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  1. Raccoon

    Sexout Spunk

    Nope, but from what i understand it shouldn't make any difference. Afaik some of breeders pregnancys are scripted thus bypassing Spunk and every other shouldn't work if Spunk doesn't. I tried rolling back to old JIP versions but found none that i could make it work with. My guess is that older JIP requires older NVSE aswell and at that point i'd be breaking pretty much everything else. Do let me know however if you find a Version/Combination that seems to work. And many thanks @DoctaSax for taking the time to have a look at it. I realize you are going out of your way for this old Mod and i'm sure with New California out a bunch of people will come back to FNV and be as thankful as i am.
  2. Raccoon

    Sexout Spunk

    Seems like u are right, as soon as i disable JIP everything seems to work, except spunk ofc. The current JIP with an old NVSE? Sounds unlikely, are you sure JIP even started? I tried the same thing and while it did load nicely it was because JIP did not initialize. Have you checked its actually on? And what did Spunk complain about, JIP or NVSE? Either way seems like we're just script plebs fishing in the dark here
  3. Raccoon

    Sexout Spunk

    Yup, i got the same problem. Weird thing is everything worked fine when i first fired it up after a fresh install, but after playing around with mods. adding and removing some (as you do) my save went to HECK in a HANDBASKED, so i started over and it hasn't been working ever since. The last three days i tried turning it off and on again and some other things, like playing around with RaceCats, as the list seems to be broken in MCM. I started a new game with a vanilla race for the tests tho, sill the same. spunklog2.txt I noticed the spurts are tracked and containing sperm and very small amounts moving in the log but way too few to make an impact. Without knowing how its actually supposed to end up in the womb im at a loss here. tl;dr: need sperms, send halp edit: to eliminate the possibility of incompatibilities with other mods i shut down everything else and tried using only sexout related stuffs. its seems that with the current NVSE 5.1b4 Sexout crashes on load. 5.0b3 and older seem to work fine, however those prevent JIP from loading properly, resulting in Spunk not working at all. Interestingly enough i ran Sexout with NVSE 5.1b4 and like 100+ mods and the game loaded just fine, but it crashes when i deactivate everything else (excluding the requirements obviously) So this suggests (for a pleb like me anyway) that it it fails to properly initialize with 5.1b4 and other mods, thus preventing the crash. It SEEMED to work fine however. I tried to roll back to older JIP versions, but i cant get any of em working with older NVSE versions. Im gonna make myself a coffee now. Dis gon be a long day.
  4. oh wow, that was fast yea i guessed its not hard to do, just tedious work and had hoped someone already did it. i might just do it for the weapon mod conversions then, as they bother me the most. Now i just have to figure out which mod adds them anyway thanks for the quick help
  5. Hey everyone, i recently started a new FNV playthrough and because i love crafting installed a bunch of mods which expand it quite a bit. Now as you can imagine my craft menu became quite cluttered, making it diffucult to find a specific recipe, and so i wondered if there is a mod out there that hides every recipe you don't have the skill and/or materials for, or some sort of filter mod. I remember some mods doing it for the recipes they add, but i couldnt find one that does it for every recipe, be it vanilla or modded. Any pointers in the right direction would be much apprechiated. tl;dr: lf Mod that hides every recipe you dont have the skills or mats for. Cheers
  6. Raccoon

    Mortal Weapons & Armors

    " Items dropped by dead NPCs must match your gender and/or weight for it to fit you. Smiths/Tailors can refit armor/clothing for you. " Been looking for something like this pretty much since Skyrim came out. This is definitely going to be on my modlist for my next playthrough. Thank you so much for your great work, keep at it!
  7. Cheers, im currently setting up my modlist for a new playthough and i was wondering if anybody knows about a mod that makes armor you find not automatically fit, say you have to take it to a blacksmith first or something. I found this, which i guess i can make it work with somehow, just wondering if anybody has a better idea. Also recommendations for an ENB? Thanks
  8. Raccoon

    Convenient Homstead Crafting?

    Somehow i never thought of simply searching for "storage"... This was the first hit and while its not exactly what i was looking for, dropping and picking up stuff with two clicks is far more convenient than picking up everything one by one. Now i just need to somehow add this to the homesteads^^ Anyway, thanks a bunch for the input, much appreciated
  9. Cheers, so i recently found my way back into Skyrim and decided to finally use one of the hearthfire homesteads as main base. Now for mal last few "playthroughs" i used a modded Breezehome, which had storage chests that automatically dumped all crafting materials into your inv when you opened a crafting station, and put them back into the container as soon as you left the station. I searched for a mod that did the same to the Heathfire homesteads but came up empty. Does anyone know a mod i missed or can suggest a workaround? Thanks
  10. Raccoon

    Skyrim Modding Guide

    You can select Skyrim in your steam libary, there should be a box called "DLC" (below achievements). Aside from DG/DB/HF the texturepack should be listed aswell. Uncheck the "Install" bock and steam should remove it.
  11. Raccoon

    Say hi!

    Hi thurrr from a longtime lurker