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  1. The reason I keep the flag is due to the death event not triggering inheritance, I have not yet found a any event chain with death and inheritance, this means that I used a flag to keep the law and for further easier management on my part I just pointed to a character flag after the death event. While I have been tinkering with a female head of state so to speak, but didn't have the time or requests until now. While I agree the mod is a bit OP atm, I'm struggling with keeping it not OP while easy to use, the changes you suggest while doable seems to be alot of micro-man
  2. Ah sorry, I uploaded the file but it seems it wasn't actually uploaded, so I tried again and let's see if it works.
  3. Yup, that is due to overriding the vanilla event. You can remove it if you don't care about having alot of adultery events. All it does it tweak the chances of it happening.
  4. Update: Hi! I havn't been too active lately, and mostly because I'm working on finalizing my studies at the moment, but also because I have been trying to find the culprit of oddities, such as assertions errors like "Rulers can't have home court!" Which I have no freaking idea why it pops up. But also things from my long save where I think there might be compatibility issues with Carnalitas.
  5. Yes this was confirmed in the paradox forums as well, there is not easy way to change the gender of an already existing character. The way someone would have to go about it would be to create a custom script that kills the actor of the opposite wanted gender, and create a whole new one with the correct gender. Probably using some sort of character pools.
  6. I have indeed been thinking about it ever since the issue of people's concubines not getting pregnant. I have been researching into how the impregnation events works. But from what I've seen there it is not moddable itself, and I will probably as you suggest have to write my own event for it.
  7. Not sure what tent is. Documentationwise the most I have set up is on the first page with the first post. it should also specify how to install, which you do by unzipping into the ./documents/paradox interactive/crusader kings 3/mod folder
  8. You should probably grab the stress fix mentioned here by Rizmordan, it's a known problem for vanilla and the 100+ kids dynasties. The whole lover ordeal should be fixed in the new release, while half the kids not being mine is not bothering me. The whole spamming of women constantly being found out did. And you should be able to kill them off now if they're within ur grasp. The whole 50-50 thing I wholeheartedly agree, but as it stands paradox don't allow changes on a realm level or simple event level atm, but rather only world wide changes. The whole
  9. Yes, that is something of a priority for me. Not sure what a good solution is, since some of the popups that keep popping up you might want a sort of sum of events so to speak.
  10. All bugfixes are included in 0.5 Just kept them for posterity, and since someone might want the law thingy. Without further objections, I will continue working solely on the NOLAW branch, because alot of things becomes alot easier to program.
  11. You can see my post about it, the new 0.4.8MarryMe should fix it. It's not something on me, it's paradox who didn't properly flag their things, since in vanilla there is only one doctrines that allows more than one spouse they only checked for that doctrine, my fix however changes a vanilla file so it will be less compatible.
  12. 1. Nolaw doesn't require you to adopt the law yourself but will rather change if for you as soon as you adopt the doctrine. 2. I play with carnalitas, but not with Harem Doctrines ( BUT you don't need harem doctrines, atm everything from there is in here. The reason why I don't use it is because of some compatibility issue which is ofc duh after I tried it) 3. The goal is to make all vassals into opposite sex(atm females) and require any successor to be female as well, while on the contrary the top liege will be male and have male heirs. The only thing it basically does is set t
  13. The idea atm is that all possible vassals turn to the opposite gender(atm only works while playing as a male at the top), but someone reported problems with cities and baronies, so i limited it to all vassals with a county or more. hmm, it is weird that you're getting deposed like that, I have been running for a few ingame years without issues, but again I also play with vampire mods so I don't really die as well. I am aware that there are still stability issues, I have also been thinking about the whole gender working behind all the code, and Ill see what I can do.
  14. @plebejer hmm, that is weird. It shouldn't be faith dependent anymore. I will try an scour the code for any forgotten code. The only supposedly restriction is anyone below countylevel. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  15. Yes, it should not be too incompatible with carnalitas. But I havn't tried the two yet though, so might be some stuff in the way. However the doctrine should be under the marriage section, you should when you have this mod have like 10 or so marriage options and the Allfather doctrine is at the very bottom.
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