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  1. Piiska

    Dripping when aroused LE

    Well well, you were right! It actually worked now after just waiting the two minutes lol. Thank you for the help! I'm not touching that console command again
  2. Piiska

    Dripping when aroused LE

    This is how I do it but I guess I just haven't waited long enough after the first reload. I'm gonna try to wait a bit longer now and see what happens.
  3. Piiska

    Dripping when aroused LE

    Hmm I'm having a weird issue where when I start a new game and use the console command "setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1" to get EC+ and Spider Addon's MCMs show up, DWA's MCM completely disappears. I tried to uninstall some mods to see if I had hit some MCM limit but that is not the case either.
  4. Piiska

    SexLab Inflation Framework

    You are probably aware of these updates but just in case; there are new versions of SexLab Parasites 0.7.1 and SexLab Stories Devious 0.8.5. Edit: I noticed there is a mention on Parasites Added: Add compatibility with Sexlab Inflation Framework So I guess patch is not needed anymore for that but on Stories there is no such mention on the changelog so I assume it still requires a patch?
  5. Gave it a go for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. I did have a lot of random problems but I assume that's because my load order was a bit messy due to just testing stuff so I'm gonna clean it up a bit and try again but really seems like a great mod! And I'm glad it's a bit more hardcore and not just "sleep one day and you're out of jail". I see a lot of potential in this if you plan to expand it and give it more depth.
  6. Piiska

    MilkySLAL - January Update

    Always great to see updates from you Milky. Your animations are among the best. Oh and +1 to creampie
  7. Piiska

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Hey thanks for the additional notes and stuff you've written on the description page. Helped me fix some stuff I would have never searched for. So many little fixes and tips are buried within random pages in various threads and you can only find some with luck,
  8. Oh yes. And I guess it's time to go grab that other retex of yours too then
  9. Love your retexes! Extra thanks for including the footstep set from Heels Sound so that I don't have to manually do that
  10. Piiska

    Maria Eden

    Does anyone know if it's possible somehow to have panties, skirts and whatnot removed when stripping? So far I've avoided creating outfits with those clothing parts because they always stay on.
  11. Piiska


    Has a lot of potential. I hope some mods will utilize this in the future.
  12. Piiska

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Genuinely interested to know why? I've always used LOOT and Wrye Bash but if it's bad to use these why is that? And would Mator Smash be better than Bash? I don't know specifics behind Bash but I assumed it was always a good idea to run it. I don't really know how to approach incompatibilities without using those software.
  13. @btasqan Were you ever able to fix this? I have this issue right now and not sure what to do. Reading this topic makes it seem like I have to choose either proper alignment in animations OR fixes for sitting, swimming etc while wearing heels. Right now it seems like I have to uninstall NIOVHH Fixes, which is a bit unfortunate considering the other stuff it fixes.
  14. Really nice dresses! Love em!
  15. Piiska

    Maria Eden

    Can collars be used in outfits as long as they have no effects? Like some collars from Non-devious devices. Or is it better to just not use any?