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  1. Huge Breasts (just an observation)
  2. When will we get updated patches for cutting room floor, interesting NPCs, and inconsequential NPCs? Those are the only things keeping me from updating.
  3. Not trying to be rude but why are preview images still from a very old version?
  4. I see that the Nord neck seam is gone, so that's good
  5. Nightmare (on elm) Street
  6. In my experience, black textures can be caused by the 4k uncompressed textures. But when that happened to me it didn't seem to concentrate on specific NPCs.
  7. I don't really know how to make a SOS plugin and that sounds like a pretty niche want. You can probably replace the "VectorPlexus Muscular" meshes with the uncut ones, they basically use the same textures.
  8. looking at that mod, it's just a mesh replacer that uses the default textures. Do my textures not work on it?
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