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  1. アニスの小屋のフェム少年のフォロワーは、それを美しくするために彼の顔を編集することはできますか? たとえば、プリセットをヒットする

  2. I have tried to find people to make conversion for mod I didnt do, but most people aren't interested in puttin the work sadly.
  3. Just use the bodyslider tool <_<;; I litteraly put the file for download.
  4. Maybe I dont know, been hired to work on an indie game. And plus it wouldnt feel right to do it without his A-OK
  5. Kairin is just a drawing of my friend skyrim character, as I did the patch for them as a gift in a sense. They arent a follower.
  6. No not at all. Lost interest in modding for the public due to constant complains that I got during the start of this mod. Which weren't about issues but complain about the body shape (not being what they want) or why I havent made patches patches for mod that "they" wanted (even though they are thousand of mods out there which would be insane to expect me to patch.) And quote from my first post: Future Plans...?: (PLEASE READ) Mod in big slow down, Working on personal projects (making a video game) So I wont be making anythi
  7. Yes ofc. Hmm....they might have change the file name, try removing "sexlab" from the name if you dont other mod relying on it.
  8. I've now put your updated version of your patch, sorry for taking so long live been crazy in the last few months. But really appreciate your time for answering those in need and those needing help. Thank you.
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