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  1. I use umodel to extract PAK files. Can also export some assets like textures, meshes and materials. There is 2 encryption keys for GalGun2 PC. One was used before the VR DLC came out and is still mostly used for the pirated versions of the game. When the VR DLC came out the encryption key for the PAK files changed. The Steam version still uses this new key. GalGun2 on the Switch does not use any PAK file encryption. Guess they thought the encryption Nintendo uses for the game would be enough.
  2. I didn't do anything with textures. All changes made were hex edits to Material Instances. The transparent slime mod is a hex edit to set Opacity1 and Opacity2 of M_Slime_Cloth_001_Inst to zero. I compared the unchanged PC material instance to the modded one and copied the changes to the one for Switch. Not sure what I did to make the "underwear" slime dissapear. I just hex edited random values to zero in M_Slime_Cloth_XXX_Back_Inst & M_Slime_Cloth_XXX_Underwear_Inst. Changing the 01 at offset 15D made it dissapear. I was hoping to make the underwear layer transparent as well but removing it was a welcome accident.
  3. I got the slime DLC mod to work on switch. Here is a zip containing the files for both the japanese and international version. Read the readme for installation instructions. Slime outfit DLC transparency mod for Switch.zip Preview with nude body texture: Installing at least a nude body texture from the TotalNudity port is highly recommended. I found this by accident but may also just release it since it works. This completely removes the "underwear" slime seen when you suck away the "clothes" layer of the slime DLC costume. Installation is basically the same as the transparent slime port but instructions are also included in the zip. Contains files for both the japanese and the international version of GalGun2 Switch, same as the transparent slime port above. Underwear_Removal_for_Slime_DLC_Switch.zip
  4. I tried to but have no idea how the DLC PAK files work. I didn't manage to convince the game to load my modified DLC
  5. I played about half of all the missions with all mods turned on and had no crashes at all. Is your game updated or are you playing the base game? The game needs to be on the latest update.
  6. I saw 3dmigoto getting demonized for controller/steam issues in multiple threads, especially by @tigers. I just wanted to make sure people don't blame 3dmigto for all their issues. Instead of just blaming 3dmigoto you should try to actually zone in on the issue. Especially because the version used here is clearly a copy paste with some changes from DoAVV, which is fine but may be the actual cause of your problems. I suggested a possible solution, you guys could try by building the base mod yourself. It's not even that hard to do. Just extract the 3dmigoto zip from the git and edit in your shaderoverrides. See if it helps and if it does edit back in all the features from the DoAVV version. But instead you just assume random BS and call me out for not getting the game and trying to give constructive help? Another thing you could try is starting the game without mods and make sure steam overlay/controller work, then hook into the process using the 3dmigoto loader to load the mods. If there is a compatibility issue the hook will fail.
  7. I am not sure what you guys are doing wrong. I just want to say that 3dmigoto in general is not the issue here. I am using 3dmigoto mods and my controllers and steam overlay work fine in several games. Sadly I don't have a copy of ToCS yet so I can't check stuff out and see what's happening. I don't know if there is some setting in the d3dx.ini that will interfere with steam if it's turned on but I can say that the default settings of 3dmigoto won't interfere. You could check out the default d3dx.ini and make it work with your shaderfixes used for ToCS to see if it helps.
  8. Yeah 3Dmigoto works on Shining Resonance Refrain if it is loaded with the external loader. Tried a simple texture replacement by adding text to the still image on the new game screen. Here is the result: So if there's any people that want to pick this up this could have at least texture mods made for it. I did not have a look at the models because I am in a time crunch rn. If they export fine all is good. If they export with multiple vertex buffers or with the trianglestrip type we are out of luck.
  9. You could try umodel. That's what I usually use to extract resources from PAK files. It will also tell you if the game is encrypted and ask for the decryption key. That might be the reason other unpackers are failing. I don't own the game yet so I can't test it. Never mind this will likely not work. I forgot this is a gust game, not a UE4 game. Will probably have to wait for the gust tools to update.
  10. Updated basemod, now v1.3. Added previously missing shader overrides which handle outlines. This should fix most if not all cases where outlines were not working as intended, especially in cutscenes. If you find any outlines or meshes not working in cutscenes please enable hunting mode(numpad0), then cycle through the vertex shaders with numpad4 and numpad5 until the problematic outline/mesh disappears. That shader is handling this outline/mesh and I need the ID displayed in the top left to add it to the basemod. Added shader overrides to handle swapping text and UI element textures. Changed some basic options which should not affect general gameplay. If you encounter any problems let me know. Edit: Updated basemod again, now v1.4. In the last update I added more shaders that can be dumped to dump UI elements and textures but these flood the dump if the target is a body or costume mesh so this update adds a switch to toggle body and costume dumps as well as the UI dump. How to trigger these can be viewed in the help screen (F1). New download is in my main thread.
  11. You need to edit the gust_enc.json file. Change the seeds_id part to: Then you can edit the character_costume.xml and change the swimsuit costume to unlock earlier by removing the unlock_scenario_id="xxx" flag. Iirc the swimsuit costumes are the ones with unlock_scenario_id=14.
  12. The nude and topless mods are based on the swimsuits, which you need to unlock, yes. There is a way to unlock them early by editing the xml.e files with gust_tools. It's explained somewhere in this thread I think.
  13. The guest character mod doesn't work with 3DMigoto(the basemod is a preconfigured version of 3DMigoto). It replaces actual game files.
  14. The tools are really good, thanks for these. I have some questions and problems though. The rdbtool works fine for the PC version of FairyTail but when I try to extract the switch versions rdb files the resulting g1ms are all corrupted. The only way to port some of the PC mods to switch would be repacking the rdb so I would really like it if you could support the switch rdbs. I can send some samples if needed. Cethleann is already able to extract the rbds but I also need to repack them. Another question is about REDELBE. It seems to work great for DoA but it would be nice if we had a version that supports FairyTail to make loading and creating mods easier. Would it be possible to port it to FairyTail or make it open source so I can have a look at it and try to port it myself?
  15. No the originals work fine without that blendindices element. As long as you don't load them into blender and then export them again. Just load the 6.vb and 8.vb as is. Something with the blender import/export messes it up but I can't find out what exactly.
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