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  1. Had a good chuckle because of that one 😁 Personally I had to the problem that I couldn't imagine what this would mean. Sounded like you wanted to remove rape as a whole.
  2. In my opinion we are at a point where we shouldn't argue with logic anymore =D I'm just gonna keep it to myself I won't make a merge request. In my degenerated mind the insect eggs only need warmth to survive and not a womb, hence the possibility of anal pregnancies. Now I just need to figure out why male anal pregnancies don't seem to work.
  3. In the PregnancyHelper class where insect impregnations are handled the insects are only allowed to implant eggs into the vagina of their victim: PlantSomething(egg, partner, false, count); Is there any reason behind this or was it just an oversight? I added the check that is also used by mechanoids and it works just fine (I also moved the sextype check accordingly): PlantSomething(egg, partner, (sextype == xxx.rjwSextype.Anal ? true : false), count);
  4. I went full barbarian with my mods. Activated them all in whatever order I got them and when I encountered any errors I just disabled them (kinda) one-by-one until the faulty mod was found. It takes quite some time though. I had my last XCOM setup up and running after a whopping 6 days of debugging (=
  5. Awesome! I already expected it to have something to do with the name, but I had no clue what the function expects. I'm gonna try this in my next run! Thank you for the detailed answer, I'm sure I can get this to work properly.
  6. Well that answers my question. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey Ed/Zaltys, thank you for keeping this mod alive! It seems like it has finally found someone who is willing to invest more than a week of work. I was just about to ask what happened to the "size matters" feature, but after looking through the planned features and finding it there, I realized that it was implemented in a version of the mod from some other site... I've got another question though: Would you recommend waiting for a release of a new version or is it semi-safe to use whatever one can find on gitgud? I don't know how long my Rimworld run will last and the rape notification really annoys me. Since I saw a commit mentioning a setting for this, I'm considering to update now. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Breeding = Infiltration It's a bit confusing at first. When a soldier completes the "breeding" type mission I get the dialog and it says that x amount of Elirium/Alloys were added, but that is just not the case. The numbers stay the same, no matter how many times my soldiers complete these missions. If you got some time to spare, I'm sure the community would be grateful if you picked up the mod and developed it further. If I traced the history back correctly, there have been at least three other developers who worked on it and abandoned it shortly after.
  9. I have been struggling with the prostitution mod for quite some time now. For whatever reason I don't get any Elirium or Alloys when I send my soldiers to infiltrate. Intel and supplies are working fine but that's it. I tried debugging the mod but there are no red screen errors, log entries or anything being mentioned in the console when running in debug mode. Does someone else have this problem and maybe a fix for that or can point me in the right direction? I'm completely new to XCOM modding but I think this code in Prostitution_HeadquartersProject.uc is responsible for adding the items: if (XComHQ != none) { NewXComHQ = XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom(NewGameState.CreateStateObject(class'XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom', XComHQ.ObjectID)); NewGameState.AddStateObject(NewXComHQ); NewXComHQ.Projects.RemoveItem(WhoreProject.GetReference()); NewGameState.RemoveStateObject(WhoreProject.ObjectID); NewXComHQ.AddResource(NewGameState, Name(Alert.RewardName), Alert.Rewards); } I wanted to check whether AddResource is implemented correctly but I couldn't even find any usable ressources or docs where all the functions are listed. Also the XCOM SDK seems to really strip down the VS functions. I can't even jump to declarations or find usages. Is that normal? I ran XCOM with default options and only the prostitution mod enabled so there should be nothing interfering with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I've been trying to get my female character to use a male model and have a penis but only as werewolf. I'm using Skyrim LE and Moonlight Tales - Essentials - Version 2_51. I tried almost all mods found in the OP but no matter what I do I can only get my character to use a male model (using MTE) but she never has a penis. It seems like MTE is always blocking that. Conveniently, if possible, her Sexlab gender should automatically switch to male during transformation, so that the correct animations are played aswel, but I would also be finde with switching it manually. Is it possible to achieve such a setup: Female character, penis only as werewolf, using MTE, little to no manual switching/activating?
  11. I should be ashamed of myself that I didn't come up with this... Thank you
  12. I'm pretty attached to my B18 configuration and since not all of the mods I use have been updated I'm not going to do so either. Is it possible to use the B19 version of this mod with version B18 of the game? And if not what would I have to change/revert for it to be compatible again? Most of the changes made since the update to B19 sound awesome and I really would like to have them in my game.
  13. It comes with the mod as a Readme.
  14. I'm using the Prostitution mod and I can't seem to get the infiltration to work properly. I've started a new campaign with only the Prostitution mod enabled but whenever my soldiers come back with Elerium or Alloys they don't get added to my inventory. Both values stay at 0, no matter what. How would I debug this? Has anyone had the same issues?
  15. Don't know about a version with the described features, but the one linked by Santr is working fine for me. I'm using the enhanced version from that post with the patch for A Dog Said... Load order: MoreMonstergirls B18 Enhanced A Dog Said... patch for More Monstergirls B18 RJW The "sized" parts are handled as implants, so they get shown on the health tab. Normal sized parts are simple body parts, like an arm or a leg and are thus not shown. Everything is working as intended. I also got Children and Pregnancy installed and can confirm that no pregnancy is happening between two human pawns. Animal-Animal and Human-Animal pregnancies (pregnant animal) are working fine. I haven't tried to disable CaP yet (and probably won't because that will certainly annihilate my save file). There should be proper beds, not just sleeping spots. I can right click the whore bed button under furniture and select different versions, even double beds.
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