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  1. Piiska

    Say hi!

    Hi. Originally I was mostly a lurker, who just browsed the mod threads. After engaging in some mod discussions, troubleshootings and what have you, I felt like let's see what else this site has to offer and here we are. A bit more active now.
  2. Piiska


    First I thought wtf am I listening to but the pretty boy part
  3. I know. And I know there are no words I can say to change that perspective. It all has to come from within at some point. All I can say for you is to not give up. That day may come when your plans start to actually work out. Stay strong
  4. I have gone through some sort of a depression. Back then I thought dying would not be so bad. But now I have a bit more positive look at things. I don't know how difficult things are for you, but keep going. This is what I think; Life is quite short, and the death will come at some point anyway. While I have the chance, I try to find things I like and try to enjoy those as long as I'm on this planet. Suffering will not be endless so you won't have to worry about that. Try to keep doing things that you find enjoyable and makes you feel better. When you find things that makes you happy, it can be fun to be alive.
  5. May I ask what shit life is throwing at you?
  6. Piiska


    Haha I feel the same. My brother has children and that life just doesn't look like it would be for me. I don't hate children though. When I'm visiting my brother and their kids ask me to play football with them, well sure, I can play a bit of football.
  7. Piiska


    You are absolutely right. People with children can do stuff and they do. I'd just like it to be like either of us could spontaniously suggest something what to do, where to go and we would go. If there was children, it would have to be considered where they will stay during that time and all that planning and doubting.
  8. Piiska

    I love this community

    What I find amazing about the site is that I never expected the community to be so open about different topics. I assumed it's just going to be the mods, some weird random topics here and there, people living in their closets and that would be it. But no! There are a lot of interesting people around here with interesting things to discuss. And the best part is that no one judges others. Or what do I know, maybe they do in their mind, but still. I don't anyway. I find it awesome that people have the courage to speak about their kinks and stuff. These people are more modern in my eyes. Super strange to have such a "free" environment to talk about stuff, considering how toxic most forums can be if the topic is about something less "Everyday". I guess a big thank goes to the moderators as I'm sure this site has seen a lot of BS as well.
  9. Piiska


    Right now I don't. I don't like the idea of having children atm. I'd prefer to enjoy life with a girlfriend, spend time with her, travel, explore the world. Do things many families can't due to having children. Maybe someone truly special could change my mind though so I don't completely close that option.
  10. Piiska

    What music do you listen to?

    I have a really wide taste for music, from K-pop to Electro Swing to Metal. There are some genres that I don't like though for example Dubstep. If I had to name a single band I consider my favorite, that would be Sonata Arctica. Music just is one of the most wonderful things in the world, gotta listen to it on a daily basis. The guitar is by far my favorite instrument. E: I guess I'll have to link couple songs, got inspired again. First some Touhou: Sonata Arctica: Estas Tonne: Mark Knopfler: Electro Swing: K-pop too: Queen ( I Want It All )
  11. @Kenjoka As I really like your mod and the story aspect you've put in dialogue form (it's fantastic! I always play with story mode enabled unless I test something), I've started to tweak the dialogue with xTranslator for my personal use because I wanted just a bit more depth to it. Just a bit more. The intent is to always keep it as close to your original as possible because I like the style you went with. I also fixed some minor typos and grammar errors when I happened to notice some obvious ones. Some sentences I left as is even if they were grammatically incorrect, because somehow I just liked the structure, how they sound... I wanted to edit some dialogue less and some a bit more depending on the scenes. Some lines I didn't change at all. If you want, I could send you a preview of what I've done. So far I've tweaked the dialogue to the point where the branding machine first comes in. As you know, that's not very far in the mod, but still covers quite a lot of dialogue. The idea is to cover as much of the dialogue as possible once I progress further in the mod. I want to go through the scenes first to get an idea whether or not I want to change anything at all and it's much slower for me after the enslavement part anyway because that part is the most engaging to me. After that I often change my profile a bit and give other mods a try as well.
  12. Skyrim NPCs and their routine lines. Nothing is more important to them, NOTHING!
  13. Piiska

    S_L_U_T_S Redux

    So nice to see this mod back in action. I remember trying the original one long time ago but had a bunch of issues with it back then. Definitely want to give this a go again at some point. Love you all who pick up good mods that were just left to collect dust without further development. Of course much love to the original authors as well since these wouldn't exist without them.
  14. It's a shame Skyrim cannot handle more. While it would be nice to always have resources from both ZAP and DDI at the same time in a mod, it's understandable they have to go separate ways given the limitations of the game. Both authors want to expand upon their creations after all and they absolutely should considering how awesome both mods are. It just leaves it up to other mod authors to pick their favorite and go with that. So far I'm still running Slaverun with DDI 4.0 and ZAP 8+ while having all the animations I want. Just tightened my SLAL packs recently. I guess I'll finally update to 4.1 sooner or later when I have a better idea which animations I don't mind losing. Fact is there are so many great animation packs and some of them are growing all the time as well. It's difficult to drop many of them. People should look into picking their preferred animations in SLAL packs and remove the ones they don't need, which is a bit of work first but totally worth it in the long run.
  15. Piiska

    Maria Eden

    Ah, thanks for the in-depth explanation. I suppose you're right about the lone warrior part, I'm starting to get that vibe when pushing the modding further and actually looking into what is working and what "isn't". (Like I found this "issue" today) Might give a try for the "patching" process sometime but I think I will go without the animations for now as there are enough that work as is. Also I have said this before but thanks again for creating ME. It is one of the bigger mods that keeps me in Skyrim. While it is fragile, it also has a nice variety of features and I have a profile and modlist tailored for ME so I don't often have issues playing it.