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  1. First make sure you didn't miss any requirements for the mods you installed and if you didn't, I'd suggest disabling couple animation packs and see if it works then. There may be a limit the game can handle but I know that V8 works for me with FNIS 7 XXL and I have over 11k animations.
  2. Proxy's Animations

    Great animations. Always nice to see more of them coming.
  3. Damn, great work so far t.ara, screenshots look very promising. Keep it up boy!
  4. Check valcon767's message above yours, it's right there. The file is called zdd_d (d being the last version there ever was)
  5. I believe that it is! Thank you very much
  6. Hello, how could I get this armor? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1744.html It seems it's no longer available for download
  7. Thank you so much for this. Had to finally come by and drop a comment since this is such a great mod. Makes the installation of that whole HDT package thing so easy.
  8. Ok now you are just mistaking me for someone else. I only linked the FULL FNIS generator output for fore through a private message so there is no way you even saw it. And on top of that this is what it has: No GENDER directory male 1 GENDER modifications for Animations\female 1 GENDER modifications for Animations\female My FNIS install was 100% correct. The reason why I had T-pose was a non-working Mitos' animation pack as I said in my previous message.
  9. Maria Eden

    I agree! I have two favorites here and they are Slaverun Reloaded and Maria Eden. Then you just add the mods they utilize and disable the ones they conflict with and after that both offer great content. People need to understand that creating mods like these is extremely time consuming and complicated. It's a miracle they exist in the first place! Of course we all wish the mods had more to them, but not all of these mod authors have a huge team. I wish more people appreciated the content that is out there instead of complaining. Suggestions and bug reports are always good, but straight up bashing a mod because it's not suiting to ones tastes is not tolerable. Note that this part was not directed at you Nymra, but to the person you also replied to and people like him. Maria Eden is a lovely mod indeed and I, too, can't wait for the next version. Keep up the good work all of you who work on this piece of wonder. I'm glad this mod is still developed!
  10. @fore I'm still trying to pinpoint what could cause the issue. I'm going to deactivate more mods and see if it is in fact, MO, that is screwing with me. I know it's not animation amount either because I deactivated most of the packs. I thought maybe I had too many animations installed for the game to handle, which could have potentially caused this so I uninstalled most of the animation packs and that did not help either. I AM going to find the culprit gosh darn! I'm just curious what will it be haha @t.ara Sorry for "hijacking" your thread like this for a little. I thought first there could be issues with your ZAP 8 mod but it turned out that's not the case. I should have done some more troubleshooting on my own before coming here but hey, lesson learned. I hope the format discussion was of some use at the very least. For both you and fore. E: Alright boys, getting closer. It is one of the animation packs which is causing the issue. This time I deactivated them all and the T-pose disappeared, it seems earlier when I deactivated some of them, the problematic one was left on. Let's see which one. Problem finally solved. There are several versions of Mitos' animation packs around LL. It is one of those that is causing the problem and more specifically this one: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/55268-sexlab-animation-loader-guide/?page=21&tab=comments#comment-1562416 posted by tendaris. It seems that at the same time when I updated some mods such as FNIS, etc, I also changed my working version of Mitos' pack into that one and had no idea that could cause problems. Now my game is working again. I hope this hassle will help some people who has this same issue. And to all who thought I installed FNIS wrong, things are not always so black and white. *Waves at WaxenFigure*
  11. I can now confirm that the format is not at fault here. I did a complete fresh install with same mod setup, but without ZAP 8 and I still got T-pose. Now it's getting interesting what could cause the t-pose. I can also confirm that the version doesn't have anything to do with it. I tried 6.3 again and still have the pose. I don't understand. I never had any issues with this before and now all of a sudden I do. This is getting interesting now haha. I REALLY want to know which mod is causing it. This time FNIS Sexy Move gave me a message "Last FNIS generation failed"
  12. Slave Girls by hydragorgon

    t.ara mentions in a fine print to post ZAP 8 related problems in his TUFP thread until he gets a new support page. You can find TUFP here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/79269-taraultimatefurniturepack-20170727/
  13. Interesting. Your compatibility check ended up revealing a new format lol. That explains the warnings at least. But yes! I had the t-pose even with vanilla animations. Standing, walking, running, crouching, jumping, combat. Whatever I did, my character stayed in the T-pose. Why this is so strange is because I had no such problem with the older version and my mod setup was exactly the same except newer FNIS version. And I indeed made sure there was no lingering MO overwrites so it cannot be that either. Anyways, I ended up deleting everything. Every single mod. I'm now re-installing and hopefully I can discover when the problem hits, if it will hit at all this time. In the end, there might be nothing wrong with the ZAP 8 pack (for all we know), but something definitely messed up in my game. And as you said, if FNIS had compatibility checks earlier, the same warnings might have been there. So I will try to report here if I get the same problem with a clean install including the Skyrim itself.
  14. I had the T-pose at all times but I did not try to draw a weapon or attack. I only tried standing, walking, running, crouching and jumping. All npcs were in that T-pose as well when I was at Dawnstar. Ok, changed the view: https://imgur.com/sPRO4JV The file is from t.ara here https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4688-zaz-animation-pack-v-80-2017-11-15/ I agree that this is probably the wrong place to discuss this. I just first made the mistake of thinking it had something to do with his ZAP 8. Instead I should have posted in technical issues. My bad. There is no support thread at his mod page and t.ara mentions to post issues here instead. "If you have important problems, you may post them "p.m." or by using the TUFP-thread."