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  1. If you check some of my update posts you will see how im working on overhauling the mobs, and I'm not really going to think about what mobs i'm doing next until after I finish the remake.
  2. Some of the models rely on scaling dont work porperly like the enderdragon, horse, etc, and the older models are kinda noobish compared to my current skill so im remaking the pack and streamlining the way im doing things. The old models will still be available for 1.14 and lower but 1.15 onwards will have the newer remade models. I occasionally put up progress reports for what im doing on the thread for the pack.
  3. Thanks for giving this a try. Once I finish up the remake of my resourcepack I will likely start working on this again, and I will likely add in more variants of parts. I will likely make a more detailed guide for getting this to work in the readme file aswell.
  4. The poll has finished and the result is that I will work on remaking all of the models first before working on new mobs. The remake of the pack will work with 1.14 and forward. After that I will begin work on 1.15 and 1.16 mobs.
  5. I don't have a problem with answering peoples questions and appreciate the curiosity. As for what mobs I plan to do in the future my intent is to do as many as possible. Eventually our packs will become completely incompatible, but I plan on including inscturctions in my pack to explain how to disable specific mobs when that becomes a problem if you prefer one packs version over thee others.
  6. Subversion shoudnt matter since there shoudnt be major changes to the mobs after the main version. Also want to clarify that the remake will be compatible with 1.15, with the 1.16 version having the new mobs. As for Bedrock, I don't play on it and the process to make a pack for bedrock seems different from what im used to. I am not familiar with any lewd content for Bedrock, and I will likely wait until after I finish the 1.16 mobs before looking at doing anything with Bedrock.
  7. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up for how i'm working on the pack and an announcement for a poll. Seeing as scaling likely isnt going to be fixed anytime soon i'm going to just start work on 1.16 version. Question is if I should work on the new mobs before or after I finish updating all of the other models. Wanted to ask all of you since this will likely lengthen how long until the next release of the pack. I will put up a poll and it will go down on the 15th of this month.
  8. I work sporadicly when I have the inspiration. It might take awhile. As for making the pack for earlier versions, Optifine changed how it was structured so it would take some effort to make it work. In all likelyhood I will not make a version for the pack for earlier versions until much later. I will be focusing on the newer versions.
  9. Yah at some point whenever i get back around to this I might add some documentation so i can explain personalizing these. Once I overhaul my Hermaphrodite pack i'll start on this one again.
  10. Already tried it, scaling bug is still in. I'm thinking while im still doing the remodeling i'll just remake the models without using that feature. Won't start doing 1.16 until I finish remodeling current pack.
  11. I already tried the full release of it and the scaling issue is still present. Hopefully they patch it soon.
  12. 1.16 has a bug where scaling dousnt work, which breaks models that uses that feature. Once a version of optifine for 1.16 comes out with that fixed is when I will update the pack. as for 1.12 any optifine version before 1.13 has a different structure for resourcepacks which makes it slightly tricky to change versions. My priority is to focus on the latest official release version of optifine. Maybe once I get the pack to a more satisfactory state I will consider making compatible versions for previous versions. I do not want to have to update multiple versions if I need to change things down the line with stuff I already made.
  13. Slight progress update I have added an ass to the witch and have started work on the wither. Wanted to ask all of you about how I should do the wither penis. My plan is to make a tapered penis bending slightly upward. my question is whether it should have balls or not. Im also wondering if I should roll the double penis design into the main pack instead of it being part of the freakyherm variant. Also maybe giving it an ass. [Screenshots]
  14. Just an update on the bug for everyone FanOfFruit fixed it by reinstalling optifine. If parts are out of place then try that first.
  15. Alright so i'm on the same version and have tested both 1.0.5/1.0.6 without any problem. It may have something to do with settings? Can you directly send me a zip file of your copy of the pack so i can see if something is somehow different in there. If that dousn't reveal anything then it may be your settings. I have no clue what could be causing this.
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