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  1. I'm working on a texture mod that'll give you simple steel weapons, without those intricate engravings. I think that the most standard weapons in the game should look, well... standard.I've decided to use the steel weapon textures from aMidianBorn Book of Silence as a base because they're higher quality than anything I could scrape together. Here's my progress on the Waraxe textures And the Greatsword
  2. I made a sketch of a bird girl flashing. I made a little coloring test and decided to use it as a profile pic (as of writing this)
  3. I remember trying to do that once but it made the tail loose animations. (I probably wasn't doing something right) What I really want is for someone to make a new mesh with clean UV mapping. The vanilla mesh has the UV mapping divided into like six parts and it's hard get textures to line up nicely.
  4. I've already got the VKC Themes mod and Ulfberth's AAF Patch. Is there a specific way that Themes has to installed? I've tried re-installing it, as well as AAF and its various patches.
  5. I can't get this to work at all. Overlays never get applied with any animation. I thought that it had something to do with using the vulpine race mod, but after setting up an animation between to human NPCs it still didn't work. I can apply the overlays with looksmenu so I know they work. Here is my load order, if it helps
  6. I see what's going on, it's your body mesh. Parts of the slit mesh that are supposed to under the body mesh aren't. The original meshes were made for UNP and it looks like you're CBBE. On a related note, I really need to re-make those textures.
  7. I don't know about the female slit issue (but then again I don't really use that) This mod doesn't edit any race data, just changes the textures and a few meshes. The tail and feet issue can be solved by placing the Smooth Argonians ESP below any of the Yiffy Age ESPs. I should also point out that the new update for Yiffy Age (specifically with the HDT tail option) changed the folder where the tail meshes are located. This means if you want to use that option with this mod, you'll have to copy the two argonian tail meshes (meshes\actors\character\BDBeastModels\Tail) and put them back into the regular directory (meshes\actors\character\character assets). My mod still points to that directory for the tail mesh.
  8. Try placing the ESP low in the load order. Do you have TES5Edit?
  9. If you have Yiffy Age that could be it.
  10. Try adjusting your load order, you have something editing the tail and it's reverting back to default texture set (same as the body texture). That area of the body texture isn't used in the mod, so I just made it black.
  11. I haven't done much since I uploaded those images because I've been working on other things. I've been working on an update for the overlays mod (mainly male overlays and texture padding)
  12. Did you run FNIS after installing animations?
  13. It could be a mod manager issue. Have you tried redownloading it?
  14. I've been working some new textures, they're vanilla styled but have some additions and seam fixes. It's still early progress so don't expect aMidianBorn levels of quality. There's a lot I still need to, like add more shades of color, touch up some of the more blurry spots, and make the speculars less shiny.
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