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  1. I have More Nasty Creatures, All in One HDT Animated Pussy, and Schlongs of Skyrim (I think it might be the lite version). Everything looks and works fine... HDT pussy collisions works great with man+woman. But there are no HDT pussy collisions with the monster schlongs. I have new clue why this is. The schlongs on the monsters aren't being registered i guess as a HDT object for the pussy to work with? The monster schlongs are working fine---- just no collision, (and also I cannot adjust the monster schlongs up or down like I can with the male NPC...) I've searched this problem, can't really find any good info on this issue...
  2. So Creature Framework works in COC QASMOKE --- but not in my save game... I'm level 50... I can't start over--- is there a way to get it to load in my save game?
  3. What about the outfits and armor? How would I "batch" them for the HDT pussy body? Because if I switch bodies (lol) from UUNP to HDT pussy -- the outfits would need to be switched too (in bodyslide). Would I choose a specific preset in bodyslide, like "uunp special" as it would say in the NMM install menu for HDT pussy?
  4. Or.. Could anyone redirect me to some clearer installation instructions? The instructions on the file are fuzzy.
  5. Yeah, still have trouble installing this in NMM. Could someone walk me through this or redirect me? I already have: UUNP, thepure skin texture, and my own HDT just want the hdt pussy but its not showing up in game after I install it. (also, where are the 3d pubes? cant find them in RaceMenu) in bodyslide using UUNP HDT and arbitrary preset. (This mod doesn't add anything to bodyslide for UUNP apparently)
  6. I'm having trouble with the installation process. I already have the body and skin texture (UUNP + thePure) - made in Bodyslide, batched with the outfits and check RaceMenu morphs... So in NMM, when I installed this mod -- I did NOT check install UUNP / Clams because I already have the body I want, right? So, the vagina had an extra pair of lips...Are there supposed to be bodyslide files from this mod because it didn't add any to Bodyslide after I installed this mod with NMM. I reinstalled this mod and this time I selected "UUNP Special" and added alll the features / overwriting my old stuff, and afterward it did not look right... like the textures were messed up.
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