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  1. Hi, thanks again for this great mod ! I now finished The Remnant. I met 2 bugs and thought I should share how I fixed/ got around them. 1st bug: Valery tells you to wait through a pregnancy before disclosing the rest of the plan but no matter how long you wait nothing changes. Open the console and type : setstage XX003FEB 130 Replace the XX in the beginning by mod index of FBCaptured in your load order. Now Limey is supposed to come talk to you. If like me that didn't happen. Open the console and type : tdetect Now npcs can't detect you so you can go look for Limey to get the necessary dialogue (he was in the atrium in my case). Don't forget to input "tdetect" a second time after going back to your cell so you can be detected again. The quest went smoothly after that as far as I'm concerned. 2nd bug: After the quest ended my character was still "pregnant" (swollen but nothing going on according to the pregnancy mod). Following the different "pregnancy" stages all my apparels would disappear (to remove the pregnant "suits" i suppose). Load a save before the apparels disappear and open the console to type : set "XX0044F0".PlayerInit to 0 For pepertje or those who want to understand what is happening with the 2nd bug Script XX004543 (FBC5PregRegulationCells) is the one that handles cycling through the pregnancy for the player and npcs. Setting the variable PlayerInit to 0 puts a stop to the player pregnancy cycle. The script is attached to the quest XX0044F0 (FBC5CentaurGenericPre). I don't know why the script kept running after the quest was over. I noticed something else, this mod overwrites the terminal in Vault 34 (the one that opens the door) making it unusable. Is that a unintended/dirty edit? You can find the entry if you open the mod with FNVEdit under the "terminal" section. Anyway I deleted the entry and the terminal in Vault 34 now works again.
  2. I had the same problem so I thought I should leave a message saying how I fixed it in case others are in the same situation. In my case, I'm using TTW and the cause of the problem were the TTW interiors mods. I moved them higher in the load order so they wouldn't overwrite Soliciting and now things work as intended. In hindsight, having an interior mod low in the load order is stupid (usually I just let LOOT do it's thing and only move things around when there's a problem).
  3. Hi, thanks for this great mod ! I just finished Garden of Babylon. I found a fix to one of the bugs so I thought I should share. If you have the bug where after the 2nd pregnancy Lily shows up and has no dialogue (the camera only zooms in), open the console and type : set "XX0026F2".BreedStage to 1 (if you gave birth to a plant spore pod) OR set "XX0026F2".BreedStage to 2 (if you gave birth to a carrier) Replace the XX in the beginning by mod index of FBCaptured in your load order. Tada ! Dialogue is back! For pepertje or those who want to understand what is happening When you have sex in the Breeding room there is a script that follows what is happening (FBCzBreedingSceneScript). That script uses the variable BreedStage that can have 4 values. ; 0==player pregnant, nothing to worry about ; 1==player gave birth to Plant ; 2==player gave birth to Carrier ; 3==in breeding room ; 4==done breeding, sending back So after you gave birth the 2nd time the value of BreedStage should be 1 or 2 depending on what you give birth to. When Lily appears in the greenhouse to retrieve your "baby" and send you back to be bred, her dialogue checks that BreedStage is either 1 or 2. If it's neither, the dialogue doesn't start. Unfortunately mine was at 4 (you can check with the console command sqv XX0026F2), so the script might have a problem tracking if you give birth and what you give birth to. Setting the variable to the expected value solves the problem. Now i think I met another bug following that. Lily sends you to the breeding room, you have a new dialogue to start befriending her, you have sex with the plants and are sent back to the greenhouse and then nothing. I gave birth a 3rd time and waited for a really long time but nothing happened. I don't know the cause of this bug but I have a workaround. While you're in the breeding room, after the first dialogue to befriend Lily, open the console, click on Lily and type : startconversation player FBC3LilyGreet080b1 After that everything went smoothly.
  4. Hi, thanks for the great mod. I don't know if it's useful, but since I saw an error message, I decided to give some feedback. It looks similar to the one someone else shared before and seems benign.
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