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    Fertile Breeder - Captured

    Hey Pepertje I just want to inquire about whether the Babylon quest is still broken as the granddaughter never comes back after breeding you the second time and when I give myself a spore pod like you have advised other people in the past she appears but it just keeps zooming out. so is there a fix I don't know about or do I just go back to a save before going on the Babylon mission and leave it till a fix or patch comes out? Thanks again Hatoc
  2. I don't know whether I'm allowed to post this here but I am posting this here to try and help anyone who might have been having the same problem as I was. Anyway to the Subject Basically when I would complete the quest Walking with spirits in Point Lookout the game would work for a bit and then crash not long after the pop up came up to go and look for Jade as she may have wandered off And no matter what I did it would still crash. I eventually worked out that if I leave Jade outside the Bog and then go through the quest the game doesn't seem to crash (At least so far) only thing is as I would class this as a workaround It does mean that the bit about Jade wondering off doesn't appear which is fine as she is still there waiting for you outside the bog(or whether you told her to wait) so its a small price to pay rather than having to not complete the quest at all. Anyway I hope this helps someone and if the mod maker wants to look at my mod order here you go: #Mod_Priority,#Mod_Name,#Mod_Status,#Mod_Version "0071","[SCR] Spectrums Toy Pack 20131009","Enabled","d2019.2.11.0" "0051","All audios 2018","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0066","AMS","Enabled","" "0075","BEWARE OF GIRL Ghoulisly Gross Ghoul Skin replacer NV","Enabled","d2019.2.14.0" "0073","BnB BodyExtender Compatability Skeleton","Enabled","d2019.2.12.0" "0055","BreathingIDLES","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0054","BreederDatav27","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0010","CASM with MCM","Enabled","" "0005","CBBE-NV Balanced Body","Enabled","" "0038","Complete MESHS AND TEXTURES","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0022","FalloutTTWQuestOverhaulResources24November2014","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0020","FalloutTTWquestoverhaulV1","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0036","FBJade","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0037","FBZeta","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0035","Fertile Breader","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0046","Fertile Breeder - Captured 1.0.2","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0015","FO3 DLC","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0014","FO3 DLC Pitt","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0025","HalstromsData","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0007","JIP Companions Command and Control","Enabled","" "0003","JIP LN NVSE Plugin","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0011","K2 BREEZE REDUX Base Files","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0063","Loot Menu for FNV","Enabled","" "0024","Loverslab","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0083","MaternityOutfits Addons","Enabled","d2019.2.15.0" "0001","MCM BugFix","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0032","Meshes","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0039","MPO","Enabled","" "0049","MPO Upgrade to v24a","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0012","NV DLC","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0013","NV DLC OWB","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0004","NVSE Extender","Enabled","" "0028","oHUD","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0057","oHUD Support (optional) (1)","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0009","One HUD - oHUD","Enabled","" "0059","Perk Every Level","Enabled","d2019.2.10.0" "0045","PregnancyOutfitMeshes","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0060","Project Nevada","Enabled","" "0061","Project Nevada - Extra Options","Enabled","" "0076","Roberts Male Body FNV","Enabled","" "0082","SCS Sexout","Enabled","d2019.2.15.0" "0052","SCS STOCK CALI","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0077","Sexout 98 BETA","Enabled","d2019.2.15.0" "0070","Sexout Mod - Unethical Deeds v1.0b2-2015-09-15-001","Enabled","d2019.2.11.0" "0080","Sexout ZAZ","Enabled","" "0056","SexoutBreeder 8.8","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0047","SexoutCommonResources","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0069","SexoutLoversBed","Enabled","d2019.2.10.0" "0027","SexoutLust","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0018","SexoutNG Bodies1","Enabled","" "0016","SexoutNG CORE","Enabled","" "0017","SexoutNG DATA","Enabled","" "0042","SexoutOffSpring","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0044","SexoutPregnancyV3","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0041","SexoutPregnancyV3-Data","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0067","SexoutSexkey","Enabled","d2019.2.10.0" "0026","SexoutSpunk","Enabled","" "0068","SexoutWillowV4","Enabled","d2019.2.10.0" "0019","SmallerTalk","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0053","SMMP","Enabled","d2019.2.9.0" "0078","SpectrumToyPack","Enabled","d2019.2.15.0" "0048","SporeRaceData","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0043","summerrags5meshfix","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0033","Textures","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0002","The Mod Configuration Menu","Enabled","" "0040","The TTW Interiors Project","Enabled","" "0008","The Weapon Mod Menu","Enabled","" "0000","TOTW","Enabled","" "0031","TryoutAudio","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0029","TryoutMain","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0030","TryoutSunnyCompanion","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0062","TTW PATCH PROJECT NEVENDA","Enabled","d2019.2.10.0" "0081","TTWQO Reily Patch","Enabled","" "0021","TTWQuestOverhaul TypeN Optional Patch","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0074","Twisted Minds and Sexout Dog Sex TTW","Enabled","" "0034","UDextensions 0 0 2","Enabled","d2019.2.8.0" "0006","UIO - User Interface Organizer","Enabled","" "0023","UnethicalDeeds","Enabled","" "0064","Universal Item Sorter","Enabled","f1.06" "0065","Willow - A Better Companion Experience","Enabled","" "0079","ZAZ Data Pack","Enabled","d2019.2.15.0"
  3. Hatoc123

    Fertile Breeder - Captured

    Odd by inner freeside I mean this entrance
  4. Hatoc123

    Fertile Breeder - Captured

    Hello Pepertje I have a problem When I'm doing the Blade in the darkness quest I cant enter Inner Freeside otherwise I crash. but if I load up a save where I haven't touched Callville or any other those quests It doesn't crash please help. My Current Load Order: GameMode=FalloutNV FalloutNV.esm=1 DeadMoney.esm=1 HonestHearts.esm=1 OldWorldBlues.esm=1 LonesomeRoad.esm=1 GunRunnersArsenal.esm=1 ClassicPack.esm=1 MercenaryPack.esm=1 TribalPack.esm=1 CaravanPack.esm=1 YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm=1 Sexout.esm=1 SexoutSlavery.esm=1 SexoutCommonResources.esm=1 Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm=1 NVInteriors_Core.esm=1 NVInteriors_ComboEdition.esm=1 Momod.esm=1 SexoutTryout.esm=1 SexoutPregnancyV3.esm=1 Maternity Pack Overkill.esp=1 SexoutOffSpring.esm=1 Fertile Breeder.esp=1 FBCaptured.esp=1 SexoutWorkingGirl.esp=1 NVWillow.esp=1 Shogo_Heavy_Industries.esm=1 Companion Core.esm=1 Project Nevada - Core.esm=1 Project Nevada - Equipment.esm=1 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm=1 Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp=1 Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp=1 NevadaSkies.esm=1 Project Nevada - Extra Options.esm=1 Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm=1 RobCo Certified.esm=1 UnethicalDeeds.esm=1 YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp=1 MPO scriptaddon OWB.esp=1 MPO scriptaddon DM.esp=1 MPO scriptaddon HH.esp=1 Aliens Pulse Rifle NV.esp=1 SexoutPosNew.esp=1 SexoutAnimManagement.esp=1 The Weapon Mod Menu.esp=1 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Leveled.Lists.esp=1 Zan_AutoPurge_SmartAgro_NV.esp=1 Legendary NPCs and Weapons.esp=1 RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp=1 SexoutSexkey.esp=1 SexoutSpunk.esp=1 SexoutWillow.esp=1 SexoutLust - anyHUD.esp=1 SexoutLoversBed.esp=1 BetterPerformance.esp=1 Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp=1 Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp=1 Project Nevada - All DLC.esp=1 EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp=1 RWD-NV v1.4 [Standard Version].esp=1 dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp=1 ILO - NVWillow.esp=1 ILO - Nevada Skies Patch.esp=1 Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp=1 Minimissilelauncher.esp=1 Smalltalk.esp=1 SexoutBreeder.esp=1 WeaponModsExpanded.esp=1 WMX-ArenovalisTextures.esp=1 CZ805.esp=1 CASM with MCM.esp=1 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp=1 All Weapon Sounds Overhaul .esp=1 WMX-DLCMerged.esp=1 WMX-EVE-AllDLCMerged.esp=1 Stimpack The Eyebot.esp=1 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Store.esp=1 YUP - WMX EVE PN.esp=1 MPO scriptaddon Base.esp=1 Legendary NPCs and Weapons - Updt.esp=1 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Honest.Hearts.Grunt.Patch.esp=1 The Storyteller.esp=1 Project Nevada - WMX.esp=1 Project Nevada - EVE All DLC.esp=1 WMX-ModernWeapons.esp=1 WMX-POPMerged.esp=1 SunnyCompanion.esp=1 ADAM - Rangers on Patrol.esp=1 Companion Sandbox Mode3.esp=1 Wasteland Defense.esp=1 ADAM - MAIN.esp=1 CAGE ADAM - HH.esp=1 ADAM - LR.esp=1 ADAM - Outcast Ranger Armour.esp=1 ADAM - Nemesis Armours.esp=1 ADAM - NCR Patrol Armour.esp=1 ADAM - Trooper Gloves.esp=1 ADAM - Project Nevada Patch.esp=1 AWSO-WMX.esp=1 GS Benelli M3Super90.esp=1 Bouncing Natural Breasts.esp=1 PhotonLaserWeapons.esp=1 Mateba.esp=1 FlashlightNVSE.esp=1 F4Quickloot.esp=1 UnlimitedCompanions.esp=1 M.W.P..esp=1 The Groovatron NV.esp=1 Diagonal movement.esp=1 B42Inertia.esp=1 NevadaSkies - Ultimate DLC Edition.esp=1 NevadaSkies - Basic Edition.esp=1