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  1. Just for info The dungeon clips on to the stable in the Riverwood Keep mod. I do not find this a problem since I never use horses. If you do use horses then there are plenty of other mods that can provide stables.
  2. Dragon Age(Origins) and the toolset just like Skyrim and the CK made the original 100% better with things being done the game makers never dreamed of.
  3. I was not sure what to expect when checking out your maze so here is what I found. 1) landed in a rather large lake after after entering the maze. ( no killer fish thankfully) 2) found the entrance and entered and ran around, could not see any faults with your building etc. 3) found the stairs and again no problems with building. 4) found a door requiring a key ( to be picked up later in the mod I presume. What you have done so far is looking good and I know what it takes to mod. I am one of three still modding Dragon Age. I build all the areas, castles, towns,v
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