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  1. Hello, first of thanks a ton for this awesome mod, I really hope to see more features being added. I have a small question though I am pretty sure I already know the answer : Is there any way to "lift" a couple of scripts (mainly the adult content) from this mod and incorporate them to another mod like "Prophesy of Pendor" (for personnal use only obviously) ? I just think the adult content would be that much more enticing with all the female leaders and units in PoP. I expect the process is much more complicated than a simple copy-paste but I thought I would ask just in case. Thanks
  2. Mmh ? What videos ? The thumbnail adds ? Yeah I considered that ^^ still not a satisfying ending to my character's story though. And yes, taking her kingdom away and sending her to the brothel is now the new plan, I just wanted to play the game a bit differently this time as I usually always go for the "become an independant king" playthrough, serves me right for trying something new I guess !
  3. Hi, First off, this is not a rant about the awesome Dickplomacy reloaded mod, go check it out here in loverslab if you like mount and blade and haven't already. No, this topic is a useless rant that will be of no interest for anyone (probably) but will allow me to vent a bit about my current Mount and blade playthrough (and I just realized I played Mount and blade about 50 more hours than I played skyrim which... how the hell ?). So, In my current playthrough, I set myself an objective : start as a commoner and build myself up from scratch until I can help a claimant to the throne, marry her, and become King of a faction that way (as opposed to the usual "conquer the world for myself" playthrough). After that I would call it quit. I chose Arwa "the pearled one" from the Sarranid faction and got to work. After hours of mercenary work and fortune gathering through running several brothels, I was finally ready and triggered the civil war. I destroyed the Sarranid faction almost by myself since I only managed to turn three or four lords to Arwa's side, but with my group of elite mercenaries (paid with the brothels's money), it was relatively quick. And that's when the shitshow started. After Arwa became queen, I walked to her and propose a wedding. "Oh I would love to marry you, but it would hurt my legitimacy." She said. No problem, I thought, and I spent the next couple weeks sending my companions on quests to increase my prestige and came back. "Oh I would love to marry you but for some reason everyone in the kingdom hates you, sorry !". She said. I wonder why everyone hates me ? It's almost like I had to beat the shit out of everyone again and again to put your ass on the Throne and they somehow hold a grudge. (I admit, running three brothels where the wives and sisters of my "former" enemies were forced to work didn't help, that's on me). So I spent weeks sucking up to everyone, spending tens of thousands on gifts and completing quests until they barely tolerated me again and went back to the Queen. "Oh I would love to marry you but you have attracted too much controversy right now, so sooooory". She said. Cue several weeks waiting confined in my castle, long enough for people to forget about my not-so-honorable deeds "Oh I would love to marry you but you have to be elected marshall of the realm before that" She said. God dammit why ? Why is that a requirement ? Beside YOU choose who the marshall is. And by the way I am a bit hurt that you chose a random dickhead for that job, one of the last guy to join your cause and the guy who hates me the most (again : wife, daughter, brothel... my bad), over me who carried you to the bloody throne. But fine, I spent the next few weeks doing boring political plots, running left and right to make sure I would get elected and then came back to her. "Oh I would love to marry you but you have to be marshall for a couple weeks and basically prevent any of the stupid AI lords to lose a single battle or have a single of their villages raided while we are at war with three other faction hellbent on wrecking our land" She said. Okay well I'm just going to... wait ? what ? ..... FUCK. THAT. No. Just...no. That is somehow both tedious and downright impossible and you know it ! I am done, DONE you hear ? And as I shut down the game I suddenly realized my mild case of OCD won't let me move on to the next game until I have reached a somehow satisfying ending to this story. Fine, so be it. Since I have to resolve that matter and the bloody game seems to tell me to go fuck myself at every turn, here's what I am going to do : I am going to get my mercenary army and my treasury and my brothels and get the hell out of the kingdom. I am going to carve myself my own kingdom juuuust a bit north with only my trusty companions as vassals. Then I will ride with my armies and burn your land to the ground, I did it once I can sure as hell do it again ! I made you and I can just as easily unmake you ! And when I take away the last bit of your land and throw you in my brothel in Shariz, your own capital city, we will see how much you would "love to marry me" ! God Dammit I hate that game as much as I love it. And my useless rant is over. If you, the reader, by some miracle read that until the end and have your own rants or stories about the game, please, help yourself in that topic, I am eager to read it too !
  4. Oh ! you and I share a mind ! I was just thinking about that right after I posted the previous message !
  5. Yes, a creative plan but ultimately bound to fail. I imagine this was somewhere along the line of what my character tried in hammerfell but he now would understand this is doomed, an undead army can only get you so far and has the problem of uniting everyone against you. I was thinking of a more insidious approach. I mean being a dragonborn he shares some ties with Tiber Septim (or he can at least claim to share some ties with him). From there, a Legate of the empire, with a Legion behind him, a couple of dragons, a network of assassins and spies and the reformed blades to add to the legitimacy of his claim, the throne would pretty much fall into his hands at this point. The undead army might serve later, maybe to crush the dominion, who knows ^^
  6. Mmmmmh Yeah... I guess Bethesda is not always the best at keeping things coherent in their quests... Maybe I will use the console as you suggested as it won't really break the RP... I mean it's not too far-fetched to think the Dawnguard would be fooled by a crafty vampire hiding among them... especially one with dragon's blood and access to powerfull artefacts and spells. My character is an imperial necromancer obsessed with the notion of power. I see him as sort of a new Potema with a bit of Manimarco as well, willing to commit horrific deeds to sustain his political ambitions. My backstory is that prior to the events of skyrim he benefited from the chaos of the great war to rise to some degree of power in hammerfell before being vainquished and forced to flee north having lost everything and having to rebuild from the ground up. To him, vampirism is only one way among others to regain his former power. So I guess it would make sense for him to seek to infiltrate and manipulate the Dawnguard early on, rather than risk being defeated again by a group of undead hunters ! If he can do that, it will probably help him later when he'll try rising to the emperor's throne I love "immortal blood", and skyrim's books in general. I always get excited when I stumble upon one I didn't know already. I'll check the mod you suggested, thx
  7. Oh wow, I didn't even know there was a check against vampirism further down the dawnguard quests... The only thing I remember is Arkon saying something about "you think they won't figure out that you are a vampire ?" or something like that... as I said, I never went the Dawnguard way. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I'll get to it... Don't want to risk breaking the quest with console command. Plus, if the quest was build that way I don't want to cheat my way out of it. Though since I am playing with "better vampires" it might be a real bother to get the cure from Fallion, possibly erasing my progress as a Vampire with that mod... and since "better vampires" is real finicky with the vampire state, I am not sure how it will handle a mod to bypass the check (and again, don't want to cheat my way out of this one). What a twisted problem I got myself into, I'll have to think about it I might want to start dawnguard a bit earlier than expected to avoid losing too much vampiric progression... Do you know if past the initial check (which I guess happens after you rejected Harkon's offer and return to the dawnguard) you can become a vampire again without locking you out of the dawnguard quests ? I mean is the check a one time thing or will the Dawnguard always refuse to give a quest to a vampire ? That was my idea exactly ! What better way for a vampire to ensure his safety and gain power than to hide within the very people that are hellbent on hunting and destroying vampires ! And to fool them into doing your biding is so sweetly ironic, as you rightly said, that I am more than determined to do it that way now, rather than playing as Harkon's lackey (even if I know you get to rule in the end)
  8. Whenever I play a good character (which is rare with skyrim) I personally keep it in a safe or a display at home (usually a Daedric artifact display in a custom player home from a mod) and never touch it again. I don't get rid of it because I assume Mephala would just make it fade away and reappear somewhere else for someone "more worthy" to use it. Daedras are like that with their artefacts... Does Balgruf really dies if the dragonborn refuses to take the blade ? I've seen that his murder at the hands of his children was something Bethesda planed but later removed. There are still some scripts and dialogues for it in the game but they are never used if I am correct. I personally have more trouble roleplaying with Meridia's quest since my character is a necromancer and a vampire ... Worst still, I'd like to side with the dawnguard this time around because I always went for the Vampire Lords and I want to see the other path... I don't know how I will do that... Something about "power being more valuable when it is rare" maybe ? I mean I am sure to be the most powerfull vampire or necromancer if I destroy the competition by any mean necessary right ?
  9. So I guess I just have to plan my murders a bit better. After a couple hours of experimenting I managed to land three without getting caught. But the bounty system for murder is... idiotic to say the least. For exemple I went after the Shatter-shield guy in windhelm. I stalked him for an entire day and when killing him at home failed (his wife, despite sleeping in a different bed, in a different room, at a different level of the house, kept waking up and calling the guard) I set up an ambush during the night on his way back home. I killed him right in front of his door while nobody, and I mean nobody, was around. First attempts I killed him while sneaking and even he didn't see me. Got the 1000 gold bounty (but no red dot, not guard running towards me ect - again he was totally alone in this part of the town). Then, in frustration I just walked to him and killed him with one hit, no sneaking nothing... I got 40 gold bounty for agression and then it got erased immediatly because I "killed the last witness"... so much for subtility... I am going to head to the argonian distric now. I have at least five "friends" there all in the same room. They got it hard enough as it is but well I am evil after all ^^ No trying to be subtle this time, I think the "butcher of windhelm" will not be pleased to get his name stolen after that
  10. Thank you for your suggestions, I already use sneak tools as part of Perma and dread prison seems op indeed As for the ebony blade thx for the link, it's very useful, I'll try to get a few victims "the hard way" to get a sense of accomplishment (plus there are a few people that I want gone from skyrim that aren't on the list) but I'll use it for the remaining kills Thanks for the suggestion, I am trying to complete the quest without this exploit as roleplay wise, I don't think this would fool Mephala (though being the daedra of lies and plots I guess she would admire the trick in some way )
  11. Hello all, I am playing an Evil character... so obviously I would try and max out the Ebony Blade stats by killing 10 friendly NPCs. I also plan on killing a couple NPCs outside of that quest for roleplaying reasons. Problem is, I can't seem to kill anyone without raising the alarm and getting a bounty unless they are sound asleep and alone in a cell. If there is so much as a single NPC in the same cell, no matter if they are asleep, in another room or if I am sneaking and unseen and kill the target in one blow : they sistematically start screaming and the guards come rushing in. It's very frustrating as I feel I shouldn't be caught after taking so much precaution and it's very unclear what the rules for getting spotted are. I should mention sneaking isn't my character's forte. So what are your strategies for successful murders ? (not involving roleplay-breaking exploits) Thanks for the help !
  12. I understand, but I still want to dismiss them in order for the to use the "my home is your home" functionalities. I gave "Simple NPC Outfit manager" a try. It's working fine and it's rather well done. Thank you for the suggestion.
  13. So I couldn't wait to try it after all and I played all night (I had a bad day at work today ^^). And I can't thank the both of you enough. Not only did your solutions worked with a new game but I tried with my old save and everything works fine, I have yet to experience a single bug or CTD. You are awesome ! I have never played a stable skyrim before I think I am going to enjoy this !
  14. ok, I have followed all of your recomendations and I will soon start a new game, get to lvl 10 and see as much of skyrim as possible in order to check that everything is working fine. Don't know if I'll be able to play for the next couple days but once I know everything is good I'll load my real save and see if a problem remains. I will update this thread then. Thx again for the help
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