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  1. Thanks, I hope you can upload some of the planned voices
  2. Hi, must probably this is an obvious statement but maybe your MCM setting is messing with you. In the General Tab make sure you toggle the Charm dialogue and the Minimal Arousal to show SLEN dialogues. In Sex Dialogue Options make sure yo have all options marked. I hope it helps you and stay as healthy as you can.
  3. You need to check console during SLEN sex animations and look for the marked information. I'm using SLATE too but I prefer to change the tags directly from the Jcontainers and the SLATE mod only for those old animations from SL Framework. You should tweak all those tags in all the animation sets here because the tags used by modders are a real mess hehe
  4. Hi @Musje Thanks for the updates, I'm really enjoying this mod In the recent versions there was an undress animation for the punishment dialogue "take your clothes off" but in the last updates that animation is no more, the clothes gets removed without animation. Everything works flawless this is just a trivial minor detail. Maybe this is not related to this mod, but the original "undress animation" from the Sexlab Framework is working as always with other mods that trigger sex animations (SLEN, Defeat, etc). Thanks for the effort, this mod is incredible!
  5. Hi, what animation set is this from? nice story by the way
  6. It is right in the MCM option "NPC as Victim" tab
  7. https://www.loverslab.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1000434
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