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  1. Sorry if this is referenced elsewhere but I can't find it... Regading the description "There is also a body slide option, but I have not tested this to be sure it works." ... nope. The CBBE body slide does not work. I fixed it. If you need to fix it, do this (instructions in white, the "why" is in yellow ) 1. Open bodyslide and then outfit studio. 2. Open the project in outfit studio. It's an XML, so doesn't load automatically from bodysllide when you click the button, even though XML is a valid project file extension. 3. "Save as
  2. I don't know which of these items are related to FG - Subdue and FG - BDSM, but here's what I'm seeing. In SkyrimVR... Female PC. Sleeping Male NPC. Vulnerable. Sex. 1. Nobody strips. PC equips strapon and is dominant. Is this normal? Do I need to strip PC first and then select "vulnerable - strip" via the subdue option before selecting "sex"? 2. Animation runs but my head is missing/invisible. For VR, FG makes a clone of the PC and runs the animations in 3rd person with that clone. Unfortunately, the clone's head is invisible.
  3. Update: I fixed this by making sure the XP32 skeleton was installed and not the one from SOS. Balls still spin but the cock is solid.
  4. Same issue here. This exact thing! Didn't experiment enough to notice the looking thing, just looking uncomfortably down and seeing my stuff spin like crazy. I think I might need to see a doctor about that. LOL But, seriously, this is way not cool. Is there maybe a control setting/mapping we're overlooking?
  5. I was defending Tenpines Bluff, failed, violated, went to purgatory, got messages of "robber has disappeared", and that we lost the battle. Naturally, when defending a settlement the attackers disappear. Violate correctly detects this. So... where's my stuff? Or do I have to turn robbery off to prevent my inventory from disappearing from the game permanently?
  6. Spelling correction: "Jack wondered off yesterday.." --> "Jack wandered off yesterday..." Wondered = thinking Wandered = moving One period = end of sentence Three periods = ellipsis (intentionally missing words) Two periods = nothing, it's not a thing
  7. Sorry for the verbosity. I don' t know of a presets limit. I have 315 in my game right now. LooksMenu plus Picturesque Presets is what I use for the facial structure. I don't remember how I built her. I just used a cute face preset and maybe gave her an upturned nose and a nice mouth and added freckles. For the skin, I use Oni's Face re-texture (1k) and Radiation Queen (4k) for the body, the combo reduces the seam. Radiation Queen has a hand problem right now, so I manually copied in the basic fusion girl hand textures to override until he gets it fixed.
  8. That worked. Thanks. It was one of the ones we didn't have in our inventories. I wonder if we dropped it somewhere or what happened. Oh well, thanks again.
  9. Hey guys, I have a bit of an issue. Ivy and I have been violated and bound quite a few times and, now, every time I load the game (or every time I fast travel) my companion, Ivy, turns up bound. She won't fight until I equip her with ANY leg or arm binding item and then unequip it. So, I have a work-around but it's quite irritating to carry it around. I've tried every arm restraint we have in our inventory and none of them cause this pose, so I'm not sure where it's coming from. It could be from real handcuffs, but I don't know. Any ideas of what sort of
  10. The tattoos being used are from this one, Tattoos for Captives, and the wounds are from this one and the looksmenu compendium ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830 ). The preset I'm referring to is that I save my own. I create a new one for each character. I build her face and save that as a preset in my game. For a playthrough, I save a set of 2 to 10 presets for that one character. To start, I either start with one of the main faces or use one from the pictureesque presets ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16788 ), like "Mandy" or "Skya". I th
  11. I was playing and became bound by golden leg restraints that were obviously still using CBBE. I managed to track this down to "CuffsPaddedLegs". It was being used by DD but was not in DDs original SliderGroup. So, I converted it and added it to the group. I don't know about "CuffsPaddedArms" but I went ahead and added it too. New version is 1.2
  12. Yes, that covers it. Thanks. I see what you;'re trying to do. If solicitation hooks into AAF, I'll be using that. I am using FPE, so that's cool, I'm using the right mod. I haven't seen the frustration mechanic yet because of being violated a lot and, when not, getting lover's embrace AAF every night from Ivy. For me, the slavery of JB in FO4 has nothing to do with race, it's about my violated female PC making the women, even though they too assaulted her, into settlers or companions, but the men either getting sold, tortured, or put in an all-slave
  13. Thanks for the tag. I have a few questions regarding my current setup, your comments, and CAP vs JB. Don't I always? Is CAP a PG-rated mod? I've watched most of the videos. Loved the voiced lines. Will solicitation trigger AAF scenes or is "Nocturnal activities are happening..." the extent of it? I've played a while with AN2, RSE II - Resources, and RSE - Reproduction System Effects. Should I, instead, be using Expansion 4? If not, recommendation? Recently, since I stopped using MCG, I wanted to add back a simple sexual frustration dynamic, so I adde
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