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  1. These are my favourite Skyrim animations! And I love how frequently you add new ones; I look forward to your Patreon updates every week. 192 looks a lot like one of the video clips I shared, thanks for animating it!!
  2. Here are a couple of requests / reference videos for you I know you have made similiar animations but not quite like these ones:
  3. Nothing, as far as I know... patiently waiting for an update and hoping 0SEX hasn't been abandoned. It is a monumental amount of work though, I assume...
  4. Wow, your Sims faces are really impressive for Sims 3. They're HOT! I stopped playing #3 because of the pudgy faces, but this makes me want to play again!
  5. I'm assuming the 'empty circles' are simply the scenes which don't have icons illustrated for them yet. Remember, this is a work in progress, it isn't complete. When you say some of the scenes don't work, you'll need to spell it out I'm afraid - what exactly are you doing, when does it stop working, what were you expecting it to do, etc.
  6. This mod is a dream come true... I just reinstalled Skyrim for this. It's beautiful.
  7. i think it was animator problem... not turbo mod. you may try mike24 patreon with suggestion and donation... It's not an animator's problem - the sims rig has breast bones (they exist so breast size can be adjusted in CAS) and they can be animated in Blender, etc. But the animations don't work in the game engine. It's going to require some scripting to enable animations on the breasts in-game.
  8. I'm curious to know if we're any closer to enabling animations on the breast bones on the sims rig? I want to know if the problem is that no-one here has the modding skills, or those that do just don't have the time and/or will? If the problem is willingness, I'd be ok with making a small donation and I'm sure there are a few others who would also feel the same way...
  9. Is this a hint? Are you making dance animations? PLEASE make some booty teasing animations! Oh god please!
  10. Just my married couple hanging out with their new neighbour... they've started a club now. They're thinking of inviting a male, but they need to meet the right one...
  11. I'm discovering your new animations in v.08. WOW! They really show off my sims' booty! More animations that show off booty please! I LOVE BOOTY! Honestly, for me, until a modder unlocks breast animations, it's ALL about that booty
  12. My female sims can no longer have sex with male sims with the latest version... I made sure to remove all the files from the old version. I can't seem to figure out what's causing the issue. All animations work with female-female, with gender restrictions off. I'm guessing I'm missing something to do with penis. edit: the penis isn't showing in CAS...
  13. I just pledged on your Patreon, Mike24! I was growing impatient for new animations, also I want to support you. I would be making my own animations if I had the time... I know how much work it is.
  14. Actually, the Sims 4 rig has breast bones (they're needed so you can edit breasts in CAS), and you can even animate them in Blender! It's just that the game doesn't recognize animations associated with them. I believe Amra72 has tried this and confirmed breast animations don't work in-game. However.... a talented modder who's good with scripting might be able to change that, I hope! Maybe it's a request that should be advertised in the WickedWoohoo topic!
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