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  1. Yep, looks very good i have to say. Only my opinion, but you sould make the preview pics with an enb, would look much better.
  2. Ah ok i will look at the links. thanks. so you're at 581, and all working ? Are they even all listed ? Edit : Hm, first look and it looks a bit difficulty. guess it takes w while till i figured it out.
  3. Again big thanks for the update. Damn, im so close to 500 creature animations now -.- Not bad meant but i really wished mnc would come without animations ( except laitos because they are good ) . They take many available slots and personally i don't use them because there are much better ones available. Or and extra installer for the mnc animations.
  4. A question, is it possible to highlight abc animations ? So you don't have to try every single on until you found one in your list. Edit : Another annoying problem. I didn't select the dwarven animations, skyrim frozen, fire things , during installation, but they are still available in game in selection menu. So i guess simply deleting the old version with nmm and installing the new version with nmm didnt removed them
  5. Oh,i didn't noticed you updated some older animations of yours with abc too. Damn good news. I hope someday all your old animations will be updated becasue they're all good and worth it. Skeevers *cough*
  6. Thanks fot the info @MadMansGun about the abc mod. Well, i will wait before testing this. Sound too much like beta with many problems.
  7. Big thanks for the update Billy . Again an amazing job. Chauris look damn good, and finally some fox animations
  8. Question, is it possible to make the animations that come automatically with mnc a separate file ?
  9. one question, maybe it was asked before , but what does dangerous conditions do actually ?
  10. @SirNibbles well, i can honestly say your earlier animations aren't garbage. Well, im talking mostly about the beastly ones(because im mostly using them) , and they are very good.
  11. Nice. The Skeever rape animation looks very good. Thanks
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