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  1. Love ūüíü your Hard work, and wonderful animations :)


    1.  I had a little problem awhile back wanted to mention it, I don't really understand it. CTD when starting Sims4. Made sure first I had no Duplicates mod files.

    2.  So I removed all mods as usual, and began installing one folder at a time. If one had failed I would look at the packages and files inside that folder.

    3.  I had 2 animation folder, named Animations1, and animations2.

    4.  animations2 installed game started fine, no problems.

    5.  When I installed animations1, The game would CTD.

    6.  So I began pulling animation packages from Animations1 until the game did not CTD on booting.  When I removed your Package the game started fine.

    7.  I replaced every file installed same as before with only your animation package removed, and the game started fine.

    8.  On a Whim I made a new folder naming it Animations3, then installed you package in that folder by its self.

    9.  The game started fine like that, but If I put you animation package back into Animations1 game would CTD on starting again.

    10. I do not understand it, unless it was the number of packages I had installed in Animations1, and yours is such a large package that that number and you package size may have screwed things somehow. ( Sims 4 maybe not reading the folder correctly due to the number, and size of the packages?)

    11. It also could be that by placing your package in Animations3 folder by it's self caused it to install after all the others, and that fixed it.


    I am only mentioning it encase someone Else happened to run into this problem.  I wish I knew why it happened, But it is all fixed now, I hope you do not mind my mentioning it, as it might help someone Else. ( But I truly do not understand why it happened like it did :( )


    I do truly enjoy ūüíĖ your animations very much.

    My system basicInfo.PNG


  2. There was one thing that I dumb assed on, you had this on you main page



    I at first assumed , because I read way to fast and was to eager to get them installed, that because you had two packages in your zip file that I should only install one of them..LOL


    I know being a dumb ass.¬† I shortly figured it out though ūü•į

  3. 5 hours ago, ColonolNutty said:

    Take another look at the MSM description. ;)

    are you meaning this For any of the following SHIFT + CLICK interactions to work, you need to enable Testing Cheats by putting this command in the CTRL + SHIFT + C console "testingcheats on"


    That could surly be the problem as I do not make a habit of turning on cheats unless I am in need of it.   Sorry I even bothered you.. I need to read more closely :(


    I will test that latter.  Thank you.


    EDIT >>> Actually I was thinking I had MCCC set up to auto do that, but that may only pertain to MCCC functions.

  4. 8 hours ago, ColonolNutty said:

    1. Working on that right now actually
    2. I forgot about that, I can add that setting alongside the one I'm doing right now.
    3. Pics?
    4. Picsx2?
    6. What menus are not showing?

    Sorry I have been busy, but did not want to leave you hanging.

    Just now had time to look at this closely. 


    4. was My mistake I had not played in awhile, and had just updated everything, and forgot that I could highlight the text choice and see all of it, Truly sorry on that. Image shows my mistake :(


    6. I have posted two image's one with no MSM, and the other with MSM ( as before maybe it is something I have done wrong, I never doubt that as I am pron to being to Quick on my thinking. )


    ‚ÄúIn wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.‚ÄĚ

    CaptureTS4_My mistake.PNG



  5. Game version

    WW ver. what ever is latest release here at Lovers Lab


      I have followed Kinky whims for a long time, love your ideas, and mods.


    Some things seem different or missing now that it is Devious desire I am curious about.


    1. On some of the last KW that I ran I could set the player character as a victim, and set only victims to be molested.

    This was good for personal scenario's I would set up, and I could limit the amount of Kinky activity happening much easier,

    allowing me to control the events occurring with more control. ( I could pick and choose, and control the ones that might get attacked )


    I know I can give a victim trait, but I have not found a way in setting to make the victim trait NPC/Player the exclusive attack choice.


    2. I also could do a random Rapist trait before and apply it to all NPC. ( It may be there and I am just missing it )


    3.  These things may actually be there the interface or pop up menu's, maybe I am not fully understanding some of them properly or

    miss reading the information you have given me in the pop up menu's. (It could even be that you have A .json file where I can tweak these setting's)


    4. Not really a complaint of any kind as I truly enjoy your work, I am seeking I guess a better understanding of the choices that you have

    given me. ( sometimes your description of the options is cut off in the pop up menu I suppose by a letter character limitation in the pop up.)


    5. I guess I am mostly just seeking a better understanding of my control options, and how to implement them. Truly Sorry if I have miss a bunch of Obvious things.


    6. For some reason, (probably my failure) using MSM buggered my menu's, and I did not get all options for Devious Desire with it installed.

      (But removing it made all menus options pop up) <<< Like I said May have been some miss understanding on my part on that.


    EDIT >>> Just so you know I have no exceptions at all with your mod. So far I have not seen a single one.

    My system basicInfo.PNG

  6. 51 minutes ago, Number24 said:

    Hmm how did you get the extra options to show up when installing? When I install the only choice I have is if I’m using Fusion Girl or CBBE (I’m using Fusion Girl btw). I don’t get any options to customize the strapon’s appearance.

    The options were in staged lieto mod by Tentacus


    I think it was the tick in this image I missed.


    EDIT>>> with out that tick you won't get the actiondata.xml and the Vioxsis_Strap-ons_equipmentSetData for the strap on, and thus they will not be used, as AAF has no reference to them.


    EDIT >>> As best i can tell he is just picking the most commonly used strap-on, and I think probably the best one as well.


  7. 35 minutes ago, Bazinga said:

    If the Vioxsis_Strap-ons_actionData.xml is missing then that doesn't mean that they are invisible, it just means that they won't get equipped through the FF_activity action used in the Leito FF xmls from Staged Leito Plus, because then that action isn't defined anywhere.


    Your test with replacing male with female actors in the animationdata xmls might not lead to male actors equipping the strapon btw, because there's an additional condition inside the equipmentset xml that the actor needs to be female.

    Dunno how AAF handles that if you tell it to ignore genders.

    So you better test this with 2 female actors.

    if you mean the code I swapped out. If you notice it checks if it is female, if not there is no need for a male to have a strap on, and I set AAF settings to ignore the gender so the male plays fine as always, but if the player/NPC is female then they will equip the strap on, but if is a male will do the animation normally.  ( It does henge on setting the ignore gender in AAF_settings though)


    But you may be right I may have missed a tick in the fomod installation of staged Leito, and so there is not data to equip the Vioxsis_Strap-ons ..that may be my trouble.  I am still picking at it.

    <actor gender="F" startEquipmentSet="addEquipmentStrapon" stopEquipmentSet="removeEquipmentStrapon">
  8. 1 hour ago, Bazinga said:

    Maybe the AAF xml that includes the action for equipping Vioxsis is missing in your setup if the thing doesn't show up ingame?

    Or the xml that adds the strapon as an equipmentset to AAF, but Leito's animation don't use that, they equip the thing with an action named FF_activity (check the animationdata xmls).


    The download here doesn't include those so some AAF patch needs to provide them.

    Staged Leito Plus has an action xml with the necessary action, the file name there is Vioxsis_Strap-ons_actionData.xml,

    as well as an equipmentset xml for it, Vioxsis_Strap-ons_equipmentSetData.xml.


    You might want to check if these files are still present if you use Staged Leito Plus. If not then FF_activity or some other stapon equipping action needs to be provided by another mod / xml.




    I can equip them manually no problem so it is not like there invisible.  here is priority load and all AAF stuff is very bottom.


    Not sure why AAF is not putting them on.


    also for shits and giggles I searched through all the animationData.xml and changed out the

    <actor gender="M">


    <actor gender="F" startEquipmentSet="addEquipmentStrapon" stopEquipmentSet="removeEquipmentStrapon">


    and set AAF to ignore gender. to increase the odds of seeing them. I used "grepWin" to be sure I did not miss any.


    EDIT >>> that image was a manual equiping, I tried every one and they are all visible and working if I manually equip them.


    Manual equiped.PNG

  9. On 11/5/2020 at 2:25 AM, Bazinga said:

    Can't confirm, it's working as intended for me.



    I also use the 5.0 version.

    You might have to build it in Bodyslide first, dunno if the files provided under meshes are the correct ones.

    The body/outfit name in Bodyslide is Strap-on.


    But it might also be a problem with your AAF xmls.

    I'm using Staged Leito Plus, Simple Patch and AAF Creature Resources as AAF patches right now.

    I assume your doing the strap on like this ? (Image)


    Mine is staying invisible as well, or I am not seeing it.   I did actually do this body slide, but I will try it again, I think I originally just typed strap instead of strap-on but it brought up the limitations okay.


  10. Yeah this is one of the hands down best corruption games made for Skyrim, but it was actually DDI4.0 built originally.  It is a shame it may be lost due to backward compatibility issues.


    I still have DDI 4.0 but I have managed to play this one with the later versions with not to much trouble.  (using the scripting fix that ignores the DDI version)


    A lot of fun though, and so many options to help you in the MCM, including problem fixing choices make it and easy replay with many different outcomes.

  11. 11 hours ago, fishburger67 said:

    You have a pretty powerful machine,  However, your machine does hold the complete picture for script load.

    I ran test with both elephants and Jaxonz Diagnostics. they both gave same results.  but posting Jaxonz Diagnostics image as it details over all in one easy image.  seems to stay well under the 100 danger point with no problems, and the adverage is 38 wich seems reasonably solid.


  12. 10 hours ago, fishburger67 said:

    You have a pretty powerful machine,  However, your machine does hold the complete picture for script load.  Install Elephants cool tool and you'll know for sure. 

    I ran exactly the same program (LE version) hundreds of times without issue.  I just this week ran the SSE version a dozen time while testing and it ran flawlessly.   I did this on two machines and both are not as skookum as yours. 


    This is why I am suggesting that you might have script lag issues.


    You are one of only a few with these kind of issues and they are almost always to do with script lag.


    But, I could be wrong.

    I'll give it a try, latter thank you for the advise.

  13. 4 hours ago, fishburger67 said:


    I am guessing you have script lag.  If you run Elephants Script lag too, I am expecting it will be above 100.  This is particularly problematic with LE because it is 32 bit.  SSE works much better.  Can you convert to that?

    I kind of doubt it. but could be


    EDIT >>> and I tried it on SSE and seemed to get the same thing.

    My system basicInfo.PNG

  14. This is a very fun mod to play and I enjoy it very much.

     However there is one thing I have never managed to solve.

    Voltar I think it is that offers to teach you how to be a better slave trainer by Coercing you and actually training you.

     Every thing works right in this training except the following routines.

    I assume you're using something like this, or similar?


    1. If I try the asking for training he will run to the room with the stuff, but I never seem to follow.
    2. I am pretty much just left standing where I asked his help. frozen in the "setplayeraidriven(true)" command. (You may well be using Zaz built in Ai control) I don't know.
    3. I can use moveto Voltar( Ref or ID number ), and get the action started, but never seem to get placed into one of the zaz item's.
    4. Using the moveto I can go ahead, and get through the event. ( he just finishes the whipping, and then proceeds with what ever else in scripted for him to do )
    5. but it would be nice if the Player AI control (Follow routines) actually worked.


    Do you have any advise or help or something that I could try to get this to function properly ?

  15. It depends on the lighting, they mostly look fine on my UNP body, but under some lighting they show the edge's pretty harshly.   Might be the blending at the edges, maybe a bit of smudging there would be all that's needed.   


    I have not set my photo shop up yet on this new system. but that is what I see.  running 12 core CPU & nvidia RTX 2070 super, maximum setting's on this rig. 


    Anyway that is all I saw wrong with the tattoo's. the breast's seem to look fine in most any lighting, it was just the butt area.

  16. On 8/10/2020 at 6:50 AM, Slorm said:

    Not worth the work tbh it's not that much of an issue. A proximity check for close hostiles would be a useful addition though, that would stop the issue of approaches while a fights going on. Maybe a check for hostiles within x number of units of pc and stop approach if any are present, the distance checked doesn't need to be that great just enough to detect immediate threats (I'm assuming this can be done in FO4 like in Skyrim)




    Yep it definitely needs some sort of a check. I was just approached by a wandering settler while in the middle of a firefight with Raiders on one of the bridges near Ticonderoga.


    Though more cosmetic, if DD's are fitted it would improve the mod if the pc to holstered her weapon first as if any device affecting the arms are fitted while holding a gun (cuffs etc) the pc gets locked into combat mode until the device is removed. The pc can't fight but you get that odd effect where moving the camera moves the pc (as in combat) and a rather odd pose.


    Sorry, didn't mean to give you a shopping list of things

      I don't disagree with you on most of that, A check "IsWeaponOut" out might help, in the dialogue condition, but if scripr was needed something similar to this might work

    Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference akActionRef)
        If (akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer()) && !(Game.GetPlayer().IsInCombat())
            ; do something


    Would probably need to modify to needs and getting away from Game.player to and alias would probably be more efficient


  17. One of my favorite Mods for FO4


    what I would like to see is some threesome's and Gang-bang scenarios added, group aggression.


    Things like "My friend's and I have decided that you're a fucking Slut! Free for the taking, so we'll be taking advantage of that"  or "Sense your all tied up and so literally helpless, we've decided to have a little party, and your the party favor."

  18. 2 hours ago, Slorm said:

    Bug Report


    Second time I noticed this. I have BoS switched off but both Rhys and Danse have made approaches.


    Second time (new character) was more of an issue as it was outside the Police Station while the Ghouls were attacking and Rhys approached, so needs a check to stop the routine if conflict is happening.

    I was just thinking Outside the police station when the ghouls are attacking is prior to Danse being added to the player faction I would think.  I can see why that would happen if the mod is looking or checking that the selected aggressor is in the player faction. 


    I would think at that time they would not be, as you have not actually recruited them yet.   Just a guess!  If that is so then until you recruit them then they will all be valid aggressors.


    EDIT >> that is normally the best check to use when testing if NPC is a companion as there are so many third party companion mods out there, and most all add the Companion to the player faction to confirm the action.


    I mean I guess you could spurn the BOS, and tell Danse to Kiss off, and he would never be a companion.

  19. 3 hours ago, Nymra said:

    My gawd :P

    I am sorry but I have to ask: is there any content that turns the tables and makes NPC do this to the PC? 
    (or plans to add such a thing?) 

    Agree, such a thing could be neat at times.


    EDIT >>> Bumped into them one to many time's,  knocked over stuff in there home or store, were sneaking around and it just pissed them off.

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