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  1. Thanks for answering! after you answered I deleted the parts of the code you did and tested it out it works ok with me so far I'll send you the ones I used If you want them!
  2. For those of you who play Skyrim SE it works fine after the conversion process if you can't do the process Message me here on LL I'll send my converted version to you or I'll post it here.
  3. I meant the data base for English - Chinese is only for SE or at least that's what I got from the description and the many failed attempts at translating. But if you know how to make it work please tell me I'm need it!
  4. don't bother using the ENG - Chinese translator if you have Oldrim LE it only works for SSE and FO4
  5. First of all thanks for replying! it means a lot to me that you would take the time to help me. I tested the mesh and textures they are fine. But it turns out my faulty installation of The mod folder was to blame, it fixed it self after I re-installed the the mod from the archive. again thanks for the reply!
  6. This mod is awesome! I've used this for the longest time and has always yielded great results. But for some reason a month after I moved to Mod Organizer the mod made all the females bar Serana colorfully Pixelated in the face and light stripping on the body. please help! I've tested the mods by disabling them all until the bug happened it only happens with this mod. load order.txt
  7. found the problem it was clams of skyrim, no idea why though it worked gloriously for the longest time. i'm gonna contact them see if it can be fixed
  8. thank you for replying here is the picture and load order load order.txt
  9. To the people who are really mod savy I need help I recently started using M.O. to manage my mods and everything was well until this happened. my mods have always been like this and the mods I added where not for NPC replacement or addition a side from botox it only happens to female characters bar Serana for some od reason please help here is my mod list. ScreenShot286.bmp load order.txt
  10. Oops. yup totaly made that mistake! thanks for the fast reply! will download the files now Thank you!
  11. I tried this with alduin forced oral but the ones I see in startup are two zoomed in and i'm facing the back of the female dragon. please help i only opend them with nifscope to see them before puting them in the game I didn't even save anything
  12. Same problem, I had. Changed the gender of the sim when it was a baby was the cause. confused the KW gender assigner thing it did. tried to give it a penis the assigner did failed and made it invisible is what happened try to see if the other female teens are affected maybe its an isolated case.
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