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  1. Downloaded the latest AAF RSE and my previous troubles seem resolved. Was able to remove the FP RSE as well. Abductions working! Thanks.
  2. Well, still at square one, tried a save, uninstalling, another save, reinstalling. The AAP version of RSE still won't work without the FP version of RSE, not even with a new play through. Using both versions of RSE has been a long journey of figuring out which version works the best. Been frustrating. I think I'm going to have to just go without abductions for now until I get the need to try it again. Worst part is a prep cook i work with is an avid FO4 player and mod enthusiast. He could probably fix my issues, but not like I'm going to invite someone I know RL to fix my rape mods. lol
  3. I tried a new start and still had the same issue. I'll keep tinkering with it from time to time. No more tonight, it's my day off and I'm exhausted 50 hour workdays on the feet. #cheflife
  4. Thanks for the response. I'll try a new playthrough. I hate to abandon the progress I've made so far, but I'll test it out and report back.
  5. Hi folks, spent a lot of time trying to fix my issue and test running it, but still no luck. Anyone have suggestions? I'm fresh out of ideas. I'm so close to everything working right.
  6. Thanks for the AAF update! I am running into a couple issues. First, if I uninstall the old FP version of RSE, the AAF RSE doesn't work. I tried reinstalling AAF version and still doesn't work. I did hit debug before uninstalling old version as well. If I run both the AAF and FP version of RSE, it mostly works, though abductions seem to be broken. It will either send me back to Goodneighbor with some raiders or gunners there, or it will go through the abduction black out, and I'll just be in the same place but the npc's are now aggressive. If I fight my way out and escape I still can't fast travel. When I redress, I still get comments that my character is naked. Any suggestions? Other than those issues it seems to work flawlessly.
  7. Fixed, I hadn't properly installed AAF patches for Crazy and Leito.
  8. *Fixed, I hadn't properly installed the AAF patches for Leito and Crazy* Hello, I just switched from Four Play to AAF, and have gotten the animations to work for the most part. Using Atomic Lust, Leito's, Crazy's, as well as a mod for Leito's and Crazy's to work with AAF (forgot the name) The M/M animations work great, but if it's a scenario involving another woman it seems I have no animations for F/F. When I used Four Play, the other women were basically treated as men using a strap on from "NSFW Strap-on Dildo for FO4" This doesn't seem to apply to AAF. I'd accept a strap on animation though I'd prefer a more natural F/F animation. TLDR: Are there any F/F animation packs for AAF?
  9. Thanks for your advice. I went through file by file and found everything in my .zip file to be in the game files. I'll maybe try using M02 and reinstalling it. Edit: Didn't work.
  10. I'm running into an issue where Super Mutant dongs are untextured purple. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mod but still no luck. I want my BGC!
  11. KristaLemon

    What sex mods do you want to see in FO4?

    I'd love something like Try-Out from FONV. I loved those quests and that after some time I could move on with my game play. It actually helped me pick the ending I chose for FONV. I went with Legion since I was a slave and they were holding my babies captive.
  12. KristaLemon

    Boston Breeder

    Well, I'm downloading it and giving it a try. I really enjoyed the quest mods in Fallout NV and Skryim. Sex in Fallout is fun, but to have a story behind it is better, I'm looking forward to Boston Breeder.
  13. KristaLemon

    Boston Breeder

    Now that Four Play is in the game, does this mod trigger Four Play events? I just got Fallout 4 (Yeah, I know). It seems this mod was started before Four Play.
  14. I finally got Four Play working, thanks to this guide, and me realizing I had to change the .ini folders. Anyways, I did the coc 4test to make sure all my mods were working and they seem to be. I just had one issue. The terminal at the end of the hall where the npc was to leave his room, and approach doesn't work at all. The terminal said he should go down the hall, if it didn't work then I'd be teleported to his room. Nothing happens. I get the three second countdown and he doesn't approach and I don't TP to him. I'm using a female character and he works normally on the terminal next to him. Questions: 1) Does it matter? Will this effect future game play? 2) If it does, how do I resolve it? Thanks for any help.