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  1. Piiska

    UUNP HDT Piercing Sets

    Oh haha my bad then Still, thanks for the great mod!
  2. Piiska

    UUNP HDT Piercing Sets

    Dayum. Nice to see an update for this! There aren't too many UUNP piercing mods yet yours is top notch. Thanks.
  3. Piiska

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    That seems to be the case. I went through the new installer and it tells you that if you don't want Leyenda skin textures, you will have to install the textures of your choosing separately. They are no longer included. E: The new version has left me a bit confused. I browsed through the files quickly and for example 1st person meshes are missing. 3.3 had them but 4.0 does not. Does this mean they were redundant in the first place?
  4. Piiska

    How to debug CTD

    Hey, could someone help me with these? I get CTD when trying to start a new game or when I'm trying to load a save.
  5. Piiska

    Skooma Whore: Addicted

    Nice to see an update. One question though, can I use the patch with the SW version found in here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/42012-obscure-patches-2018-02-16/ or do I have to use the original 1.0 version of SW?
  6. Just dropping by to say huge thanks Inte for keeping this mod alive.
  7. First make sure you didn't miss any requirements for the mods you installed and if you didn't, I'd suggest disabling couple animation packs and see if it works then. There may be a limit the game can handle but I know that V8 works for me with FNIS 7 XXL and I have over 11k animations.
  8. Piiska

    Proxy's Animations

    Great animations. Always nice to see more of them coming.
  9. Damn, great work so far t.ara, screenshots look very promising. Keep it up boy!
  10. Check valcon767's message above yours, it's right there. The file is called zdd_d (d being the last version there ever was)
  11. I believe that it is! Thank you very much
  12. Hello, how could I get this armor? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1744.html It seems it's no longer available for download
  13. Thank you so much for this. Had to finally come by and drop a comment since this is such a great mod. Makes the installation of that whole HDT package thing so easy.
  14. Have fun as well! May we both enjoy the wonderful mods for Skyrim
  15. Ok now you are just mistaking me for someone else. I only linked the FULL FNIS generator output for fore through a private message so there is no way you even saw it. And on top of that this is what it has: No GENDER directory male 1 GENDER modifications for Animations\female 1 GENDER modifications for Animations\female My FNIS install was 100% correct. The reason why I had T-pose was a non-working Mitos' animation pack as I said in my previous message.