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  1. Yes. Links/Sources: Same-sex relationships for modding are first talked about at length: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/developer-diary/crusader-kings-iii-dev-diary-55-modding-improvements.1466888/ Version number is adjusted (last paragraph just after "AI and Warfare"): https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/developer-diary/ck3-dev-diary-58-stre-ss-tching-the-traits.1472092/ Scheduled release of moddable same-sex marriage is confirmed: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/developer-diary/ck3-dev-diary-63-1-4-0-azure-patch-notes.1478364/page-5#post-27600890
  2. Carnalitas and CBO are compatible. Have you tried loading only CBO (i. e. CBO and CBO Clothes 1 to 4) and Carnalitas to see if that works? If it does, just add the rest of your mods one after the other to see which one exactly causes the crash. Also, make sure you're on the latest game version (1.4.4 Azure) and you're using the latest version of Carnalitas (1.5.2).
  3. The latest game version is 1.4.4, have you tried with that?
  4. Cheri claimed to be mostly on standby for the moment when asked about it on Discord, they are a lot more active over there. Many modders are simply waiting for the Royal Court DLC and accompanying patch next year, Cheri included. Don't expect anything major until then.
  5. The values Physical Attributes assigns to the models of Character Body Overhaul are not set immediately for new characters. There usually is a period of a couple of months (sometimes longer), where the CBO model has nothing assigned to it and defaults to a certain size. Once Physical Attributes has caught up and values are assigned to the model, it instantly changes to whatever the newly set values dictate. Since the default breast size for instance is quite large, there is a good chance that a female character will suddenly (and seemingly randomly) have a much smaller bosom. Afterwards, however, there is most likely no major change coming to breast size anymore (only pregnancy, really).
  6. Just wanted to stop by and drop off some suggestions for if you ever find yourself running out of ideas: Besides that I also wanted to say: Good stuff, great job!
  7. Then, please, deactivate them. Again, deactivate every mod but Carnalitas and Daughters of Lust to test, whether this is actually an issue with this mod in particular.
  8. 1. Does that mean you did have CBO, Physical Attributes or Coetus Anima or similar active at the time? If you tested with only Carnalitas and Daughters of Lust active (absolutely no other mods active) and the issue persists, you can find that line somewhere in the localization folder of either Carnalitas or Daughters of Lust. Where exactly I can not tell, I didn't find anything skimming through. 2. That is something Cheri will have to answer. You can hop in the Discord if you'd like a faster answer. Cheri usually answers fairly quickly over there.
  9. Concerning 1., are you 100% sure it is a line from this mod? Could you, please, test with only Daughters of Lust and its requirement, Carnalitas, active? Concerning 2., in what manner is the stress going critical? Both Carnalitas as well as the Carnalitas Arousal Framework feature game rules that let you adjust stress gain in regards to sex and arousal. You can turn those off completely or just downscale the stress gain/increase the stress loss through sex. Daughters of Lust doesn't contain much stress related stuff on its own. Basically only events where a (compassionate) succubus gains stress through sapping another persons life force.
  10. Please, try using Physical Attributes (load it just after CBO in the load order), start the game, pick a character and let it run for a couple of years. Now, take a look at all the women in the world. Some of them will have a small, some a large bosom. You can check via the small melon icon on the character screen how large their breasts exactly are (Metric Units is a game rule you need to set at the beginning, otherwise it will use the Imperial system). Just make sure to wait a little, any character spawned will need time to have values assigned to them.
  11. Carnalitas has a number of heritable traits (3 for big sizes, 3 for small sizes) to assign to breasts/dicks, which can be enabled in the game rules. They only work when you use the Vanilla body, i. e. the body of the base game, not the one from CBO. There can be no sex animations relying on CBO if you want to use these traits (and them to be effective) currently as a result, however.
  12. Are you also using Coetus Anima? That mod changes the age of adulthood to 18 (which can cause issues). If so, please, deactivate Coetus Anima and see if that helps.
  13. No, you didn't to anything wrong. Carnalitas' traits do not currently work with CBO, which is due to the latter using its own values for breast size etc. while Carnalitas traits only affect the Vanilla body. Thus, when playing with CBO there is no need to have the Carnalitas traits active, as they won't have an effect on the character model. The only exception here is the Futanari/Hermaphrodite trait. That one does work with CBO (not dick size traits, however).
  14. Did you try following this? Why did you change the mod descriptor names? Are you testing without any other mods loaded?
  15. Please, elaborate: 1. Does everything work within in the launcher just like with every other mod, i.e. can you de-/activate it normally, can you add it to playsets? Have you tried making a test playset with only Carnalitas active? 2. Carnalitas options are found among the Game Rules, which you choose during character select. None of them are turned on by default. Do they show up? Also, what language are you playing on? Does your Windows user name contain any non-English characters? Are you using the latest version of both the mod (1.5.2) and the game itself (1.4.4)?
  16. To my knowledge, no such mod exists. Most Skyrim sex mods are fairly vanilla, a lot of BDSM, quite a bit of Humiliation, some Bestiality, Tentacles, the usual. What you desribed is more of a niche fetish, i.e. comparatively few people have it. Since the vast majority of mods is made by people interested/invested in what their mods contain, and only a fraction of players ever does modding themselves to begin with let alone adult modding, it's also probably quite hard to find someone. Of course, you can always start modding yourself or find someone to mod for you, maybe you can find someone willing to indulge you. If you do pick up modding yourself, remember that you can simply start small (maybe just a single quest), make sure everything's working as intended, and then gather feedback. Use the feedback to improve what is there and to give you inspiration for moving forward. With this, you can gradually make your way to a larger mod (don't rush yourself, that just leads to feeling burnt out/spent very quickly). The good thing about this is that given Skyrim's age it's likely very easy to find some modding tutorials or people to show you the ropes. You can probably also assist DSHV with writing this mod, if you don't want to do something completely on your own.
  17. I checked using the German version of the game and only Carnalitas, edited with above instructions. I didn't get any issues, i.e. the correct English Carnalitas texts were right next to the regular game's German ones. Have you tried with only Carnalitas loaded? I added the localisation folder for German with aforementioned changes, in case something went wrong on your side. Carnalitas (English-German).zip
  18. Go into your Carnalitas localisation folder (C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\Carnalitas\localization) and delete the german folder. Copy the english folder and rename it to german (like the folder you just deleted). Open this new german folder you created and open every single .yml file inside this folder and its subfolders (but leave the folder structure and file placement intact). At the top of each and every one of these yml. files you will find a line reading l_english:, change this to l_german: (you need to do this for every single .yml file). Now, change the file name of every individual .yml file to have german instead of english at the end (e.g. carn_decisions_l_english.yml -> carn_decisions_l_german.yml). You're done!
  19. Does it work now? If not, could you try setting the game's language to English and see if everything is in order? If so, Carnalitas' German localisation is the issue.
  20. 1. No mod is added to a playset automatically with the Paradox Launcher, you have to manually add it. If you did everything correctly, it should appear among the installed mods, however. From there, it can be easily added to the playset of your choice. 2. What language are you playing on? Also, to quote Cheri from Discord:
  21. Question/Bug: The feast event "The Morning After" currently allows the spawned stranger to have a sexuality not fit for pairing with the PC, e.g. playing a heterosexual male you can get a homosexual female spawned through the event. The one dialogue option that allows for the stranger to move in and become lovers also works regardless of sexual orientation. Moreover, asexual male characters can receive this event and the stranger will always be a male (not tested with asexual female characters). The spawned stranger also does not spawn with a deviant/witch secret, instead, they are added as proper traits immediately (meaning they spawn with them known to everyone), which results in them instantly being branded as criminals as a Catholic ruler for instance. Is this intended? Balance Worry: Much like the characters from visiting brothels in Carnal Consequences, the strangers from aforementioned event are bound to have a beauty trait. This can quickly lead to the game world being flooded with beautiful characters, if you regularly feast/visit the brothel (which might be necessary/advisable stress- or arousal-wise, especially when you have a horny/perpetually stressed out PC). In general, it seems as though beauty traits might be devalued as they are ridiculously easy to get with characters from Carnal Consequences/Intimate Encounters (currently).
  22. This mod lacks localization files for any language that isn't English. That is what causes everything that references the localization files to be displayed like that when the mod is used with a non-English language. You can fix this by switching the game's language to English or by creating a folder for your respective language within this mod's localization folder. E.g. go to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\char_body_overhaul\localization\ (or wherever you keep your mods) and copy the english folder inside, naming the new one after whichever language you want (in your case, german). Then, go inside the copied folder and rename the .yml files so that it doesn't read english in the end, but rather whatever language it is you want. For instance, cbo_ruler_designer_l_english.yml would become cbo_ruler_designer_l_german.yml. This will keep the original (English) text, however. You'd have to open the .yml files and manually translate the lines inside (only the stuff on the right hand side within the " ") for it to be displayed in German. Edit: For anyone just now reading it after the initial posting, as poklo described, each .yml file has a line at the very top reading e.g. l_english:. This needs to be set to the correct language as well (l_english: for the English localization, l_french: for the French localization, etc.). Thanks for pointing that out.
  23. Have you checked all cultures for unexpected nakedness? The problem with EPE in particular is not, that absolutely everyone turns naked, but that some turn naked when they shouldn't.
  24. Installation guide for Character Body Overhaul 1.5. Current as of patch 1.4.4 (Azure): (Optional: Make a folder for temporary use on your desktop to store the files you are about to download. Since they need to be unpacked and you need to move around some folders, it can become confusing if there are other things in the same folder, hence this suggestion. It can be safely deleted after the installation is done.) 1. Download: char_body_overhaul_zip.zip, char_body_overhaul_clothes_1_zip.zip, char_body_overhaul_clothes_2_zip.zip, char_body_overhaul_clothes_3_zip.zip, and char_body_overhaul_clothes_4_zip.zip from the official download page. You should end up with 5 .zip folders total. 2. Unpack all of the 5 .zip folders you just downloaded. You will now be left with 5 ordinary (i.e. non-zip) folders called: char_body_overhaul_zip, char_body_overhaul_clothes_1_zip, char_body_overhaul_clothes_2_zip, char_body_overhaul_clothes_3_zip, and char_body_overhaul_clothes_4_zip. Their names might be confusing, since they still contain the element zip, but this is not the actual file name extension (as can be seen by a _ and not a . preceding it). Mange2020 chose to pack the stuff actually relevant to modding twice for whatever reason. 3. Inside these now unpacked folders, you will find another folder and a .mod file (named exactly like the aforementioned folders but without any mention of _zip or .zip). Each and every one of these folders has a separate .mod to save you the trouble from having to merge them manually (which used to be necessary in earlier versions of CBO). Move the contents of each of the 5 folders into your CK3 modding directory (usually C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod with UserName, of course, being your user name). The following should now be in your modding directory: char_body_overhaul & char_body_overhaul.mod, char_body_overhaul_clothes_1 & char_body_overhaul_clothes_1.mod, char_body_overhaul_clothes_2 & char_body_overhaul_clothes_2.mod, char_body_overhaul_clothes_3 & char_body_overhaul_clothes_3.mod, as well as char_body_overhaul_clothes_4 & char_body_overhaul_clothes_4.mod. Intermission: You are now done with moving files. DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THE FOLDERS OR .MOD FILES ANY FURTHER. If you suddenly find yourself interacting with decriptor.mod files or gfx folders, you have already gone too far. ONLY IF, for whatever reason, you run into issues with pathing do you want to open the .mod files. In that case, look for only the line that reads: path="C:/Users/UserName/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod/char_body_overhaul" and make sure it is the correct drive, that it is your user name being used, as well as the last entry (here char_body_overhaul) linking to the right folder. char_body_overhaul.mod should link to char_body_overhaul, char_body_overhaul_clothes_1.mod to char_body_overhaul_clothes_1 and so on. You can also simply go into all the folders for this mod in the Explorer, right click on the adress bar on the top and press Copy Adress as Text. Now, paste it in between the " " in the .mod file, e.g.: path="[Paste here]". Just make sure you copy and paste the correct folder adress. (Optional: Delete the temporary folder you created to store the downloads.) 4. Open the Launcher and go to Playsets found on the left most side of the Launcher window. Make sure you have the right Playset selected via the dropdown menu at the top of the window below Log In left of the three dots. Right of these dots there will be a button to add more mods to the Playset you selected. Clicking on it will show all mods currently installed but not part of this very Playset you are looking at right now. Just tick the box on the right side of the Launcher window next to the mod you want to add and click the big green button in the bottom left corner to add all the mods you just selected to your Playset. The mods in question are Character Body Overhaul, Character Body Overhaul Clothes 1, Character Body Overhaul Clothes 2, Character Body Overhaul Clothes 3, and Character Body Overhaul Clothes 4. Make sure you have them in the right order (starting at the top with Character Body Overhaul and then going from Character Body Overhaul Clothes 1 to 4). 5. Select the Playset you just added CBO to and have fun! Warning: CBO is currently incompatible with any mod that even so much as touches clothing. DON'T USE IT WITH ANYTHING LIKE THE COMMUNITY FLAVOR PACK OR ETHNICITIES AND PORTRAITS EXPANDED. If you encounter randomly naked people that aren't Adamite or similar, it is likely due to an incompatible clothing mod. Try following the above. If you still have issues, please specify.
  25. For the current state of adult modding it should be good. It's probably gonna take some time for more events to show up and throw a wrench in the system. And thanks for the quick replies.
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