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  1. To The Victor Go The Spoils...

  2. Me neither. I can't find working links to some armors anymore.
  3. I'm in love with the medium size bones Now she only needs a name.
  4. An Apology To My Friends and Fans

    I don't forgive you for that, you worked so hard and deleted it for nothing. But I hope you can do more to fix it.
  5. Oh my... You're a genious of the amazons, Azazellz. Great job, as aways.
  6. Quando eu acho que suas personagens não poderiam ficar melhores... Você cria uma nova e me surpreende novamente. Parabéns
  7. It's a custom texture I've merged for Seline. I have used the textures of Penzor addon by Azazellz and SoS Textures by EvilReFlex. Thank you And here is something from Tumblr
  8. It's because I have used custom textures on the followers.
  9. If you are talking about my characters, there is an updated link on my signature. If you are talking about the blue girl, here is the link
  10. NSFW poses?

    wops, sorry. Try this one http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3387-baalzebub-pose-pack/
  11. NSFW poses?

    You can try the Shocky's poser pack