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  1. Hmm, I would run FNIS, you can click "consistence check" it will check if you miss animation files or any other FNIS related problem. Also , how many animations do you have ? too many animations can cause problems. I do not personally like FNIS sexy move in my load order.
  2. Just to confirm, waiting doesn't affect any of the quests in this mod? For example, if you are told that you will be owned for 2 days, waiting 24 hours will do didly squat.
  3. That part of the mod is very alpha. You should play only to test these kind of things out, not for. a serious playthrough
  4. When i uninstalled serial strip everyone was in a t pose and i had to rerun fnis so you are definitely right
  5. In case someone is experiencing this , it stopped happening when I uninstalled serial srtrip, i cant ensure that that mod is the culprit because my game is heavily scripted so it may have just been a case of lightening things up, but just wanted to put this out there
  6. I'm not sure this is a bug or if it's just my heavily scripted game, but when the Gladiator training guy tells me to push a wheel around for endurance, the wheel doesn't appear and my character is just standing there unable to move.
  7. Shes been following me and turning into Ali and back to Alicia for a while but her quest never updates and theres no dialogue about Sangune
  8. But you already are a whore, you already are.
  9. do you get a save called hdtPhysicsExtentions after the CTD? and although I've never seen it cause CTD weird things do happen after running LOOT mid-game.
  10. make a save before the choloroform then untick non-sexout mods until it works and you've identified the conflicting mod.
  11. i can't complete the quest VirginShrineLove , all stages are set to 1, clicking on the shrine in temple at Solitude does vanilla blessing.
  12. Don't worry Trykz IRL comes first. Go do what you gotta do
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