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    What sex mods do you want to see in FO4?

    I'd love something like Try-Out from FONV. I loved those quests and that after some time I could move on with my game play. It actually helped me pick the ending I chose for FONV. I went with Legion since I was a slave and they were holding my babies captive.
  2. Thanks, I was using a very old version. v2.0.4 it works fine.
  3. As a female character, I have condoms in my inventory, but can't equip it. I have pills which I can equip. When having sex on pills I get careless fuckery points because I'm not using condoms. How as a female character can I use condoms for prostitution? (I understand if none are used for non consentual acts)
  4. KristaLemon

    Boston Breeder

    Well, I'm downloading it and giving it a try. I really enjoyed the quest mods in Fallout NV and Skryim. Sex in Fallout is fun, but to have a story behind it is better, I'm looking forward to Boston Breeder.
  5. KristaLemon

    Boston Breeder

    Now that Four Play is in the game, does this mod trigger Four Play events? I just got Fallout 4 (Yeah, I know). It seems this mod was started before Four Play.
  6. I finally got Four Play working, thanks to this guide, and me realizing I had to change the .ini folders. Anyways, I did the coc 4test to make sure all my mods were working and they seem to be. I just had one issue. The terminal at the end of the hall where the npc was to leave his room, and approach doesn't work at all. The terminal said he should go down the hall, if it didn't work then I'd be teleported to his room. Nothing happens. I get the three second countdown and he doesn't approach and I don't TP to him. I'm using a female character and he works normally on the terminal next to him. Questions: 1) Does it matter? Will this effect future game play? 2) If it does, how do I resolve it? Thanks for any help.
  7. KristaLemon

    Maria Eden

    Ah rats, well I guess I'll have to hold off until my next run through of Skyrim. This is actually my first playthrough, I probably should just enjoy what I have for now. Thanks for the advice.
  8. KristaLemon

    Maria Eden

    Maria Eden looks great, but I'm having some problems getting it to run. It appears in my mod menu, but when I select it it's completely blank. I've run Loot for the order, nothing is yellow or red with NMM.
  9. I found that there is kind of a hint that the LegacyToken didn't get removed after sex. If the NPC gets stuck and doesn't move after or if there is any kind of a bug (Say a stalker is about to grab your character but you go through a door), or an assault when asleep that is a clue that something bad happened. So, check your inventory. If you have a LegacySexoutToken then it's broken. Removing the item from your inventory won't fix it. What I did was turned off sleep and wait chance of assault as those bugged the most. Then I watched for NPC's getting frozen nearby me or after sex. If that happened, I checked my inventory and then went back to my last save and tried to avoid that NPC for a bit. That's worked best for me.
  10. Well, I did find that the problem happened not too far back from where I am so I restarted from just before. Everything works fine. Checked my inventory and no Legacy sexout token. Played around a bit and did a wait (T) in a populated area. There I was assaulted, and sure enough, after it was done there was the Legacy Sexout token in my inventory, and again animations didn't work. So what I've figured out is that if a sex act is broken in someway by the game or perhaps my autosave addon? Then the token doesn't get removed at the conclusion. Also, and unfortunately, manually removing it doesn't fix the issue. Ah well. Least I know to check for the token after an event. A bit of a PITA but, well sometimes mods are.
  11. Unfortunately, no. I removed it. Confirmed it was gone. Tried it, no luck. Saved game, restarted game, confirmed it was still gone, tried it. No luck.
  12. Thanks for getting back with me Loogie. Behind the spoilers are the screenshots of my complete inventory. Items that I can put in storage are out of inventory. Hope that helps! Edit: I saw the duplicates for the zPregToken and adjusted that to 1. It still didn't help. I'm pretty certain the "z" tokens are connected with SexoutPregnancy
  13. I started a brand new game with a new character, and it works fine on that one. So I'm leaning towards it being a token or something like that. If someone can help please walk me through steps like I'm an idiot. Because well...
  14. My Fomods work perfectly for some time. Then suddenly, my character is no longer able to engage in sex acts. I can approach people to speak with them to initiate sex. When the agree, they walk away. If I were to get caps for a prostitution act, I do get the caps. Stalkers and characters that initiate sex using Sexual Assault and Tryout respectively no longer approach my character, however they will still engage my companions. Or I'll get a message saying that since I'm occupied they're trying out my companion instead. I'm using the following fomods in this order: I've checked my load order with LOOT, and have looked for conflicts with FNVEditor (which I'm very novice at.) In FNVEditor, while there are some conflicts, none seem like they would be what is causing my problems. I've done a lot of searching on the internet and have found that I'm not the only one with this problem. I have not found a solution however. This thread showed a similar issue to mine: This one did as well and mentions a sexout token needing to be removed: So, so far the two quick solutions have their downsides. A: Reboot Sexout Fomods after a clean save. This would reset all the adventures I had with Vault 3, Legion Camp, Vault 19, Prostitution levels, Sunny's pregnancy, my new pregnancy (I hope it's a boy!). And even then, there is no guarantee it won't just happen again. B: Find a save from a while ago when it was working and hope it doesn't happen again. Though it seems likely it will happen again and I loose all the playtime I had up to that point. Which I did some serious questing and that would be a lot of quests to redo. Also, there is no guarantee it won't just happen again. Anyways LoversLab people, I hope someone can help me solve this problem. Or point me to the solution to the problem. I know I'm not the only one who's had it, and I've spent quite a bit of time looking for a solution. Currently, the token thing seems like the best, but again, haven't been able to find anything in my inventory. Thanks for any help you all can provide.
  15. KristaLemon

    Sexout Tryout

    I think it was another mod that did it. One of the Project Nevada maybe. I haven't fully isolated it yet. Anyways, thanks for responding. Love the mod.