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  1. I hope it all works well! It would be awesome to have npcs show up and the sex stuff alongside em!
  2. Does anyone else have an issue with pawn parts resetting?
  3. Yes here is the idex. It includes vanilla mods.
  4. This is were we request stuff right? Could you make a race compatibility for "Squids in Space!: A Splatoon Mod"?
  5. I only get the short hash red errors with this and avp enabled when I disabled this mod they went away. What 3rd mod do you think is causing the issue? I ask because so far ive only gotten the errors with these 2 enabled.
  6. This mod is incompatible with the AVP mod. I got a ton of red, and was unable to select a starting tile area on the map. https://gist.github.com/4be45d19394d055a684ae888dde4cf1d
  7. Would it be hard for you to a male version? I love me some fox girls, but it would be nice to see more.
  8. I appreciate the alternate option but what I asked is whether or not they are working on a way (or are willing to work on a way) to make their sexuality system fit the pawn not the other way around. Also that doesn't really help, since if I want a character to have a sexuality and/or they are already dating/engaged/married it doesn't help to change the pawns as it undoes all that. Your solution only works if they character is a blank slate (single or are not otherwise engaged). Again I apricate the suggestion for those blank slate pawns, but that doesn't help me for what I need.
  9. How do I get the animations to activate? Does it not activate in bed?
  10. 1 question, and a request. 1. Why do average breats have manipulation and movement -3%? I could understand large or bigger but average? 2. Could you add in a way to pick the sexuality? I see we can dev reroll it but it would nice to have the traits match the sexuality, and not deal with rng.
  11. Does anyone know if the prostitution mod works on allies unknown or alien allies? lol
  12. I'm def interested in this! more body types ftw.
  13. Thank you kindly. Also anyone who is looking for the plate versions ( as that is just the powered parts) don't forget to check the index.
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