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  1. necross 413

    Teen lower half invisible when naked

    Same problem, I had. Changed the gender of the sim when it was a baby was the cause. confused the KW gender assigner thing it did. tried to give it a penis the assigner did failed and made it invisible is what happened try to see if the other female teens are affected maybe its an isolated case.
  2. necross 413

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

  3. necross 413

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    no it's from the dragonborn DLC
  4. necross 413

    Werewolf vs Deathclaw

    It's a good point. However the narrative would probably go:- Deathclaw faces off to Werewolf. Both parties momentarily contemplate each other. Deathclaw swings and hits Werewolf. Werewolf looks down at wound. Looks up and smiles. Deathclaw eviscerates Werewolf. Werewolf re-amalgamates itself. Deathclaw eviscerates Werewolf. Werewolf re-amalgamates itself. etc.. Deathclaw wears itself out, and reformed Werewolf rips Deathclaw apart. i.e. If the 'Lore' says that only silver can kill it and regardless of the whole Twilight teen fantasy thing, your Werewolf under the aforementioned only susceptible to silver criteria is going to be way more alien, rather than the portrayed beastality fetish icon. (Think something more like 'The Thing', 'Species' or even the Blob - but more hairy) Mind Beth werewolves are a bit crap. But how will the werewolf reassemble itself if pieces of it were eaten? sides i never read anything about werewolves reassembling themselves after being torn apart. Heal quickly yes but not regenerate missing parts. Even if something is like the thing if their regeneration requires them to re-amalgamate all there pieces then there more like the Ghost People in FNV Dead Money then if that's true then all the deathclaw has to do is eat the brain or some other vital organ and the werewolf cant re-amalgamate.
  5. necross 413

    Willow Companion x SI Problem

    if you have sexout then you could just use this one instead " sexout willow " and the fade to black scenes will be replaced with sexout animations
  6. necross 413

    FalloutTTW QuestOverhaul Addons and Patch

    The lates sexout beta and it's just the pc and mary holden anims that are not woking for me.
  7. necross 413

    Bad Dog's Compleat Khajiit

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, any way CoS and SoS require bone specifically for the genitalia which the XPMSE has that's why the skeleton you made works best for such bodies if you wanted both vaginal collision and digitigraded beast race.
  8. necross 413

    Bad Dog's Compleat Khajiit

    I meant that you can use the XPMSE skeleton of this mod and it will work just like the True Digitigrade Beast Races skeleton only CoS and SoS compatible (sexlab animations work to!). Just rename the skeleton into skeletonbeast.nif replace the original one and don't install the mod it self. sorry for not being clear. not a native English speaker. your mod is awesome by the way!
  9. necross 413

    Bad Dog's Compleat Khajiit

    For those with clams of skyrim. Using this to replace the beast skeleton works well with "Digitigrade Beast Races Full DLC Edition." The argonian feet looks awesome with this but the khajiit feet has issues with its ankles boots are unequipped. Also the animations for sexlab as far as i have tested works ok with it.
  10. can you make one for sylvanas windrunner from wow and cortana from halo?
  11. necross 413

    Sexout Tryout

    I was wondering, would it be possible to kill the powder gangers after enslaving the women of goodsprings and then become the mayor/pimp.and then get doc mitchell's house as a base/home or may be even a freelance slaver that can keep the slaves as pets or sell to legion or other less the noble people. just a suggestion.
  12. necross 413

    Companion Custom Race Replacer

    people who still use this amazing mod if you want to use the sexout feature without getting the lings and DoA mods send me a PM and i'll send you my edited esp. this works with liara i have not tested it for the others yet.
  13. necross 413

    Pinup Pose MCM Expansion

    can someone make a step by step instruction with the finer details included for those of us that are noobs.
  14. necross 413

    Vampire Races Expanded (Not Working)

    people this mod is incompatible with mods that modifies vampire faces like hott vampires 2 the quickening is there a way to get them compatible with each other?
  15. necross 413

    Dragon female

    easy way of not using the huge hips in not using the nif file but using everything else but do it by NMM this way if you mess up or find something off you just uninstall the mod and redo it again using diff files to try and get the resolt you want like I have jills and the other dragon with normaly body styles but have the add vent so you know that they female but as all ways back up your file for safe messures and it fixed me vanishing when I changed into a jill might be something in the nif coding or might be another mod in my list fighting with it have many mods on making you seem more like a real dragonborn rather then just shouting like a dragon do. Hard do to people will attack you on sight if you in dragon form. abit off topic but know what makes npc's hostile toward you like in werewolf form? trying to find out so I can do it with the dragon form because it do get annoying being attack by next to everything expect a old orc that want to die in a fight XD errr.... ate him..... but yeah...... thank you for that i got it to work on Durnehviir and Odahviing