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  1. Thanks! It works now
  2. Hi I can't get these to show in my game. I have the mod enabled in the launcher and it is at the top of my load order I have tested other flag mods, and they show fine just this one. I have also loaded the game with just this mod and still it won't work. Has anybody been able to get this to work Thanks
  3. Hi Is the SexLab Warm Bodies Plus file for SSE or Oldrim? Thanks
  4. Hi clients won't accept sex, i offer body and then i try to do the interaction but they refuse and i get embarrassed. i am registered as a Lilly is there something i am doing wrong? Thanks
  5. Ahh... ok no worries if it is too much of a pain to do it's fine
  6. Hi Great work. never used custom aspiration mods before because i don't know why but they always have a different bonus traits with each track but with EA in each category you just get the 1 bonus trait for all tracks and it messes with my OCD but i do like the look of this mod. how would i edit it so that both aspiration tracks have the same bonus trait. i have Sims4Studio and tried to set the primary trait on each track to the same trait but that breaks it. Thanks
  7. i also have this problem, when i get my sim to undress i don't get the Naturism Skill in the skills window or the happy mood from being naked. also if i use the cheat to add the skill being naked doesn't seem to be levelling it up
  8. ModPicker:2F9711B2

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