 and wait inside the door corner. When Compass disappears at 7.00am Set Timescale to 20.. if is doesn't, wait a few secs longer.. reload the save and try again.. not happening very often, but I think he gets stuck at an object sometimes. Other time Hoschie demanded sexual service, went out, left door open and sequence started at 7am but fucks up for sure if it triggers while clock ticks over 7am.. and after the 10th punishment, you kinda have seen it all. The Timescale 200 is about right so he just stands there and gives you another whipping right after he stopped. Flesh gets actually red ^^ hit quicksave before 12am and after the Master sequence. If you let the time accelerate into the Pickup to your cage or morning pickup.. it messes up the scripts timing.. I got brought to my cell right when the Master came.. having hoschie going back, run scene till the whipping is up and thats it, reload.. so if you play with faster time.. dont miss the triggers or it fucks up. Mines if you don't want to waste to much time.. player.additem is your friend.. play the first day and note what time he triggers to end your day. And pick at least a bit ^^ next day pack 600 ore in the barrel and wait before the trigger time... he will be impressed. Next day is an assignment, so dont create the ore while you wait Repeat till you get to the smith. Then picking day.. assignment.. and so on. Smith You can make the items.. easiest way is make, drop, take as target in console and you have the id for player.additem... I made the ingots and used the smithing to add some lv on my char. First day I arrived, I got a not on quota, as I checked for the trigger times. Next day I was very much on quota ^^ quests. You will have to run quests without the map.. ^^ kinda fun! When you have to go to the Lighthouse.. get the chick and after you don't talk with anybody. ^^ The hunters you outrun.. you see some dork standing still on the road, best at an intersection or bridge.. pass at the side and outrun.. the chick just follows wait for her from time to time. After that I got to Manor. No, she doesn't swim Manor I am stuck here.. did a lot of quests.. VIP not showing.. but still can give some advice. Firewood: There are two pieces of firewood right beside your delivery spot. Target, console, additem 50, close console, hit E and quest done. Wait 2 hours, give quest to Cook. Giving it directly caused some issues from time to time. The wait 2 after is 100% Water: I didn't cheat to much, just made my life easier. Got the kegs, threw one, created 50 more and filled them up. Punishment is slow walk back.. and right beside the water barrel is a cabinet.. fill barrel, rest in cabinet except 2 empty kegs you keep... wait 2 and give quest to cook, he takes the 2 kegs out of your inv. Next time you get quest.. take full out of the cabinet.. fill barrel and put all except 2 empty back. Wait.. talk to cook. Sweeping dust: Complete the quest with console says finished, even marks finished.. but you can't hand it in in the evening.. so don't. Use 'movetoqt 1e1a0817' is fastest. Arrow up in console makes repeat fast. If you don't want to jump.. you have to run. Garden: Straight forward and the shortest quests to do without cheating. When the pots are made and standing outside VIP house, don't trigger them till you have the quest. Visit residents: Both chicks dont work for me. Quicksave before you get your assignments.. Market: (Nearly forgot) I use set timescale to 1 for the Whiterun map travel... and don't ESC the convos.. might fuck up.. let all conversations run to the end. Set time back to 20 and do trip back to waste time... map travel is nasty long.. if you don't wanna be late.. watch the clock ^^ VIP: ?? Don't know.. tell me! ^^ Hope that helped a bit somebody ^^ cheers Uni
  14. Hi again.. wow, U are quick... let me answer: There is an issue with the resident assignments, as for the rest the only issue is some people have issues with the sweeping not being counted as done. I make a Quick save before I get instructions to not get stuck. Just reload when Vist Task gets assigned. Sweeping the floors has some funny issues. SetObjectiveCompleted says Quest completed, in J it even marks the quest as completed.. what isn't usually the case if you complete for real and don't cheat ^^ but you can't finish with the guy in the evening. If you actually sweep each.. movetoqt.. it always worked.. and I swept those floors MANY times Are you trying these while still a property slave? There is an invisible fence around the shop that when you leave it that is triggered. I choose the Just a Slave option on start. Came to Mine, did those... got to Smithy.. sorry, I cheated the Iron Ingots and was very good in overproduction. After I brought the hooded chick back from the Lighthouse in Solitude.. if somebody has problems with the quest.. just run ^^ the chick follows.. just outrun the hunters. Anyhow.. got to Manor.. I never failed any task, was always on time.. got moved to second floor room. No VIP quest showing up. Garden, Water, Firewood and Market Quests work fine.. just let everyone finish talking and don't interrupt the speech. Morning, Lunch and Evening Master is at Manor.. thats where I chat, do the Submissive talk if available and get the Quests for Deliver, Retrieve and Mine. I can do deliver and retieve.. mine is bugged. Thats the stand of my save right now. I am for over 50 days in the manor doing quests. In shop.. Tessa and Nessa say you don't belong here.. but I get inside.. got potion.. book says Submissive and 2 errands done. I put CDXRankMaster to 20.. and Book says relation is excellent (15 is 'good').. but never ever get the Vip option in morning assignment at the Manor. I reload and tried.. random can arse you.. for sure over 200 times.. the quest doesn't show. Hope that helps... I am really stuck without your help now. I even ported Tavish to me to see what happens.. he just walked into the shop and thats it. So for sure.. something isn't triggering.. cheers Uni Wups... forgot.. the Zap, fall and freeze is random and anywhere. On my save now, I did the delivery/retieve a few game days ago. More trying to find out why Tavish isn't showing up. Haven't got any Zaps anymore since.. ok, also didn't got any delivery/retrieve quests anymore in speech options.. just Mine is open.
  15. Hi, my first post. First.. needs to be said, best Mod I ever played. Could be it's own game like DayZ.. But.. could be a bit more stable. Also, you seem to like wasting peoples time ^^ not that you are forced to play CD.. but some tasks just start to piss you off.. sweeping dust.. long live "movetoqt" Now questions: - How long till I get a VIP assignment in the manor? I sneaked into the Shop and got the submission potion.. book says: You are submissive. I changed CDxRankMaster to 13/15 to see if the quest triggers.. never got. So how you get those VIP quests.. when can you work at the shop? I played a Beastess with my first char with Defeat, Sent, SS, DA, DC,.. not to many mods. Worked fine, ran crash free.. ran into the CD mod and installed. My first Beastess had the Harness Bug.. harness, the CD Harness. Became unremovable.. and I tried a lot, she also had a buy-out start and started in the shop, shit she got punished ^^. So started over fresh, way less mods, Defeat gone, only installed the stuff you recommend, no major mods beside CD. Have to admit, took the Beastess in as I prefer Mage and BeastessTrio kills everything.. focus on CD, not fight. Selected the pure Slave version and went through Mine and Smithy like a charm. Manor is a pain now. The visit resident assignments dont trigger, both. If you get the daily morning instructions and you interrupt him, better have a save, quests can't get finished.. never.. even the you are late bla bla.. just repeats each morning. I can chat with Master, she has those delivery, retrieve and Mines quest.. delivery and retrieve work fine. Mine doesn't trigger at the Overseer Msomething. Not giving pick or miners clothing, door free passable not like the buy-out version where you have to pull the chain with sequence. One thing that bugs me... I do those deliver/retrieve quests and can run into sudden fall to to floor by stamina loss.. zapps, fall floor and thats it, you can move the frozen char laying on the floor for a bit, then its full freeze. Only happens if I take one of those quests from Master.. not sure I should be able.. but had options before I played with CDxRankMaster. But now for weeks in the Manor, doing three assignments a day to be a good little slave.. and I get bored... very much. Any hint how to activate the VIP quests and get other stuff to do.. very much appreciated. Cheers Uni