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  1. that's either RJW or race support, adding the parts and assigning them to the races/animals In short, what I do is attach alien race's body addons to the different part hediffs. Like how some races change the wings of the pawns when you install a bionic wing? Same thing. But with dicks >3> lel yee thank you I dont use arachne, so I just followed what the guy told me. And the ovipositor assigning is not on my part, its on race support or RJW assigning them to the race, so nothing can do, I just display the bits. For the demon parts, I had no idea RJW had a demon dick now, I remember it having demon tentacle dick, which I had no idea how to draw good to know hopefully demon dicks will be in on the next release, probably after 1.2 rimworld releases
  2. nothing different than adding body addons to a alien race >3> hopefully? The patch I have is very old, I'm not sure if it still works yee, some O21 races where untested, so some stuff I still need to fix. For both elves and orcs, issue probably is that their size is diferent than the norm and I didnt see that For thieflings, it's probably because I dont have graphics for demon genitals yet, not sure if its that what they spawn with And for arachne, its intentional. The person on discord that requested them specifically wanted the genitals to be on the spider part. So you'll probably not see it unless she has a female ovipositor or a penis Hope that answers some stuff
  3. Issue is, I dont think OTY updated his part severity to the latest RJW RJW changed that, I had to change mine, but I dont think OTY did it yet glad to hear
  4. All these changes where already made in the latest, except the alien penis one, wonder what went wrong lol Try this NudePatch-SergaslGnollsLions.xml
  5. a yes, thanks for pointing out. Its indeed a typo. It's with an 'y' the race is called zhthy'hl
  6. once ingame it should fix hopefully also, prep careful is a bad mod to use with RJW atm never saw that error before, tho I dont use level this, so I'd never know Will try to look for a fix, thansk for report yee, its in the plans only huge-huge dick I have is the canine one, which I made for fun, and the bellies are in the work (you can check the texture folders, there's a Belly folder in there) Only thing I need doing before that is fixing the penises, since if a pawn with a dong gets pregnancy belly, the dick clips thru it, and it bothers me
  7. that's on me This mod was my first post on LL, so I had no idea where to place it ended up posting in the wrong spot lol I asked the mods if they can change it to the correct place, but not one answered me, so I'm just here now lmao wonder if that's a bug or a feature o3o
  8. thanks for letting me know pretty hard to keep up with so many race mods
  9. that would be OTY's sized apparel addon you either search the post for his file, or you ask him in the rjw discord its the only two places I know where his stuffs are located >3>
  10. depends rodent vagina is pretty hard to notice, so if raccs have that it can be it Tiefling I have no idea what they have, so it might be some unsuported genital (eg: my lazy ass didnt do textures for these genitals yet)
  11. feels like you have two patches. Both are adding penises and vaginas (and probably everything else), check if you have duplicates yee, that's on the works I just have to figure the offsets you just need to add the female BB bodytypeDef to the part where the offsets are placed, in every body addon. You'll need to figure the offsets out tho (the female body offset may work, but I didnt test) edit: also, sory for not being too active, I'm giving a pause on modding rimworld for a while. You can grab the WIP for the next version in RJW's discord, just go to the rimnude channel and look in the pins. o3o
  12. yee, I know that feel I also used it for the same reason (the other things where just a bonus) I tried to use the mod to hide helmets in bed, but didnt work so well on my end. well at least facial stuff is open source-ish now, so anyone that has the skill can take over which has not happened yet sadly
  13. weird if it uses vanilla textures for bodies, it should just change when a mod changed them
  14. well, something is indeed wrong rimnudeworld does not interfere with almost nothing, shouldn't cause issues OTY released a new version of OTY nude in the RJW discord, not sure if it will fix, but there's a chance edit: my bad, it was actually a new version of sized apparel. Do you have latest github master file for Humanoid Alien Races?
  15. the easiest way is to copy a patch I have set up, and modify it to work you'll need to change the modcheck at the top to check for the name in the about.xml of the race, and change the defNames to match the defname of the race you want Works 99% of times on normal sized races you can go back on comments to check more information, you are not the first one to ask this >3>
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