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    Need help merging Bikini Armors

    Thanks a lot!
  2. The Nipple Wizard

    Need help merging Bikini Armors

    I'm trying to make a make a replacer mod using The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, but after building the merge only the body and bikini top shows. Here are the steps I follow to make this outfit: Create a new project by opening the file menu and clicking "New Project" Click "Browse", and, from MO's mod folder, navigate to "UNP Jiggle Body Base Meshes\meshes\actors\character\character assets" and open "femalebody_1.nif" Make sure "From File" is selected and "Shape:" is set to "UUNP" and click next. Under "Outfit/Mesh" click browse and navigate to "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor\meshes\armor\shitty\dwarven " Open "abs_2_1.nif". Click finish. Under "Outfit/Mesh" click browse and open " extension_a_1.nif " MAKE SURE THAT "Keep other shapes" IS CHECKED BEFORE CLICKING OK OR YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER ON THIS ARMOR. Do the same for the following files: coll_3_1.nif sholder_2_1.nif targe_2_1.nif skirt_1_R_1.nif thigh_1_1.nif bra_5_1.nif Delete "UUNP_outfit" and "Tri DwarvenArmorF.23..002_1" from the meshes tab Save the project (File>Save Project As...") Set the display name as "Dwarven Bikini" and click "To Project". Set "Output file name" as "DwarvenArmorF" Set "Output data path" as "meshes\armor\Dwarven" Click "Save" I then build the outfit in Bodyslide. I think the reason this happens is because in the original mod, only the bikini top goes in the torso slot, but I don't know where that data would be stored in the mesh. Thanks in advance for any help I can get.
  3. The Nipple Wizard

    UNP vagina seam glitch

    Thanks! I've actually unticked Bodyslide for the time being because I want to see what the 3 mods I'm using for the body look like before I do anything with bodyslide (installed those mods today, haven't touched bodyslide in a while). Will that make a difference? EDIT: Problem solved! I didn't realise I needed to install DIMONIZED UNP female body becuase I thought UNP Jiggle was stand alone.
  4. The Nipple Wizard

    UNP vagina seam glitch

    I'm trying to set up a body like this, but I'm getting a texture bug around the pussy (pic attached). Any idea what's causing it? These are the mods I'm using to get the body (found here UNP JIGGLE BY KENDO 2 1.0.0 Demoniac v1.12 Full Graphene Block 30 Active Mod Files (from Wrye Smash): Modlist.txt: Utilities: I don't seem to have a Papyrus.log file.