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  1. Piiska

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Hey thanks for the additional notes and stuff you've written on the description page. Helped me fix some stuff I would have never searched for. So many little fixes and tips are buried within random pages in various threads and you can only find some with luck,
  2. Oh yes. And I guess it's time to go grab that other retex of yours too then
  3. Love your retexes! Extra thanks for including the footstep set from Heels Sound so that I don't have to manually do that
  4. Piiska

    Maria Eden

    Does anyone know if it's possible somehow to have panties, skirts and whatnot removed when stripping? So far I've avoided creating outfits with those clothing parts because they always stay on.
  5. Piiska


    Has a lot of potential. I hope some mods will utilize this in the future.
  6. Piiska

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Genuinely interested to know why? I've always used LOOT and Wrye Bash but if it's bad to use these why is that? And would Mator Smash be better than Bash? I don't know specifics behind Bash but I assumed it was always a good idea to run it. I don't really know how to approach incompatibilities without using those software.
  7. @btasqan Were you ever able to fix this? I have this issue right now and not sure what to do. Reading this topic makes it seem like I have to choose either proper alignment in animations OR fixes for sitting, swimming etc while wearing heels. Right now it seems like I have to uninstall NIOVHH Fixes, which is a bit unfortunate considering the other stuff it fixes.
  8. Really nice dresses! Love em!
  9. Piiska

    Maria Eden

    Can collars be used in outfits as long as they have no effects? Like some collars from Non-devious devices. Or is it better to just not use any?
  10. Piiska

    Say hi!

    Hi. Originally I was mostly a lurker, who just browsed the mod threads. After engaging in some mod discussions, troubleshootings and what have you, I felt like let's see what else this site has to offer and here we are. A bit more active now.
  11. Piiska


    First I thought wtf am I listening to but the pretty boy part ?
  12. I know. And I know there are no words I can say to change that perspective. It all has to come from within at some point. All I can say for you is to not give up. That day may come when your plans start to actually work out. Stay strong
  13. I have gone through some sort of a depression. Back then I thought dying would not be so bad. But now I have a bit more positive look at things. I don't know how difficult things are for you, but keep going. This is what I think; Life is quite short, and the death will come at some point anyway. While I have the chance, I try to find things I like and try to enjoy those as long as I'm on this planet. Suffering will not be endless so you won't have to worry about that. Try to keep doing things that you find enjoyable and makes you feel better. When you find things that makes you happy, it can be fun to be alive.
  14. May I ask what shit life is throwing at you?
  15. Piiska


    Haha I feel the same. My brother has children and that life just doesn't look like it would be for me. I don't hate children though. When I'm visiting my brother and their kids ask me to play football with them, well sure, I can play a bit of football.