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  1. Thank you! Take a look at my Tumblr.
  2. Donegan

    Being Ork Part 2

    Really nice to see someone using my mod, I can't wait to see what comes next. Amazing job, Gauntman.
  3. Wow, I'm really excited to test it
  4. I didn't save the presets. sorry.
  5. Donegan

    The Cast got a update (New Content)

    Pansexual ladies... hmmm?
  6. Testing the latest updates. It looks amazing, I'm love with this mod, thank you so much.??
  7. Donegan

    Gormaka Ghost-Heart: [Part 5] {New Content}

    Seline: Saren ftw!
  8. Updated follower mod can be found here.

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    2. Creepersrule09


      When I removed seline's armor her penis is not appearing what files do i need for it to work


    3. Ultimatejim


      Will there be an SE compatible version?

    4. vortex3616


      hey when I click the link it goes to a blank page.  is there somewhere i can download it from elsewhere?

  9. New mod here, Ash Guardian Retexture 4K.

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    2. The Gauntman
    3. Swiftstep


      Volcanic mineral could have the strongest and strangest colours. This one looks like it contains lots of iron, hence the brown colour. Guessing with volcanic & ash guardian you go the right way. But I'm no geologist.


      Thanks for sharing, green skin.


    4. Jayomms


      Now Dats a high quality Ass Guardian ;)

  10. Donegan

    Aria was here 11/9/18

    Seline: I think you shouldn't drink too much...
  11. Donegan

    Good news everyone!

    oh, I didn't know that your PC is not working, I hope you get it back soon.