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  1. It's quite easy to patch the synonyms yourself, using any program that can compare two text files, my personal favorite is VS Code. Just copy the synonyms added by the noncon edit into the freshest Apropos version, save it, refresh it in-game and you're done. It works pretty flawlessly in my experience.
  2. If you're on Special Edition, use either BHUNP or 3BBB Amazing. Both support bodymorph inflation, it looks quite good.
  3. Based Nyl enjoyer. Definitely a nice sounding pack. Would you consider doing a version without / with less moans? The voice doesn't really fit with every female voicetype. But regardless, superb replacer.
  4. You can also get Delicate mammary veins (modders resource) at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community and modify your current textures.
  5. Never had anything similar, but I'll try to help. If you're using MO2, you can filter your mods on the left side with Contains Interface. You can run through those and check which one is causing the pink rectangle. Regarding the "shell" effect, it may be the new-ish Rain Wet shaders, but it's hard to say without screenshots. Try toggling them off in the ENB menu, see if that helps.
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