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  1. All for this, pretty much the only component I'm waiting on before I go near fallout again, game felt like a hollow shell compared to skyrim and fallout 3/NV, with 4's gameplay I never really felt like I was having "fun" with it, mostly due to all the hype about the weapons system that fell flat on it's face with many many small limitations and samey designs.
  2. Deltaklata

    [REQ] Sevenbase Pregnant

    I posted abody WAY back in this thread, look for my posts, I removed the labia off a body and the one I put up will work just fine, it's not full tbbp, but it's as close as you'll get until someone overhauls it.
  3. Deltaklata

    Sexout Spunk

    skimming through this topic, I see no way to download the latest, I get no swimmers, no volume, nothing at all, I kinda wish I kept all my old files because it was a much simpler and easier system to install than this, old preg was SUPER easy, now I have to jump through hoops tying to get this shit working in 2015, flawed design in my opinion. EDIt fixed my drunk typos, but i still stand by my statement, old preg didn't require sexout spunk, and thus made it easier to install, this is just craploads more complicated, can anyne link me direct download links to just use the old preg and sperm system? I don't need or want this fancy crap, I just want to be raped and impregnated the old fashioned way.
  4. ok....so I guess I gotta spend like 10 hours downloading all this stuff then? or cough up some money? I got the esp and as you mentioned, found no meshes, which puts me right back where I started, wondering how people downloaded any of this without a massively long waiting period or spending money to speed it up, can anyone point me to a faster download, because this is painful to spend 30 mins downloading one at a time.
  5. Any way to download these without either wasting an entire day or spending money? The download links are really really bad, was looking forward to this body and armor until I saw the links for download.... EDIT: NEVERMIND, would help to know it's all in the combined esp in bold somewhere. Does that combined one have the original armors and the dlc armor, or just all the optional armor?
  6. Deltaklata

    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    So I've got a big bug, not sure if there's a work around or if it's ok or what, but SOS overwrites as LOT of sexlab files (mostly .pex files with the word ulti in it, sounds important) is this an issue?
  7. I tried some of the body mods...and below I'll give small simple summaries of my experiences. In order of install and use. (once I figured out what I was doing) UNP/B : both of these body types are wonderful, lots of support (mainly unp, not so much unpb), simple install, very few mods required to make them run as you like. CBBE : Fuck me sideways....the most frustrating two weeks of modding I ever had. Not only is there like 20 different versions of this, but the instructions are so over complicated that even after finally getting it working, and getting armor mods on it, it took one or two mods to break it again. ALSO I'd like to note all the skin textures are VERY low grade, even the 'hd' skins, not only that but elbows and knees really bent weird all the time making armors look off, uninstalled and never going through that horrendous install and debug process again, period. Sevenbase (and it's variants, I use bombshell) : My current and favorite, no odd bending unless you really do something weird (as with any body) , high detailed textures, massive support (shoutout to Shocky, we love you) . Install (like unp/b) is super simple, one body, a skin, done, no fiddling, no crazy required files like cbbe, just short and simple. TBD (touched by diabella) : relatively new body, very much the same quality as a unp/b or sevenbase body, got some good textures as a base install, support is slowly rising, but I'll stick to my 7b until this gets more armors made/converted, then I may go back and check it out again. Install is again, very simple. In the end, yes CBBE (And it's gajillion variants), has more support and has been around longer, BUT it's older, and hasn't been refined as much as unpb, 7b, and tbd have. If CBBE found a way to increase it's vertices, smooth out the install process, and get some really high quality textures going for it, I might go back to it, but right now, CBBE is a hobbling mess to me.
  8. Deltaklata

    LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

    I had no idea the bag had that option, i turned it off through the bag and it's all good now. I had this mod way back before the in heat option and recently reinstalled oblivion, so I was unaware there was a toggle for it. Thank you for the quick reply.
  9. Deltaklata

    LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

    I have a bug, and yes I'm being lazy and not reading 50 other pages of forum posts to see if there's already a solution, sue me. The bug I have is when you go 'in heat' and are forced to all fours, itgoes to all fours, it spawns a dog, the dog gets impatient and starts running, as soon as it reaches me, it crashes. Everything else works perfectly fine, 100%, no bugs except for that one. Is there a way to turn off the 'in heat' mode or something so I can avoid the bug altogether? It really happens at the most inopportune times, like when I have to take down the black water company in their guild hall, or when I'm deep in a cave of ogres and two of them spotted me at once and I'm backpedaling trying to get a better shot off. I love loversbitch, but that in heat thing REALLY ruins all the other mods and the flow of the game for me.
  10. Deltaklata

    Not more available

    @Clp I followed the instructions you just gave me and it worked flawlessly, I used the less bounce version. Also, I didn't have to loot the item from any npc's, i use racemenu and random alternate start (RAS), which spawned me with my selected kit (from the RAS mod) with a havoc breast physic already in my inventory. Please post what you told me into your mod description, it's the simplest and most clear instructions i have read after combing through your many threads for a better installion guide.
  11. Deltaklata

    Not more available

    Maybe I'm retarded or something, but can someone explain to me, in step by step idiot form, what the hell I need to do this. No offense to the creator, we love you for this mod, but good god is it IMMENSELY confusing. You have links all over the place, telling me I need this, or don't need this, or maybe need that, 100 different forms of instructions for everyone in these posts, and not a single person who speaks fluent english has posted how the hell they installed it, which leaves me completely in the dark on where to begin. Can some one please give me file names, installation order, and links directly to the files needed for this process, because right now, I'm not sure if I need like 3 other mods for this, or pieces of them, or if I don't need anything. What I do know: I have a tbbp skeleton (XPMS extended) I have a proper body (Bombshell tbbp 7B) I have BBP and TBBP armors and clothing I have the BASIC hdt plugin from there, I'm entirely lost.
  12. Deltaklata

    [REQ] Sevenbase Pregnant

    If someone could, just take the body I added above and add the needed effects for the butt, shouldn't be too much hassle considering everything else is in order.
  13. Deltaklata

    [REQ] Sevenbase Pregnant

    Unfortunately that specific Body is only BBP enabled (Doesn't have the restrictive TBBP Breat01 weights applied to it..) Should work fine for those who aren't picky, but naturalists may not like it and I have no idea what the HDT effects on that could be :/ yeah I can't tell the difference between tbbp and bbp, never could, so I didn't say if it was one or the other.
  14. Best guess is a corrupt weight paint from another bone interfering with that specific vertex. Your best bet is to fix it by removing 1 weight from that specific vertex (look through all the bone weights, find the one that has the highest weight applied to that vertex and try lessening/removing it) Otherwise I'd say it's perfect from the images and will upload to main post's tweak section (or even better you can create a release page for it and I can link it to that, this way you'll get more exposure for the file) Thaks to eifrag here on lovers lab (link below), I took his sevenbase bombshell mesh and removed the labia addon he had attached to it, and his mesh doesn't have the dent!!! I present with extreme happiness, sevenbase bombshell pregnancy weighted body BBP mesh, zipped up and ready for NMM install to boot! 7bbomb preg.rar (BBP) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22986-req-sevenbase-pregnant/page-4?do=findComment&comment=647696 (link to topic where eifrag posted the original mesh with labia addon) Credit goes mostly to those in the topic linked above, I only deleted a labia mesh and zipped it up in a .rar file, which is nothing to holler about XD