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  1. wow and how did you keep under 300mb , i was expecting to be around 1gb with the high quality of detail , it is truly outstanding ,
  2. stupid question i were using a older version of the mod , and things have changed , how do i start the quest line namely delivery refused to start it off disregard solved it starting a new game soon
  3. figured it out but thanks , but i am going to move to special edition from now on through
  4. i am using nexus mod manager , good point i will check all of my mods to make sure that they are for le not sse , i have some clothing and armours from discord and off loverslab and nexus sites and thank you for looking at my problem
  5. hi i am still have issues with the mod on le verison on skyrim , on periods when i enter menu my cashes to desktop , i have included both my load order list and my papyrus log file , if some one can look at my files i would be much appreciated and thank you for your time Papyrus.0.log ModList_2021-04-09T19-12-23.txt
  6. hi i wounder please if someone can help , when i try to install the mod through nexus manager (just been updated i might add) it gets to 50 per cent then error mod not activated comes up i even tried a fresh download only to have the same results , any idea how i can resolve this please
  7. hi i managed to get things working again , but for some strange reason on the le version it does not like either uiextensions or add item menu , after i disabled those mods my game is working fine i only tested it for a short while though
  8. hi it works 95% of the time but i have ran into a interesting problem , my character was put in the armbinders , when she got out of them my character still runs as she still has armbinders on , i have tried to fix the animations through finis but that did not fix the issue any idea why please i have devious devices 5.0 and cursed loot 8.5 sse versions
  9. the latest verison and and sorry it was sexlab approached (the mod when a npc can ask for sex but you have the option to say no )not attraction mod sorry about that and naked dungeons
  10. hi i am playing on sse i have and completed my time prison and i have ran into a big problem on release one of the prison guards is attacking everyone in whiterun killing everyone since no one can kill him (essential status) is there away to fix this issue please, i have the sexlab attraction mod as well i did reply to him to have sex in the attraction mod just to get rid of him but the dialog options never appeared , when i talked to him i got the dammer (sorry spelt that wrong ) prison dialog only came up could that be messing things up?
  11. hi i am using the alt start mod , when i load into breezehome and try to leave it goes into infintle load screen , i have tried both new and old verisons and did a clean install of the game and it is still happening , without devious devices installed everything working fine
  12. can some one give me a hint how to get out the tentacles traps please
  13. i finshed the quest and went back to do the other ending thank you for help
  14. yes i just stand there am i supposed to be liying down ?
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