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  1. GGFriendlyWhore

    Author:: Galgat
    Needs SKSE
    Needs SkyUI 5.0+
    Needs Sexlab
    Needs Zaz animation pack
    Needs Dragonborn DLC
    Needs DawnGuard DLC
    Goubo :: with out his scripting Help Most of this little thing would have never got done.
    Will Make the Majority Of everything you Meet in Skyrim Like you, and some simple Prostitution >> Also on page 2 is now and Option to turn Off/On Random Dragons
    I did this for a lot of personal usage reason's.
    The option's in the MCM that are working are Page 1/ second Option, and Page two the prostitution option, click them till it the text box pops up and says Enabled " Might have to cycle through them one time to get them cleared, and right ". ( Important:: Need to repeat this if you reload, or restart the game, toggle through the disabled, enabled again stopping on enabled if you want to be friendly. )
    Addition;; added and Option on page 2 to turn Off/On Random Dragons ( This should have no impact on Quest Dragons, only Random dragons, which I find to be a real aggravation much of the time )
    pretty simple Friendly >>>Enabled you are Friendly with most everyone, and they like you, >>>disabled, some people really hate you.
    Simple Prostitution >>>Enable the prostituion Page 2 of MCM, and you can have some very simple sell your body fun, Clicking on the animals that i have added will set up a Creature rape, from the Creatures that I have added, I have many morte to add, so all creatures are not functional
    1. I have plans to expand this to a full prostitution mod, with hopefully quest's, maybe.
    I guess it could be used as a resource, for disabling the mobs, but it need to be enabled before you enter a bandit camp. once they become aggressive the toggle will probably not help.
    2. I needed a way to use JazPositioner in bandit area's with out having to kill them all. I used it to set up things in the game with zaira Maria, and this also kept me alive at times when the bandits AI went bonkers in maria.
    I also wanted to be able to prostitute to the many different crime elements of skyrim.
    3. It allowed me to enter, and test many Sexlab mods out on the bandits, and this gave me a lot larger Clientele, ( it gave me more Sex objects (NPC) to use, and was cheaper FPS wise than populated cities.) with out having to add a lot of More people or expansion Mods, just so a working girl could have a larger Clientele.
    I actually have a lot of expansion mods, but still this gave me a lot more people to enter act with while running some of the Sexlab prostitution mod's that require a partner, or a paying customer.
    3.1. This is also a major cheat, as it allows you to run around almost anywhere with out fear of being attacked. It is useful for me as a tool to also look around inside many area's, in the game, with out having to kill everything. or turn on, and off the AI in console.
    4. I just wanted to do something in skyrim, and Gourbo was so helpful, I managed to do this. I thought maybe others might have a use for it, mainly just a little toggle that I thought some people might like.
    5. Two ESP, one is Dragonborn DLC dependency Only (GGFriendlyWhore_DB.esp), I wanted some of the creatures from there to be friendly, and I really like that DLC more than the others.
    The other has both Dragonborn DLC, and DawnGuard DLC dependency (GGFriendlyWhore_DB_DG.esp), I needed the dawnguard DLC to stop those darn vampire's thrall from attacking me all the time.
    Only activate one of them, do not activate both you will have problems.
    6. It needs SL and Zaz.
    7. I is pretty basic right now the only option's working in the MCM are Page 1/ second Option, and page 2 Prostitution option, which turns on the prostitution dialogue, If you want the prostitution dialogue off, just Disable it in the MCM, right now it is just kind of a little extra, you might want some times.
    bare with me, I hate Skyrim CK,>>> the separation of the Scripts from the ESP make it suck balls for me, I hate it<< ( Scriptwriters love it, but I do not, I like building large area's to explore, and huge amounts of dialogue, and the Properties assignments just get to be to much of burden for me ) that is why I do mostly only personal, My use only mods for skyrim.
    If you restart, or reload your game you will need to toggle through disabled/ enabled again.
    I know how to fix this, But right now it is such a WIP I really hate to add a bunch of things that might need changing every time I upgrade it a little.
    8. This is a very simple thing, It does just two things right now, and I don't know if anyone would even want it, but I used it a lot for a lot of thing's, and found the non hostile NPC to be handy sometimes, and it is a pretty non bothersome mod to have, and I keep in most every profile now, so I thought maybe others might have a use for it. [ I mean if the MCM options are disabled, it is basically gone, and should effect nothing. ]
    9. I don't think it will conflict with anyone Else's mod [ Heck if some how it did, then just disable it in the MCM, and all will be fine ]. So having it installed, and using it when you want, and turning it off from the MCM when you don't want it should not be a big thing. It does not cast a cloak, or do any constant spell casting, so I don't think you will ever notice it is even there, other than when you use it.
    10. If you don't like it, or want it, I am sorry, just uninstall it, and move on.
    11. Some of the Creatures that i have added don't always do right, as in the Troll's tend to maybe rape you one or two times, then the second or third time you click on them, the dialogue will not follow through, you can change cells, and come back, and they will work again.. I am looking at it.. It is a strange one.
    I have to think about how I want to do the Horse's, as when you highlight them, you get option to steal, or ride, if you own it. So for now my simple dialogue will not work for them, I am looking at that too, and so Horse's are not at this time available in the prostitution dialogue.
    12. There are surly Mob's or Evil things out there that I have missed in my Friendly Whore part of the mod, so you may still get attacked by some creatures.
    I would use Mod organizer or NMM, so I could get rid of it if I did not want it.
    But I suppose you could drop the data folder from zip folder GG_FW into you skyrim folder, let it write it self in, and check it active.
    Clean your save with Save tool, or go to a clean save
    Then Install is now Only One ESP, and it requires Dragonborn DLC & DawnGuard DLC, Only way i could turn off the aggressive stat of some creatures in those DLC.
    Of course Ashal
    Beth for giving us a chance to create our Own fantasy's
    Goubo , he was such a help, just anything I asked, and he was just too good.
    Veladarius Such a nice person, even with the many personal problems he has, he stays focused
    Min Had some very helpful hint's, but most of the time he was way over my head..
    Lots of others I will think of in time.



  2. LoversGGBlackmail

    Author: Galgat version 1.00
    requires : LoversPK REV 89 or Higher for sure, I am using 94
    [i have been playing it with REV 96 and found no problems.]
    Requires :
    Requires : OBSE 20 ;19 might be enough, but I am using ver 20
    Requires : shivering isle
    Requires : HGEC Body mod
    Requires : Or should have Elys universal silent voice
    Requires : Pluggy 125 or better I would think, I am running 132
    Requires : New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : May not be needed (questionable with LAPF and other changes)
    Another thing you May wish to get :: FastTravelDoubleFaceFix.esp
    If you have ever seen the NPC or companian come to you and have like 2 faces on them. This is a fast travel bug, and Update3D is needed to fix
    this little mod takes care of that for you.
    It can be placed most anywhere in your load order, and functions just fine.
    NOTE::: I have never bridged the gap, adding story from tamriel to Shivering Isle's so some things may screw up. Is a new
    thing for me. One thing I noticed was MentalElfs packager added and insert to the "distantlod folder" I believe this has to
    be installed, but you may wish to back up the file it adds to your "distantlod folder" if it is already there the file name
    is "tamriel_21_-9.lod".
    Recommended :: Nusbie Refining existing lovers animations ::Not required, but needed, as I use many animation from his
    pack's, and the ones you have may not look right or fit the plot if you do not have these.
    [ for the most part anything you need to play LoversPK you need here ]
    Requires : Must be playing a FEMALE CHARACTER
    This is something I have started, and sense I have not seen anything new pop up in awhile, even though it is not finished, it is playable to a point.
    Your hero is about to be subject to Shame and humiliation. That is the theme of this mod, Blackmailed into preforming for a Group of people that have no real interest other than profit for shaming you to the public in Tamrial. They have a contract to sully your name, and reputation through out the realm.
    At certain points in the game you will have to check the local rumors, until you get and update in your quest log. also waiting a few days between meetings with the Kovak guild, until they call you to come to them again.
    It is just a start of I hope I have time to make, A much bigger quest. You should get plenty of Quest markers early on to get you where you need to go. To get the Ball rolling so to speak.
    Bugs, its beta, sure may be many, One of the worst is that sometimes my NPC to NPC dialog is not visible, and that is pissing me off. I can not yet figure out why this is. when this happens like the 2 NPC will meet, and talk, but you won't see it. It sucks. I have placed Messages at certain time to allow you to know what is going on "Sort of", even if this is happening, but it is not what I want. I am still tweaking it.
    there are many NPC Dialogs that I have set up that sometimes the text is visible, and sometimes it is not. The drunks that talk to Buckman first at each bar. When buckman returns to base, he has a chat with the boss, Mrs. Caro talks to her Husband. after the Bloodwine is made, and many more. These would help your story line if they appear consistently.
    Only way I know to make them show if they do not, is to save shortly before these events. and the quit the game, and restart at that save.
    If you save while you are enslaved, be sure to do it after the master person has taken off and is well under way to where ever they are going. [this because I move markers around a lot, and if you save to soon the marker may not get moved, and your screwed]
    Be sure to have. subtitles set in your Oblivion.ini
    After each humiliation act's happen, each with a few days between them, remember after the Humiliations are over to talk with people about rumors, until you get and update, then you may have to wait a few days. You will find that people are talking about you a lot. And it is not nice sometimes what they say.
    thats about it. Let me know if I should even continue with it. Please don't bash me to much, it is just something I have been testing, and as I have not seen any new LoversPK stuff out in awhile I thought I might release what I have done so Far.
    **********additions of ver 0.09*************************
    You only need the LoversGalgatBlackmail_.09.7z folder and everything in it, I have added some textures, and .nif files so you will have to install the full package and loversGGBlackmail.esp from that .7z files folder. Every thing else I only left encase you have a problem, but will be removing the other files soon for space.
    ADDED: fejeena helped me out by running through my ESP again looking for dirty edits I made, so the timer tweaked, and regular ESP are in the "ESP_fejeena_Cleaned_For_MeVer9.7z" file. you will still need everything from the main Ver9.7z file, but use one of those ESP would be best.
    ADDED: TimerTweakedESP_.09ver.7z is just ESP but timer is tweaked a little on the stock quest in IC, and Buckman Quest. May help some with older slower Machines, but have tested only once through those Quests If causes Problem revert to ESP in LoversGalgatBlackmail_.09.7z file.
    You still need all Meshes, textures, sounds, what ever from the LoversGalgatBlackmail_.09.7z file folder.
    1. Adds another quest that will move your heroine out of the shivering Isle's. I did shorten many things I wanted to do there, but such options can always be re opened at a latter date, if I decided that I want them. I just had to many quests opened there, and needed to conclude them for now.
    Hopefully this will allow me to move on with the Tamrial part of the quest line.
    2. Many have said that wearing clothing when accepting the Buckman quest. has caused them trouble. I personally have never had a problem with this, I allowed you to wear what ever clothing you wished on this one because the acts that you were forced to do, it did not matter if you wore clothing or not. [unless you had motion 112 changed to some other motion. from its original]
    There may be many reasons for the problem, (there are several versions of setbody floating around, some of them are not real stable) (some do not set there bodies to 0 weight, some just do odd stuff) this could be why some have the problem, and some do not. I use a very personal version of set Body that I have modified the .nif files to, ( adjusting the color balance, and setting for oily skin, and taking into blender all the lower body parts and improving them, adding B_hole, and re shaping the Vagina, and changing the textures to match, and such) It was a Set body mod that was made by a person that did not wish it to be shared with the general public, so I can not share it. Sorry.
    The other reasons I can think of are the normal ones, load order, mod conflict, trying to move ahead in the story by using Setstage, installing something wrong, and so on.
    [Fix for some I hope:] I have re done the dialog with Buckman, and if you are wearing clothing, he will ask you to remove it all, this includes rings, necklaces, and shield, It would be best to remove your weapon as well. I hope this helps a lot of you that have had trouble with this part of the mod. Not being able to re create this problem on my system, makes it just impossible for me to understand the problem, and fix it for sure.
    3. Many text edit's and probably some created
    **********additions of ver 0.08*************************
    1.This Only adds a short introduction to Welcher trade me, and his Mother, and the first quest you do for him. "I'm a Black Widow" I will probably be tweaking this some more, but I think is playable.
    2.I also added a spell that will toggle the Rumors about you off or on. Cast it once will turn off the rumor's and cast it again to turn them back on.
    REASON FOR SPELL::: Some mods do stuff with the Hello topic, and because of this My mod's use of it also could cause conflicts, so if you are not actively playing Blackmail, cast the "Action No Gossip" spell once to turn off the Gossip about you, and if you begin to actively play BlackMail again then just cast it again to turn them back on.
    One mod I know that does not like them on is BravilUnderground, so use the spell if your actively playing BravilUnderground.
    3. IMPORTANT:: I May have the ESP name different than the one you have been playing, so you might have to rename the ESP if this is the case, so your save games will work right with it.
    **********additions of ver 0.07 fixes & problems*************************
    1. Extended the foolorn quest a little farther, not much, you will have a mission for the Wetlord that leds to some rather
    abusive treatment.
    2. I was the one who originally set up the crawling animations for slave bondage, and I tweaked the models a lot in
    Nifskope to get speeds, and what not reasonable, but this special animation is very hard to drop out of sometime's, and you may be stuck crawling on your hands and knees even after being released.
    If this happens, just quicksave game, exit game To the Main Oblivion Screen, and reload your quicksave game. this has always fixed the hanging when it does happen, I am sorry, I have tried many thing's to try and stop this from happening, but nothing I have tried has ever been foolproof.
    this will also fix If on exiting slavery your hands are staying behind your back, which sometimes Happens.
    One of the oddities of this is, if you save before release, and then restart OB, and load that save, it seems to work flawlessly.. I wish I could understand what is happening with this, I think it is also the reason why sometimes forced conversation dialog is not seen sometimes.
    **********additions of ver 0.06 fixes & problems*************************
    1.Mainly extended the Shivering Isles part with more quest's.
    2.Added some dialog from onlookers are Gawk-er's, During sex act's. This is still in testing, but seems okay for now.
    3. been picking at it off and on long period, I know have done some text editing, many minor bug tweaking. little motion changes and such.
    4. truthfully I can not remember all the changes I may have made. I have been tied up with family problems for some time, and could only aply a limited amount of time to this.
    5. The quests extend a little ways into Foolorn, and area I created in the shivering isle's. I have a lot I wish to do there, and this just scratches the surface of that.
    6. I wish had more time, would have extended it a lot more. But I will be working on it.
    Install just place all the files in the Blackmail folder into your Oblivion\Data folder.
    If you have been playing LoversCrowning Isle or and earlier version of Blackmail, it will re write the special animations of that mod into the same place, but they are no different than the ones I use in Crowning isle, so its no big deal. I may latter rename, and re work them some anyway, so there will never be any conflict. And at this time there won't be anyway because there the same files..LOL.
    *****Things to think about************
    I never put anything below these
    3E Lovers with PK.esp [Version 93]
    3F LoversCreature.esp
    40 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
    41 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
    42 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
    those mods are always at the bottom of my load order. some people don't do this, and for a time they will get away with it. but it will get them eventually. In loversPK mods.
    at the top of load order
    00 Oblivion.esm << This one always top
    01 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm << this one above the other 4
    02 x117race.esm <<This one above the other 3
    03 Lovers with PK.esm << above the other 2
    04 LoversCreature.esm << above the other 1
    05 BreakUndies.esm
    this area below here is where your lovers PK Mods will go
    and for the most part all your other mods
    New mods like mine go right above setbody Or most any new mod your are testing
    for the first time, latter you may move it up, and also check if doc file informs you of
    any Mod it should be above or below, but be aware that many modders because they aways want
    there mod to work will tell you place it at bottom, its a cheap shot, but a lot do it
    I don't know how many times i have seen that I suppose every mod ever made for Oblivion
    has to be Placed at the bottom of your load order, "" Now how is that going to work ??""
    Please understand LoversPK, and it's components are not a mod, they are a Game
    Engine with functions { A child Engine of the Master Oblivion Engine}, just like UDK or dooms engine
    you can not put your Engine in the back seat, and expect to drive off with out a lot of Bailing wire.
    32 SetBody.esp
    [these are all MBP Not needed in this mod, but this is where they would be]
    33 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
    34 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
    35 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
    36 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
    37 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
    38 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
    39 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
    3A Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
    3B Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
    3C Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3D x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3E Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
    3F Real_Mannequin.esp << this not actually MBP, but normally comes with the OMOD
    [i very, very seldom ever place any mod of any kind here]
    [it defeat's MBP's ability to fix the Look of the People in that mod]
    40 Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96]
    41 LoversCreature.esp
    42 LoversMB2.esp
    43 Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
    44 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
    45 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
    46 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
    nothing below here these 7 ESP always at bottom
    That pretty much goes for any new to you lovers mod you are trying out. Putting a new mod up high in your load order is just asking for it to fuck up, putting it below the ones i told you to keep at the bottom is doing the same thing.
    LoversPK extender is bad new's in my Mod, but try it if you want, but Don't say I did not warn you.
    Joburg, LandE, are probably very bad too. Any mod that constantly looks for something that can rape you is likely to cause trouble.
    Mods that damage you when having sex, probably very bad, as this is forced RPG action, I have the rape flag set on most everything to do with sex.
    Rape flagged Motions the Jump button will not change, this is RPG I have to have motions in the right place.
    Is why when Motion numbers are changed it makes thing seem screwy, like My dialog says your doing s BJ, and the Motion instead is missionary.
    If you have Conservative setting on those Mods I mentioned you may be Okay. I never shut down My version of LoversRapeSGalgat.esp, but I keep the setting very Conservative. But some of the newer versions are taking some liberties that I have not looked at, I just don't know about them.
    I never use Bash Patches, and I for sure do not use Boss. Those tool's and there use are up to you, but if you use them, and have trouble. I probably can not help you much. I prefer to make My own CTD, I don't need any help.
    1. Laboratory experiment.
    After the experiment you will get a chance to look around, before being taken back to Kovak. You might for story line reasons want to check out Monroes Log.
    2. after returning to Kovak base from laboratory experiment, The boss seems to have troubles, and has little time to fool with you. Looks around the base, for some sort of document, paper work, your looking for a clue that will led you to the finishing part of what I have done so far in 0.03 ver.
    Hopefully this update will give you and Idea of the direction the story is to take.
    Much thanks to the people that made LoversPK
    to Makers of Nifskope, Blender, and Gimp2, and OBMM, Wrye Bash these are wonderful tools, and not much would have ever happened with out them.
    to thomthom for allowing me to take and abuse his Following scripts.
    to Donkey for his wonderful additions to LoversPK animations, and Nusbie for his refining of many of them.
    to Slof for her wonderful depictions of the male Genitilia.
    for HGEC, the hands down best body for Oblivion, and now it appears ported to Skyrim.
    GSBmodders; for giving me a template to use for the Black Horse Courier News paper.
    MentleElf; for his Packaging program, I have grown so use to using it, I don't know what I would do with out it. It misses some thing's but if very good.
    fejeena; Always a big help, spots my fat finger dirty edits all the time.
    Great Big Thank you to Ashal. for giving us this location and ability to upload our fantasy's, for others to play.
    Many others I will try and add latter, this is a very new mod.
    If you use something here or I give you and Idea, a little credit to me would be nice, I get I think more cursing sometimes it seems that thumbs up.
    But that is up to you.



  3. LoversCrowningIsle

    Author: Galgat version 1.04.00
    requires : LoversPK REV 89 or 90, 91,94,96
    [i have been playing it with REV 96 and found no problems.]
    Requires : Beautiful people 2ch-Ed.esm > I used [ MBP1.4aFull&MBP++0.90&x117++0.76a (Japanese Text was here) 1.0 ] I used OMOD Version
    Requires : The chocoloate elf addon for MBP
    Requires : shivering isle
    Requires : HGEC Body mod
    Requires : OBSE latest stable version
    Requires : Or should have Elys universal silent voice
    Requires : Pluggy 125 or better I would think, I am running 132
    Requires : New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : http://www.loverslab...ead.php?tid=184
    ( Removed Motions 1-195 from Donkey pack so will not conflict with LAPF) for version Crowning Isle 1.04.00
    This is a must have, many creature animations will not work with out. Mainly needed in {id}'s Domain. I have been told that this is no longer available there, so I have Uploaded it to the downloads area. I think it is all there. I unpacked it, and re packed it, and it went from 130 Meg to just a little over 12 meg. I hope this was just the newer 7z compression algorithm doing a better job of compression.
    [ for the most part anything you need to play LoversPK you need here ]
    Requires : Must be playing a FEMALE CHARACTER
    Recommend:: Loverslight, not needed though.
    fejeena :: Has some things she has Made useable in LoversCrowningIsle. You might want to check them out Here>> http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14613-fejeenas-stuff/?do=findComment&comment=322908
    I have not personally tried them, [ I have to avoid dependency in my Mod as much as possible ] but many of them look very nice. I think she has some items fixed up for the mermaid as well as for the school dresses, and other items, that should be useable with this mod.
    Another thing you My wish to get :: FastTravelDoubleFaceFix.esp
    If you have ever seen the NPC or companian come to you and have like 2 faces on them. This is a fast travel bug, and Update3D is needed to fix
    this little mod takes care of that for you.
    It can be placed most anywhere in your load order, and functions just fine.
    *****************THINGS TO CONSIDER******************
    Avoid playing if you just have to have mods like Joburg, landE, running
    they will probably muck up the quests big time.( Or don't have them on if your doing and Island Quest )when your away from the Island quest line, should be no problem.( but avoid getting NPC killed with these mod's..Might mess up a quest line.)Those mods can mess up anyone's quest mod including Bethesda s.
    LoversRapeSGalgat, or LoversRapeS do not cause any problems,( if not in
    chaos mode or set for extremely high aggression ) I keep LoversRapeSGalgat running all the time.
    avoid having LoversMagic type mods running, they might get you killed,
    and I don't run lovers extended..I can get My exp the old fashion way. if
    your Character is tough enough these will not be a problem, I had lovers
    magic running through large parts of this mod. but it was nip, and tuck
    sometimes during testing.
    INSTALLATION : Just drop the files in the package folder into you Data folder inside your Oblivion Folder.
    [ Oblivion\Data ] let it write its self in, this mod should not over write any main game files.
    THESE IN OBLIVION/DATA FOLDER: Meshes,Sound,Textures,LoversCrowningIsle.esp.
    and the CrowningIsleDoc1.04.00.txt or PatchDoc where ever you want to read it.
    Maybe this will help you with the load Order, It is generalized, Not set in stone.
    But very close to always being right for LoversPK mods
    at the top of load order
    00 Oblivion.esm << This one always top
    01 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm << this one above the other 4
    02 x117race.esm <<This one above the other 3
    03 Lovers with PK.esm << above the other 2
    04 LoversCreature.esm << above the other 1
    05 BreakUndies.esm
    this area below here is where your lovers PK Mods will go
    and for the most part all your other mods
    New mods like mine go right above setbody Or most any new mod your are testing
    for the first time, latter you may move it up, and also check if doc file informs you of
    any Mod it should be above or below, but be aware that many modders because they aways want
    there mod to work will tell you place it at bottom, its a cheap shot, but a lot do it
    I don't know how many times i have seen that I suppose every mod ever made for Oblivion
    has to be Placed at the bottom of your load order, "" Now how it that going to work ??""
    Please understand LoversPK, and it's components are not a mod, they are a Game
    Engine with functions { A child Engine of the Master Oblivion Engine}, just like UDK or dooms engine
    you can not put your Engine in the back seat, and expect to drive off with out a lot of Bailing wire,
    The load order is extremely important.
    32 SetBody.esp
    [these are all MBP]
    33 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
    34 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
    35 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
    36 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
    37 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
    38 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
    39 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
    3A Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
    3B Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
    3C Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3D x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3E Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
    3F Real_Mannequin.esp << this not actually MBP, but normally comes with the OMOD
    [i very, very seldom ever place any mod of any kind here]
    [it defeat's MBP's ability to fix the Look of the People in that mod]
    40 Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96]
    41 LoversCreature.esp
    42 LoversMB2.esp
    43 Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
    44 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
    45 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
    46 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
    nothing below here these 7 ESP always at bottom
    Then Activate the .ESP
    For the most part this is pretty much always right, but there are exceptions,
    And for those you will have a lot of trial and error.
    to start the quest, and get moving, talk with someone other than a Guard,
    you should get a quest update, might have to talk to more than one, but
    anyway they will tell you how you ought to be a SOAP Girl ( School of advanced
    Prostitution ) go to Anvil, The dock or Boardwalk of the little pond in the city you
    will find and emissary, who can transport you to Crowning Island.
    It is to be and Island Mod, I will be adding Much more to it, At least
    this Lovers Mod will not have to be Translated to English, as all was
    done in English, however I know very bad English, but English none the
    It is early in development, but I think if any of you would care to try
    it, I would like a little Beta testing... At the very least it adds more
    land to Oblivion, and I think it is a very UN-obtrusive mod, adding only
    the emissary to the Tamriel area of the game, everything else I have built
    and added. And is outside the normal playing area of the game.
    Let me know what ya think...Flamers just make me give up though, so if
    you have nothing good to say..Don't..LOL
    I mean it is free, and it is a Mod.. It may break your system.. Don't blame me..

    **********Patch ESP>> 1.03.06D fixes, and additions************
    0. Some of this fixed in other 2 patches, but felt I would group them all here
    1.Fixed crawling animation problem
    2.fixed taboo sex problem with Classmates and siren if used "A make Me Slave spell" I think
    3. fixed key disabled bindings on reload I think
    4. added ability to hold "V" key for a moment if used "A make Me Slave spell" to free self.
    5. this adds some options the owner may randomly do when you use the "a Make me a slave spell"
    6. added re worked Motion 64, INI, and .Ks files. You must manually install them. I did not wish to force them on you. but if not used, the dialog will be stupid.{{{ This is not Applicable Now}}} Check farther down for way not to install them. Also a read me comes with the Download telling you how not to install them if you do not want them.
    7. also during slave sale Gag is removed for sex now, or should be."A make me a slave spell"
    8. added another abuse that your owner may place on you while you are enslaved by the "A make me a slave spell"
    9. Tried to streamline, and shorten some of the sale's Pitch for "A make me a slave spell".
    10. Found some holes I had to plug in some area's to keep Script from crashing, I will try to catch them as I find them.
    11. Fix some errors in the creature is your master if used the "A make me a slave spell", forgot to Stop loop action while LoversPK action was going. Which would led to script shut down. Seems more stable now.
    12. Many dialog changes
    13."A make me a slave spell"::if you get stuck, as in spinning around, because master is on the next level up or down from you. Holding "NumPad 9" for a moment will take you to your master. I would use this sparingly though.
    14."A make me a slave spell"::If you master drops your lease or die's, My scripts will attempt to find you a new master, failing this you should be released in approx 3 min.
    15. "A make me a slave spell":: Made some script adjustments that should keep things from trying to kill your PC are from calling Guards if you are trespassing.
    Keep in mind Many Radiant AI Packages have "Must complete", and "Continue if player Present", and even though I have stopped them from sounding alarms for the most part, or attacking you. They still may do unusual, or repetitive things because of there AI package.
    I am testing some stuff to stop this, but for now it is just a problems that you have to deal with either by 1. Holding the "V" key for a moment to release your self, and exiting the area fast because once free all alarms will once again be available for activation. OR 2. exiting the game, and reloading a save prior to your enslavement. OR 3. waiting, sometimes a long time for there package to finally clear, and for some packages this is never.
    16. "A make me a slave spell":: I have had pretty good luck with [ Crowned Bruma, Crowned Cheydinhal, Crowded Skingrad, and Crowded Chorrel .esp's ] These are Plugin's that add more people to those cities, but these programs have some very buggy AI packages, and there not mine, so I don't mod them for public use.]
    [ Crowded Roads.esp's ] I tried very hard to make it compatible with these, but the makers scripted NPC's make really strange things happen. I wish they had used stable NPC's and gave them a bed roll, to drop at night, and sleep instead of (disabling them and killing) them, and just made them re-spawn if they died. Which is what screws everything up.
    So [ Crowded Roads.esp's ] do not play well at all with My "A make me a slave spell". Any Mod that scripts disable, and kill, or strangely scripts there added NPC's will not function well with mine.
    Mods with stable, never disabled NPC's that remain in the game full time should for the most part do alright, but some of them have very odd scripting, and will fail as well.
    For the most part when they fail with my mod, as in drop your lease even if another NPC picks it up, it may not re attach it's self to them, leaving you still wandering free. or culling the follow routine's, and just teleporting you from spot to spot as they move. Is best to quit, and restart an old save then, sometimes it will finally re attach it's self, but it is not trustworthy.
    17. "A make me a slave spell"::If your Owner dies, you will still be stuck to there dead body, but if no one else picks up your lease in approx 3 Min's you should be released.
    18."A make me a slave spell":: if the "V" key fails to release you after holding it for a little while, my script may have failed, and shut down. This "V" key release only works for the "A make me a slave spell", it does not work for the other enslavement's that may happen in My Mod, they are quest oriented, and have nothing to do with voluntary enslavement, and there is no built in release for them.
    19. I have added the 5 motions [there are others, but I don't have time to chase them all down] I use regularly in the mod [because there is a lot of Motion changing Modding being done]. There is a Note [Motion Note Read This] in the Package explaining how not to use them if you do not wish to change your motions.
    But they are really needed to make the Dialog, and actions during the mod make sense. I use these same Motions at there original Location in LoversBlackmail too, so having them will help there as well.
    20. fejeena:: helped me to find some dirty edit's I had left in, and I really appreciate that. I tend to miss these quite often.
    21. There are other things I have added, or changed but you probably won't notice them.
    This has been, because of personal Problems testy to work on, I wish I could spend more time on it, It has become very large for me alone to test, and I am sure I missed many things that could happen. I count on much help from all the other good people here to help, and they have been many that have.
    Because many things you may have happen, I am unable to repeat, and so fixing them is sometimes just not possible.
    I run mod's I like, and you run mods you like, and there will always be problems with other mods, and mine. I just don't have time to adjust my mod to be compatible with everyone Else's.
    It is mostly little distance checks, and reset options if Customer is dead, disabled, to far, sitting, sleeping what ever I keep having to stumble onto in order to fix, I have to get this solid before I can move on with main stream Quests. Because these spells [Or rather there functions] are planed for use with other Missions I have in mind.

    I long ago finished all the main quest's in Oblivion, so I can not
    mess up My game, It would have been finished long ago if not for all the
    many modder, helping me to find new places to explore, and new ways to
    enhance the game play.
    Most of my stuff is modded differently than the original modders
    Idea anyway. If I like a mod, I try very hard to make it more likable for
    me. you should see the joburg ( or the landE, I went wild on it.. ) I
    play...LOL, or my Loversadultplay or paybandit...I have tweaked so many
    Oblivion mods to my own taste's.
    Sometimes it's not really my taste's but more of how much I can piss
    off the Prude's out there that think every mod should be save the
    princess, and ride off into the sunset with the comic relief following
    close behind.
    Every one speaks proper, and no one ever say's fuck, or shit, or
    Bitch or bastard, or picks there nose, or farts or cleans the wax from
    there ears with there finger. That would not be right..LOL
    They are the book burner's, the censor's with all the right ways for
    you to think, and act. As long as you think like they do, and act in
    there appointed way's.
    That is what I like about Bethesda Game's, if you do not like them,
    make them in a way that you do... I am sure others do this too.
    Why did the Oblivion modder's make a man with a penis, and a fully
    anatomically correct female body, shackle's, and hand cuff's galore, and
    skimpy out fits, and Sex animations for every character, and creature in
    the game, and oodles and gob's of Cum shot's, urine stream's, and torture
    We all want our fantasy's...our escape,
    ********************************A little Help **************************
    [i use timers a lot to start things happening, sometimes the timer's
    don't kick in at the exact time I wish them too. this can be caused by
    some ones system being a little slow to update, it can be by design, I
    wanted the player to wonder what the heck is going on, nothing is
    happening. And some is just my being clumsy with the scripting... wait a
    bit, see if time helps, don't be so fast to suddenly say...Crap it is a
    bug... it may just take a little bit for the script to kick in ]
    SOME HELP : After you are enrolled in the school, get your uniform ( I
    made the uniforms required for Prostitution, so you could take it off,
    and get rid of the extra dialog ), go free love for awhile, you should
    get and update that school has started soon...
    go to class, I plan the schedule to be correct latter, you can actually
    right now go to class at almost any time.
    Warning: Once you finally reach the quest to board the Pirate ship.. stay
    on board until you finally finish the job with the pirates..if you use a
    devise that Booty makes for you to leave... you will never finish that
    one, as returning to the ship at that time would not be possible.
    [i could have made Bootys devise not usable there, but I wanted to save
    some people a step latter when they needed to return to the Pirate ship.]
    So save before entering the Pirate ship on the right Island. the person
    near that ship you have to talk to is Narwal. but no reason to talk to
    them until you get the quest.
    After you finish the Pirate Courtesan job you can go back most
    anytime. But you must finish the laborious task there.. I might shorten
    that one latter..
    I have not added much graphics as I am trying to keep the mods size very
    small. By using mostly just default game graphics.
    this is and ongoing thing, I will be working on for some time, as I have
    said at least for now it gives you some extra area to explore.
    One bug I know of, sometimes there is a token (Grrr. this Bitch is mine)I
    place on the Player during sex acts that can get stuck there..
    if that happens you could just throw it away, but that tends to make a
    lot of clutter in your game.
    I set up a fail safe, just go swimming until you see Grrr this bitch
    is mine removed.
    this is also the way you will remove some of the pheromone creams you
    might get from your body as well.But they are intended to be removed this
    explore, do quests let me know what your think.
    To the people who made OBLIVION
    to the many great Scriptwriters that made LoversPK such a mostly great and
    functional way to place sex animations in Oblivion...Really Super Work.
    to the makers of OBMM, and Wrye Bash, both are like impossible to be with
    to all the great animators who did those wonderful animations..
    Ode to HGEC Body maker...
    to Slof who has always be a good friend, and does such beautiful work
    with male character....!, though I have not been able to chat with her
    sense way back at the original funky's Forum.
    to the people who have made OBSE a Must have addition to Oblivion Plug
    in's..Yes, Yes, Yes, !
    to Nifskope maker, maker's..it is a main stay of all modders, and the
    Nice people that put together Blender, and gave the poor people a chance
    to do some really good stuff with models.
    I almost forgot Gimp 2, yes I have photo shop, but for many thing's I
    much prefer Gimp 2.
    Cha0s_lord for his excellent "Chainit" mod, I have used one of his
    shackles in this mod, and may use more as I continue to work on this. In
    his doc all he asked was a little credit..and it is and excellent
    resource for good bondage type items.
    To thomthom for allowing me to play with his scripts and .nif files I
    just love this stuff..and every one should stay up on his progress with
    his Mod ZMCPlayerSlave.. It's going to be Great.
    I have taken a creature from the creatures Mod...Textured it, and modified its original usage, so it should not conflict.. Credit for it goes to the wonderful Creatures mod maker, Makers.
    Credit to Growlf for his Mermaid Tail which I have re shaped, and re Textured for my Needs. He does some very Wonderful stuff. He use to come into Funkies Old Web sight long ago, and chat some. I always loved his Morrowind stuff, it was very good, and what he does now is even better.
    And Donkey's New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : http://www.loverslab...ead.php?tid=184
    This is some really good work..You should all be proud of the things that Donkey has accomplished with these animations... I am..
    And a Very Big Thank You to Ashal for giving us a place to share Our fantasy's with others.
    so Many others, I probably missed...Thank you all.
    This is a Quest story, I have written it, and attempted to make it as such.
    Because it is a story I would not want anyone re writing it because some of the
    text in it offended them, get another mod..
    Please H. G. Wells would not want you re writing war of the worlds, Tom sawyer
    would hardly be the same if someone else decided to re write it because of the use
    of Ethnic Slang, Mary Shelley would not want someone re writting Frankenstein
    because they cut up dead people to make him, and that was gross...
    Point is Books are written in a certain way, I like to think Quests are that way
    as well.
    As far as translating it, or removing dependency's I have no problems
    with that. but the story or stories are as is, and I would prefer that to
    be left alone.
    if you find something useful in here for your mod, use it..just make
    sure you make it so there is no conflict between my mod and yours. that's
    just good practice. [With the exception to ThomThoms scripts, I have edited them a lot, but they are his Idea, and his work. I have commented at the top of these so you will know which ones have his stuff in them, even though I have modded them a lot for my needs]
    A little credit if you feel like it would be nice.



  4. Tags Yinyang

    ADULT MOD***********************************ADULT MOD
    Author; Galgat
     OK, This was my test area, for trying new Idea's
       I have not modded or released a mod some time. I had this
    laying around, and though maybe some of you might get a kick
    out of it.( My testing area mostly, and a place to relax and
    dance )

      There is a spell that lets you do some various sex act's, but
    it is far from finished. right now it has a long range, that
    will change latter, also be careful with it, if the NPC is
    talking it will act funny ( i know how to fix this, but for
    testing reasons, it is not fixed yet). it does not position the
    Player in the right place, you have to spin around and move
    your player into position, it was a crazy Idea I had, and never
       but it does work sort of.
    You will receive a One time teleport item ( Ring I think ) in
    your inventory, use it, and you will be teleported to Tags Yin
    Yang the first time Only.
     It is as of this version a one time use only item.
    from there just explore, see what you think.
    I think I posted it once on old wolflore sight, but back then
    the size was a problem, and I used some sort of temp upload are
    only allowed like 10 down loads, and then dropped the file.
    RECOMMENDED:77_Umpa_Animation.... for dancing in the club
    INSTALLATION : just drop the data folder into your Oblivion
    folder, and let it copy it's self into place. Or create and
    Put a check in tagsyinyang.esp and fire up the game.
    MUST HAVE:BE sure you have these Mods installed.
    1. OBSE 16 or higher, but I have been using 17. anyway must
    have this installed.
    2. Female Eye Candy - Body Re-placer 1.0,
     and Full_Omod_Fixed-15802
    3.Shivering isles, knights of the nine expansions ( afraid I
    let a few items from them slip into my mod)
    4. LoverPK

    Problems: it would not be Beta if it were perfect, but I have
    tried to optimize all the nif files, and spent much time
    testing, other than the sex spell not being totally finished, I
    think it is all okay.
    Mainly I was always testing things I could do with .nif files
    here, everything from re texturing wall, sand floors to making
    video's play on picture frames, and a flashing dance floor, and
    animated Speakers. Just stupid stuff.
    But you all might find something of use in there. Maybe some
    credit if you use any of it.

        Colourwheel Gifted me with 3 nif files which I modified
    extensively with My own textures.and moved, copied, and deleted
    Branches from till they may not look it, but are quite
    different now.She does a really great job, and I was very proud
    to get to use some of her nif files, it saved me a lot of time.
    a couple of her panties have managed to sneak into my mod, they
    are not worn or sold anywhere, but one of her mods seems to
    replace something in my textures, and they have managed to get
    into this version. I will try to weed them out in latter
        Much, Much credit to all those wonderful animators, that
    have contributed to the Oblivion community, with out those I
    would have never tried to mod in OB again.
    NIFSKOPE....Nothing better, such a wonderfully amazing Program.
    OBLIVION MOD Manager: super, super helpful tool, I know now
    there are better, but I still find it handy.
    OBSE: making Oblivion almost easy to Mod.
    and as much as I hate it, I have to give Credit to the Oblivion
    Wiki..it is helpful, though rather confusing as well.
    Slof: makes all this worth it, her wonderful mods Fill a nitch
    that no one else can, or I think could do as well. I just love
    her stuff.
    Thanks to whom ever Strap-on I have used, downloaded so many from
    so many mods, I'm not exactly sure which one this on came
    from, I have re-textured it, and Nifskoped it a little, but I
    did not make it.
    I do not want Those that are under age to have this. I made it
    for myself, and for learning reasons.
    :::ANOTHER WARNING:::   if sexually explicit digital
    characters, nude-ness, or having them copulate in front of you
    is troubling, get rid of this mod...delete it, and forget that
    it exists. :::warning:::

       I left the tesfile packer log in here for any that want to
    know what went where. Another wonderful tool made By mental
    elf...much credit to Him and others that make the unsung hero
    Mods, like OBMM, Tes File Packer, OBSM, NifSkope. they are what
    make the mods possible.
        I( have done a lot of texturing, and some of the clothing I
    am sort of proud of, But some...well they filled the gap's.
    Please if you use any of this stuff, give a little credit, and
    always remember the others that made stuff like this Possible.
       Remember all the mods you Download, many have slaved over
    some part of for untold hours.
      I just hope it is all there. I know is all there in my game
    as I keep it in there all the time. For me it is rather
    unobtrusive, and I find some times fun to go there and dance.
    Not planing on adding to or supporting much
    was just something I had laying around, and thought some of you
    might have a use for it or get ideas from.
    May not even be worth your time to look at



  5. GG_Naughty_Trading

    File Name: GGNaughtyTrading
    File Submitter: galgat
    File Submitted: 02 Feb 2015
    File Category: Misc Sex
    Requires: FallOutNV, SexoutNG, SexOutCommonResources, The Mod Configuration Menu, Female Player
    Mod Name: GG_Naughty_Trading
    Author: Galgat
    Version: 1.06
    Requirements: FallOutNV, SexoutNG, SexOutCommonResources, The Mod Configuration Menu (Newest Versions) Female Player
    And what ever they need to function Properly
    Installation: just drop the GGNaughtyTrading.ESP in your FONV Data folder or use Fomm, Go to MCM Menu, and turn it on, the (DLC Safe Option), is off to have wilderness event, and On to turn them Off.
    You will know when one of the Wilderness events happen, I just hope they work Okay for you.
    NOTE::If Playing a DLC be sure to turn On the "DLC Safe" Option this stops the wilderness events, and they could mess you up in a DLC.
    Updating: I think should be okay to just let the new over write the old, but sense there is not quest yet, I would suggest, you wipe the old, make a new save with out NaughtyTrader installed, and then re install the new version.
    NEW IN 1.04: This very Beta, and is Just for Proof of Concept.
    I have added my following routines from Oblivion, took some tweaking in places, and they do not work quite as well, but they do okay, I am still working with them, but here is the beginnings of what I hope to make a much larger Quest in this one, not much right now, but a sample of something I am planing.
    To start it talk to anyone, don't enter any of the casino's until you talk to someone, the Greeting will jump past the forced greet from the casino floor manager, and it will crash, just talk to someone first before entering any casino's to start the quest. Map markers should get you going after that, and the greeting will never pop up again, so casino's are safe after that.
    NOTE ONE: This one very important you probably have your attack Key set to the left mouse button. I disable attack while you are a slave, after all slave's can not attack anyone, they are submissive toy's.
    Now that said, you will not be able to click on topics on your screen with the attack button, but just move your Mouse over the Topic Text, and hit the enter key, unless you have some really strange Keyboard set up this will still activate the topic choices, and will also be the way you will have to select things in the MCM menu. This is only when you are Enslaved. once you are free all control's are returned to you.
    If your using a hand held Controller, I am not sure if enter will still work, I don't use one, so that could be a problem, I just do not know.
    At least this is what works for me, I think it will work for everyone, I am still new to FONV so it may be that some people set there control's up in ways I don't know about.
    NOTE TWO: the follow routines work pretty well right now outside, Inside try to stay close to your master (with out a dependable UPDATE3D to many moveto's can cause the invisible PC If moveto sets you to close to a wall, a sex act or cell change will normally fix this), I have left you some left, and right control, and you may when not directly pulled by the leash still move back, and forth. If you get stuck do not worry to much if your character is running, you will very shorty be moved next to your Owner.
    NOTE THREE: The Collar constantly fights to keep you in control, when first placed on you, your character will fight, and try to run away but you will lose the battle, and the Collar will take control.
    Also at times when the collar realizes you are to far from your Owner, and teleports you to them. There is a break in the Synaptic signaling from the Collar to your Brain, again you may try to escape, but the Collar will soon gain control again, you can not escape you are a slave.
    If you feel you are to far behind your Owner you may tap the always run key, and catch up, once you catch up it will normally set you back to walking. However distance is the corrector on this so sometimes you may be able to run if you don't get to far from your Owner, but it will reset.
    NOTE FOUR: almost forgot this I figure you would sort this one out anyway, but sometimes you master will stop, and you may wonder what is going on. He may have stopped just short of an invisible marker. You may have to wander around just a bit for the distance check to get right, and then you Owner's Dialogue should fire.
    THAT ABOUT COVERS IT: I am still tweaking, and porting some of My tweaks from Oblivion to improve it, but I think this little testing Quest is solid enough for some of you to try. If causes to much trouble, just delete it, call me ugly name's, and use the old version, or get so mad you just don't even want to look at anything I do ever again. It's okay I do it to sometimes. Just please remember it's free, and if your system Explodes I take no blame for that.
    This little quest as it is sort of a test is repeatable, I may stop that as I advance the quest, but for now it is repeatable just talk to the Slaver again
    Conflict's: any mod that modifies 188 Trading post has the potential to cover up the little trap door I placed under the bridge, this could be a problem for the Quest, as It would block My slaver from entering, and leaving.
    I made this because I truly love all the mods that many others have made, but they don't always allow you to get frisky early in the game, and for easy checking that everything sexout is working like you want, and I hated waiting so long, or traveling so far just to start my prostitution habit.
    I made this because I truly love all the mods that many others have made, but they don't always allow you to get frisky early in the game, and for easy checking that everything sexout is working like you want, and I hated waiting so long, or traveling so far just to start my prostitution habit.
    This is a pretty simple Mod I made for my self, it allows me to Trade sex to almost any NPC that I am able to talk to for cap's. I have been pretty generous with the Cap's payed for services, I do not see this as a problem, as I figure everyone here knows how to edit there Cap's anyway. Not totally over board with the cap's but good pay for your services, however there is a random to this so sometimes the pay can be very low also.
    Right now no one will ever turn you down, they will always trade cap's for sex. This may be modified in the future, but for now it is always going to allow some sort of action to happen
    I have quite a bit of varying dialogue, so it is not quite so repetitive, and Have allowed female client's with varying taste's ( will be adding to this hopefully), also some text pop ups in the Pipboy corner from time to time.
    I have used it in HonestHeart's and it worked there just fine, the dialog is not lore friendly there, but to make it so It would or could have lore friendly Dialogue I would have to make HonestHearts DLC a dependancy, and I would rather not do that, or I could check for it being loaded, but I did not want to get that deep in it at this time, and dependancy would actually be better. Any way it did work in HH, so I have no reason to believe it will not work in any other DLC where you have male, and female characters that you can talk to, but I only tested it in HH.
    I have been running it for some time, with no problems. It may have bug's I have not found, but I feel it is pretty solid for what it does.
    MCM: Right now has two options, Off or On, one turns the mod on, and the other when Off allows the possibility of a wilderness event happening, this second one should be On if you are playing one of the Official DLC, and not in the Default New Vegas Game Area. Both Are Off by Default when first loaded. to use mod, must enter MCM, and turn on trading, and to use the possible wilderness event, you must have "DLC Safe" Off.
    I used an MCM script from another mod I am tinkering with, and pruned it down to get the two option's I needed at this time.
    For some reason The MCM is very slow or labor bound, I may look into this latter, but it works okay, Just takes awhile to make the single Option visible, and when you click to turn it on, just do that once, and wait, I have seen it take up to 25 sec to swap from Off to ON, but once it register's On, the mod is active, and ready to use. This is fixed now
    If for some reason it conflicts with another Mod go to the MCM and turn Off the "Naughty Trading", or just disable the mod in your mod load order. ( I see no real reason why the Trading would conflict, but if playing a DLC, or get tired of being Pillaged in the wilderness be sure to turn On the "DLC Safe" Option)
    Point Of Interest: To keep it from conflicting with other mod's I have not used any getfirstREf, GetNextRef loop's as I am sure I would conflict with many SexOutNG Mod's if I did this to make NPC come to you, and ask for sex. So you have to Talk to NPC to do your Naughty Trading.
    Also if you don't see the Strap on, when you should It may be your NPC female clothing is set to always strip, this can cause the Strap on to not be seen, set on the NPC, not the player, the female dressing to "Use undress list".
    POSSIBLE FUTURE: If I Have time, I may add some Quest's to It over time, as in special trick's, serve as a party favor, unique trading situations, what ever, but My time is really limited a lot of late, so any additions would be over time.
    Of course Ashal, he has been a good friend, and helped me a lot.
    Odessa Has really stepped in and been a very big help with the differences between OBSE, and NVSE and FONV scripting in general
    Neutron_rus Helped, me, and is helping me with the Sexout 97 changes problems,,Much thanks
    A.J. for helping me spot a problem in my MCM early on
    Prideslayer for his very friendly SexOutNG, I am just and idiot when it comes to proper syntax
    DoctaSax he has just always been good to answer my questions
    RitualClarity really great moral support
    ZAZ (Chriss) He's Wonderful bondage stuff is always fun to play with, I remember when he made his Horse ride you for Oblivion, trading scripts to make his special animation work better. His stuff is a blessing for all the rougher style of Adult modding.
    Many others I will add as I remember, and some I am sure I have forgoten SoRrY
    Posted Image
    Click here to download this file



  6. SlaveTats_GG_SlaveTats

    Very Sleazy Tattoo's
    I made these sometime back when Slave Tattoo's first came out, and just re discovered them, and thought well, there pretty sleazy, but hey some of you all might like them.
    I can not on my system get the face one's to pop up, not sure what I am doing wrong.
    Anyway I thought I would post them if anyone wanted to look at them, and then throw them away..LOL
    Required >>> Need to have SlaveTats Installed with all its requirementa
    I would use MO, or NMM, so I could junk the damn stuff if I did not like it.
    But I guess you could drop the Textures folder from the zip into your Skyrim\Data folder.



  7. galgat_KWanimations

    Warning! Adults only! All others will find Warts in bad places, and you will go Blind!
    Sex animation Only for Sims 3 Kinky World
    Animations only for Oniki's Kinky World Mod
    I am very New to sims animations, I am sure these are not very good, i am trying to improve, as i go, I thought these were maybe worth uploading.
    Drop them in you "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods" folder.
    1. start up the Game and load any saved game.
    2. Open the Kinky World Settings Menu to add new Animations, should be under the global woohoo Menu
    3. Type "KW_Galgat_animations" and click ok.
    Or you could from the desk top highlight KW_Galgat_animations, right click it, and copy on the desk top, then go back to the game, and use ctrl +"V" key to past it in.
    any way that will let Kinky World know there there, and it can use them. If you don't do that they will never show.
    Get rid of the old files, and install the new ones, they will have everything that the old had, and extra, and you might have problems if you tried to keep the old, and the new active.
    Ashal of course.
    Maryjane >> Wore them selves out helping my dumb arse, I really do thank them
    loafkowalski >> for his sucky post, that got me to thinking, maybe i could do a few of these. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/71805-man-it-sucks-not-having-anyone-releasing-new-ts3-animations/
    TheMaster >> for his wonderful tutorial, it was a really, really big help
    Kinky World:
    Lady666 Animations:
    Amra72 Animations:
    Mike24 Animations
    The Master's Sex Animations for Animated Woohoo and Kinky World



  8. galgat_School_Kw

    Rapeum High


    Author : galgat
    Rapeum High
    This is a School I made for my self, as I got tired of My sim entering the school, and then 6 hours latter coming out.
    I made it for Kinky world, so I don't know if it works for anything else or not.
    This is I am sure not very good, but it might be useful to you for study to produce your own School. I made this bigger than It needed to be.
    I may latter make a much smaller version, with just the needed stuff, which I am sure would improve the play-ability of it.
    I am very new to sim's world stuff, and got carried away with the editor.
    I am very new to the sims stuff, so Not sure just how to tell you what Extra sims stuff you will need.
    I know you need these.
    Sim's 3
    University >> White boards and podiums
    Night life >> Dance floor, Food register
    Out door life >> Buffet table
    Made for Kinky World>>> So should have that
    I made it for my Self, and was asked to post it, I may have stuff from Mods or things that you don't have I bought the most complete version i could get, of this great, but lagging like hell game.
    I find the ant farm like play to be a lot of fun, and enjoy this way better than Sim's 4 ( The Open world is just better in my Opinion ) That walk 15 step's, and teleport in sim's 4 is like really goofy!
    I am not sure after that, and I am not even 100% sure on that.
    Like I said I made it for me. If you can use it fine. I have a very complete version of sim's, and when I was making it, I just looked, and grabbed what I needed.
    It's in a Sims3pack, so drop the "Rapeum High.Sims3pack" in your downloads folder, and use the sims3 launcher to install it.
    >>>Using it, Once it is installed.<<<
    1. Go edit mod at start of new game
    2. Go community building's
    3.NOTE::: when build a new lot or selecting a new lot, change it to community lot, and set it to ( No Visitors Allowed ) 64x64 is best size to make for this school ( for blending into the surrounding terrain ), it will fit on a 60x60 though.
    4. Find Rapeum High, and place it in the world, needs a 60 wide, I forget how deep, I just make a 64x64 lot myself, and place it on it.
    5. after have rotated it, and moved it as best you can on the lot, go to build mode.
    6. Use the soften tool to adjust the outer edges of the Lot as best you can, to make it blend in better with the existing map.
    7. add tree's bushes, re-texture you grass, and what ever else you want to touch up.
    8. now return to game mode from edit mode. Make or pick you family.
    9. Once in the Game,Turn on Kinky World, and Set all Kinky world setting like you want them.
    10 send one of your House members to the school, click on it, then click Kinky world choice.
    11. Set Venue, select register for school. allow auto handling, and all that.
    12. Make sure you Enable the school stuff in Kinky world settings [ Global ]
    13. That should do it, your teen should go to school now.
    I am probably very, very green about sims mod's, so I May not be much help, and i am posting this because someone said more school's, and resources for Kinky World would be good, and asked me to... So I did.
    P.S. IF it does not work for you, or you don't have everything it need's I am sorry. Delete it, and grumble about my poor attempt at a school, and then forget it...



  9. Re-Work MSexVeronica

    This is Very much MAVIA's Mod,
    I am tweaking it, and modifying many thing as I go along. They were fine with someone picking it up, and adapting, or working on it, and so I am trying, as it had become some what dated.
    NOW Has MCM
    It is very much a WIP, I have a long way to go with it, and many things I want to adapt to it. I have a lot to learn as I go also, so work will not be super fast.
    I want Very much to give all credit for such a wonderful imagination, and fun mod to MAVIA. I just saw it as a good place for me to start experimenting with FONV modding, and I hope I am helping the mod some as I go along. If it is just a big mess I am sorry, I am just trying my best.
    what it does, as Mavia put it
    Adds sex and dominance/submission/slavery with Veronica and Cass, when they are your companions.
    [From Mavia's Page]
    For a more extreme experience, ask her to make you her slave. This can only be done once per companion (Galgat Not true right now, I have it where you may become slave, and free as much as you want) and adds new domination actions, at your mistress's whim: clothing restrictions, movement restrictions, mini quests to fuck old friends or whore yourself out.
    The frequency of these interruptions can be changed, in case you want some semblance of a normal life. Open the settings book in the Aid section of your Pip-Boy to select the frequency. The options are 40 / 100 / 240 / 480 seconds. Cass/Veronica won't bug you in combat, or if They are not nearby (i.e. you've left her waiting somewhere).
    ((Galgat I believe I have all these setting in the MCM I made now, but the Book is still there))
    A hint if all your stuff is removed, and you need to find it look around the 188 trading post. or try to make your way back to it, and scearch there.
    If you have played MAVIA's Mod, you will see that I have added quite a bit more substance to the Player enslavement part, I will be adding to the Companion latter, but there are many things I need to shore up, and yes it has bug's, and some of them I may have made, or added.
    Please be patient with me, I have home responsibilities too.
    SexoutNG >Latest Version and everything that is needed to make it work.
    ZAZ-DataPack >latest version
    SexOutCommonResources >Latest version
    The Mod Configuration Menu >>Needed for the MCM Menu
    Should have >> [sCR] Spectrums Toy Pack
    It makes use of some of Spectrum Warrior's toys. If you have these installed, use the MCM settings to tell the mod so it can use them. If you don't, the default setting is not to use them (as it creates big ugly missing-object displays in-game).
    GBS_ModderStuff >>I have known them a long time anything you get is really super.
    Populated Casinos light/Medium/heavy, your choice
    Sexout Soliciting >> I have not have it major conflict with this mod, and I like it
    Sexout Tryout >> Great MCM Covers a lot of ground, May need to tone it down some with this mod but its a good one
    Sexout Spunk >> Visuals alone make it a nice extra, and it has so much more
    Lots of other good mods here, and friendly Modders
    Install with FOMM.
    Or you could install it by extracting the Download, and placing the Data folder in your main FONV folder, and let it write it's
    self in, but the better way it FOMM the improved version that Pridslayer set up.
    I hope I have not missed any needed Item's.
    Things I have changed or attempted to fix
    0. I have been concentrating on the PC humiliations mostly right now, and will get to the companions latter as I gain experience with FONV
    1. I fixed the problem with the mistresses moving you to good spring's or Novac, when you were in one of the casinos, thus causing you to leave all your weapons behind.
    2. Fixed a slew of animations that were not numbered properly and would not work because of this, I think my understanding on that was that they had been re numbered, and Mavai never came back to fix them. I did not always use the Piss animation 301 I believe it is, as there is no actual pee stream, and I felt in many case's mouth to genital in some manor or other was more logical.
    3. fixed a lot of dialog,(Added a bunch more randomness to the dialog, and comments, and much more dialogue) and sex routines, and changed a bunch things about them
    4. added a few more bondage items, and clothing that would be placed on the Player. plan to add more.
    4-1. Made fixes to keep from getting to many of some item, as many of them were added each time they were applied.
    5. Added Callback to many of the sex act to initiate Last remarks rather than the NPC to just fuck, and leave, I gave them a last remark before leaving.
    6. lots of tweaks and changes I can not remember them all.
    7. added a dance routine, that the Owner may force you to do,(after being told to dance, there is a 5 sec delay, and the owner will prompt you to get dancing and the dance should begin ) it is set on a 2 min. timer right now I know is long, but I have been testing, I will may make and adjustment to this or set the time to the sexoutNG sexact length. Latter
    8. you can get free, and be enslaved again as much as you want right now, it was best while I was testing, and for entertainment I see no reason why you should not be able to be enslaved any time your feel like it, and enjoy the free your self parts as many times as your wish.
    9. I believe I have rectified the getting to many Prostitution clothes, Mavai did not check if you had the item, and added one every time it was force equipped, hopefully this will keep them from getting stuck on as well.
    10. I have attempted to stop some of the interrupts by the owner during sex act's and talking to other NPC. But the way Mavai did the quest script like a function call, instead of a Loop script. placing return's, at points to keep the script from continuing. I hope over time to include Toggle variable's and then stopping these Interrupts will be better possible. But this takes time, to test, so that while fixing one problem I do not mess something else up.
    11. I have been setting up different dialog for the Male/Female NPC when selling your self, so they sort of seem more gender friendly. (Example Females won't say "I got a Hard on for you" I Hope)
    12. Sunny may have another dialogue added, for her best friend, a humiliation for the PC only right now.
    13. It is very much a work in progress, and many problems it had, May still be there, and I may have added more I am working on them, and in the process, I hope to get better acquainted with FONV, and Sexout.
    14. Clothing should not get constantly changed, Cass/Veronica should only pick another item for you to wear, when you are naked, which they tend to make happen quite often if you allow them to swap your clothing in the setting's book, ( Mavia had it sort of set that way, but they would get past her naked only setting a lot, I think I have stalled that.)
    Once Get main Events functioning right
    I hope to add some minor quest's, and extra event's.
    I will probably set the Go back to places like Good springs, and Novac to once a day, or maybe even a longer period between there happening.
    I want to get away from the timer events some, and more to a random happening, instead of the Owner plowing you with something every 40 sec or 10 min.
    I intend to add and option MCM for if indoors, they will not take you to Good Springs, or Novac, or Mojava, when I have time Maybe. Might be handy if you were deep in a dungeon, and suddenly they take you away.
    If I have messed it up I am Sorry, And if Mavia comes back, and wishes to take it all back, they are very welcome.
    I guess that's about it, if it works for your great, if not I am Very sorry.
    Sense this is a Re-work Of and existing mod you may find many answers to problems already solved in On Mavia's Page http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/35-msex-veronica-ds/
    Problem Mods I have found so far
    1. FalloutNVCheatTerminal. I hope I have addressed this problem in the 0.004 update., but as I do not use the mod, I can not be sure. Be sure to read the Update note on it.
    Thanks Credits
    Thanks to Mavia for this wonderful mod, and imagination
    Thanks prideslayer for Sexout and for answering my questions, I bugged him too Much.
    Thanks Odessa for helping me with script, and encouraging me.
    Thanks tomm434 for giving me heads up on some MCM stuff
    Thanks Panthercom for encouraging me, and testing early stuff
    Thanks Molevalence for encouraging me, and testing early stuff
    Thanks So many others, that have been so helpful here



  10. DarkBloodLine galgatTweaked

    This is Odema's Mod Translated by Vorpal from Russian to English
    Version: 3.0b-en01
    Thanks Very Much to Vorpal for checking with Odema, and getting me a complete Okay from him to Modifiy it as I see fit. My Russian being terrible, and not having any really good way of contacting Odema Myself.
    Also much thanks to varenne, Who encouraged me to Post my version. varenne did a great deal of the early work on this mod as well, though I never looked at there version, I do know that they worked very hard on it. We have chatted as well about some aspect's of the Mod.
    Tweaked & posted by galgat
    First off Odema did a wonderful Job on this, but has seemingly stalled out, Vorpal tells me He has said he has not time for modding now, but that could change. Vorpal did the translations, and did a very nice job of it.
    I have Corrisponded with Vorpal, and gotten Permission to use his translation as the base for some reworking, and overtime adding perhaps some more Contracts to the mod to extend it playability.
    (Contracts I Galgat have added so far 278 & 280 both female only)
    NOTE:: This is only the ESP you will need the main game files ( Archives) from Odema's sight
    Meshes, textures, sounds ...whatever http://gamesource.ru/index.php?showtopic=1674
    This plugin adds a new faction and guild, the Brotherhood of Shadows. The guild deals with catching of criminals and extermination of monsters in Tamriel (bounty hunting). The search for, capture, and execution of criminals is handled through a system of contracts and is closely connected to the work of agents of the Brotherhood.
    Odema did a wonderful job of implimenting the ability to chop off Bandits head's, and carry them in a bag to recieve a bounty for them from the Tamial Guard's or the Represenitive of the Brotherhood of Shadows. It is a sometimes fun, and pleasant Diversion with some profit as well, and follows through as part of the quest's that have to be preformed.
    The elements of the mod revolve around a common theme. During the progression of the main quest of the mod, the player will gain new unique abilities.
    The questline is the same for both male and female characters. Yet Has different aspects where one gender might use Charm, the other may go brute force.
    Odema has redrawn many textures and objects, environments, interior/exterior locations, as well as weapons and armor. Many textures are new.
    Has a very intricate plot line, and is a blast to play, and painful at times
    One of the first things I did was fix many minor, and sometimes not so minor problems with the ESP. I have I think managed to get all the mainline quests to function as they should, with the exception of the Curse, which I have made finishable to the point where Odema left it undone.
    As the curse is not totally finishable, I have made it so you will get it, and finish the 3 Quest stages that Odema had in it, and then removed the Having to kill every day to keep the curse from driving you nuts. I have also fixed it so you may still use, or have all the Perks of the Curse, with out the penalty. I did not close the quest, incase Odema re-opened, and started it back up.
    However if he decides not to, or it appears abandon, I might close it latter. Or look at ways to extend it. Unlikely though, as Really only Odema knew where he was going with this.
    Next:: I made it possible for the Female Players to use the Hookers in a very simular fashion to the way the males use them. Yet with dialog, that more defines a futa action, as is a somewhat normal ocurrance In loversPK mod's, and to that extent seems natural.
    I have managed to get the Carrot, and corn Masturbate spells to work right now. I renamed the Masturbate spell to Masturbate DarkBloodLine, so as not to be so confusing with MB2 spell. I have had hang ups sometime's with MB2 Masturbate, but for me not often (They use totally different animations, and scripting, and should in no way conflict, but I may have missed something). I added cum shots to all the Darkbloodline Female Masturbate animations, as Odema never added them. I think it makes them much better.
    For the Cumshots to work you will have to have Lovers3dOrgasm.esp installed it does not need to be active, but I used the .nif files from its folder "Oblivion/Data/Meshes/3dcum" so if you do not have them no cum shot when your Girl plays with the Carrot, or Corn ( and it might even CTD).
    You get the Masturbate spell at the start of the mod, but to get the Corn, and Carrot Spell's, you need to buy some Corn, or Carrots or pick some up.
    Next I re did most all of the Sex act call's for the Bandit's so that I could use my Text addition scripts to give insult's, and text voices during the Rape of the player by the bandits. Adding My callback style, and functions style, and removing Odema's from the bandit rape action. Changing only what I had to to make it all fuctional.
    I could have done more, but Odema used ambush packages ( I use to do this, and still do some ), which are functional, but will fail approx 20% to 30% of the time due to the onload, and the fact that two characters may try to talk to the PC at the same time. one of them will fail to start a sex act, and this is not fixable, unless I re write the entire thing. I don't feel like doing that right now . But it works pretty well like I have it, and I like what I have done with it.
    I have done a huge amount of work to the dialog during Bandit Rape, and I am pretty well pleased with it. how ever for the dialog to make sense when playing it you would need to have these Motion numbers in your game set to these type Motions or motions that appear to have these type actions.
    :::Used by Bandits
    Motion 2 anal expected
    Motion 23 anal expected
    Motion 25 anal expected
    Motion 41 anal expected
    Motion 65 anal expected
    Motion 76 anal expected
    Motion 118 anal expected
    Motion 148 anal expected
    Motion 6 BJ Expected
    Motion 19 BJ Expected
    Motion 112 BJ Expected
    There are many more, but for the Bandit Rape Text I have set up to appear right it would be best if these numbers have those type animations in them. It will not fail or anything, but the text will appear strange at times if the right type animation is not playing.
    [These are the same numbers I have, as they were the way the motions were done before they got mixed up. And Odema used the same ones I still have. But many of you may not have these Motion numbers like this, as there have been many nice Updates made to the Motions that have messed up many RPG lovers mods. Not much can be done about this, I know there not going to change them back. I do wish they could, as many Mods depended on them being where they were.]
    Right now I have added Two extra Contract for a female player [Contract 278 (More of a test on my Part)] ( Very simple contract which starts after you have finished Contract 273.) Once contract 278 is finished Contract 280 will appear in the "C" Box. These quest will not appear for a male, I hope to adapt them, or maybe add different ones for male, but right now I do not have a male Character that I can finish the mod with.
    NOTE:: If someone [experienced and good with the CS and LoversPK] felt they could add Male Quest's, and wanted to make a separate .ESP and make it dependent on this one, to add male Contracts that would be nice. I ask that you make it separate and dependent on this one [and not to pick at the scripts from this mod which would really screw things up] to keep from having a real cluster F__K between them. I am using even numbers for my Female Contracts starting at 278,280,282, and so on, so if made male contracts using Odd numbers as in 279,281,283,285, and so one that would be nice. [if you do not understand mod dependency use, and what I am talking about, don't even think about it]
    Just let me know, and we can hopefully keep things working smoothly
    If done in this manner Basically you would do your thing, and I would do mine, and there should be no
    real problems , and no need to bother each other, just mod the male quest's how ever you see fit.
    I have added quite a few Quest marker's as many of the quests where somewhat troublesome to locate exactly where you needed to go. This may have been intended, but I had problems with not being able to find my next quest advancement, so I added them where I thought they were needed.
    Next::: you must get from Odema's sight, and I know this is hard to do [if you do not speak Russian, and I do not ] the Archive's it is a huge download, and can be very troublesome to get, I wish I could help you there, but It is not mine to give away, only Odema Should be the one to allow this.
    Here is link to His site http://gamesource.ru/index.php?showtopic=1674
    Bad things to have running:: TrueCrime as it was the predecessor to this mod, and is actually old news to this mod.
    Many other mods may cause some trouble, Joburg, LandE are two I am pretty sure may if settings are very high on be trouble. Any enhansed verion of these will be trouble as well I would think.
    There may be others, I cannot be sure.
    {Things I hope to do if not discouraged}
    One thing I may do latter is remove many of Odema's added NPC races, to compensate for this I will may be Add MBP dependancy {I know many of you will not like MBP addition, but it will be the best way to keep the same or simular races where Odema had them, and give you more control over the look of there skin's and body shape with "SetBody"} I believe with some effort I can maybe eventually completely remove the need for The Odema Archive, which it is possible could eventually disappear. which would totally cripple the mod. (MBP dependancy will also reduce the size of the mod in a large way once I have swapped all the Special NPCs Odema added over to MBP Alternatives) [[This would be a long time off though, as to get right would take some thinking, and a lot of time to try and keep right, and many would not be easy or possible to change because of special textures, and duplicated Character use in Quest's]]
    I actually have made quite a bit of clothing, and can for many of the Hookers replace there clothing with some of my own. which would reduce some of the required Arcives, and I do try to keep my textures small, so should lower size as well
    And of course I plan to try and keep adding some small quests to keep the extended play, going, I have in a few early mod made quest's that actually built quest's but this is really troublesome, and testy, and they still become repeditive, so I probablly will not try that.
    Also I intend to rework the Prison rapes over time, all of this is dependent On how much time my personal life allows me to put into it.
    I had no way to test the Mod for a Male, It should be alright, but I don't have a Male Character to test with.
    This is a spare time Mod, I will tweak, and improve as I have time.galgat
    This is a trial run, If Odema Has any Problem at all with it, I will Jerk it, and forget about it.
    Here is the Load Order I have been playing it with.
    I do not want it Uploaded, or to see my version uploaded anywhere else. With out permission from me. (If I need to pull it, for some reason I only wish to have to look one place)
    Some quest Spoiler Help



  11. VirginGirl_Again_02

    VIRGIN AGAIN By Galgat
    I saw no reason for a Screen Shot LOL
    I made this for myself, but thought someone might need it. Use at your own risk. You will get 2 suits of armor, The "Virgin Girl again" armor will reset all your Sex Experience to Zero again when you wear it.
    I have, and it may be only me had some of the sexout tokens to get stuck on my character, and make sex animations not happen because of this. So I made a script, and attached it to another set of armor called "Clear Sexout Tokens". wear it, and it should remove any sexout tokens that you have somehow gotten stuck on your character.
    If it does not work right for you, just delete it, and forget about it, I just thought it might help some people.
    The armors weigh nothing, and if you mess up, and sell them, they will be replaced. only wear them to reset your Virgin status, or to see if you have a Sexout token stuck on your Character. Then remove it, and forget about it until you maybe need it again.
    Use FOMM to install
    If you want to have your girl Virgin again just wear the "Virgin Girl again" armor.
    The script on it runs on equip, so it only runs once, but every time it is equiped it will reset your character to Virgin. Then take it back off again, if you need to be virgin again just put it bak on, and then take it off.
    Another thing that has happened to me a lot, and I am probably the cause is getting some Sexout token stuck on my character, and then no sex will happen, because every NPC thinks I am in a sex act.
    just wear the "Clear Sexout Tokens" armor, and they should all be removed. then take it bak off.
    Not doing anything with the NX variables yet, but if I have problems with them, i will make a suit for that too.
    These weigh nothing, intentionally, and if you mess up, and sell them My tiny quest script will replace them.
    If there is something else out there that does this, I did not find it. It may help some of you, and it may not.
    AGAIN > It can be installed with FOMM, and un installed that way as well. Or you can just extract the 7z file, and place the Esp from the Data folder into your Fallout NV data Folder. Then to remove it just delete the ESP file.
    1. "Virgin Girl again Armor" Wear it to Just reset Sex Experience to Zero
    2. "Clear Sexout Tokens Armor" Wear it to Just remove all SexOut Sex tokens
    3. Once you have used it, to do those 2 things, You could disable the mod, to keep your mod number down.
    4. Enable it again if you need it.
    5. No need for it to hang around all the time pestering you with its minor Script usage, or having extra stuff in your inventory that you do not need.
    6. You can leave it active if you want, I do not see it causing any problems, should have a very small foot print



  12. LoversRapeSGalgatVersion

    Many have asked about My version of loversRapes, I tweaked much, and added a lot text wise mostly to it.. anyway here it is if you wish to try it, be sure to uncheck your other RapeS lovers mod..Uncheck this one latter and recheck yours again if is not to your liking.
    Loverpk Plugin: Redone by Galgat.This version done 12-18-2010
    Many people including myself have worked on the translation of the mods for LoversPK. at http://wolflore.enmesharra.com/.
    I have done some re translating on this, and utilized some translations that others at wolflore have done.
    Main thing different in my translation is that the animals, and males, and females now have there own conversation area.
    These are rapist, not nice people, they do not talk nicely, and they are evil..They do mean, and unruly things. Talk to any Girl who was ever Raped, and ask how nice the Rapist were..
    the normal Rapes mod starts and ends sex like this
    starts:The witch doctor caught you off guard, and begins to rape your arse.
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    End: you pull away and orgasm
    I have tried to give a lot of randomization to this version. By adding 10 conversation area' that can happen during the actual sex act. So you end up maybe with something like this.
    This No Longer functions quite right with Creatures, One of the
    Lovers Updates Messed it up
    The Text, and dialog works fine with Playable races
    starts:The Orge has placed you in nasty position, and begins to Rape you.
    Off.Orge like fuk Purdy Girls in Butt hole...Poop, Poop, Poo..Little Girl...Har, Har...!
    Def.No, No, No..! Don't put that big thing in my Butt, Stop..Aaargh !
    Off.Dose Purty Girl like Big Orge cock in Butt...Har, de, Har...!
    Def. Oh God ! so Big, stop your ripping me apart....!
    Off. I like you Butt...it so tight...Umm..is getting looser now..Hee, Hee !
    Def. God stop it !...Please, your tearing me apart...Uggh ! Ommph !
    Off. Awe ! Purty Girl not want me should have her Butt...Tisk, Tisk !
    Def. Ouch ! ow, ow, ow...Yes..Please stop..its toO big...Ulp...!
    Off. Okay Orge stop when Orge get through..Must get funny feeling first..Har, Har !
    Def. Oh My god, its Flooding My gut with it's Cum...I may explode..UgggH !
    End: You fall to the ground, cum pouring from you over streached Booty..
    I have added some other randomization,and extra variables to the Quest script, that can be used to identify Male, female, creature, vaginal Rape, or Butt rape, another variable I added to stop the latent text messages after the sex event was over. and may add more in time..
    would like to know if it is still worth continuing or not.
    I have done it in other mods, I like having more diverse context in the dialog.
    1.OBSE 19b,
    2.LoversPK version 1.4 rev 77 or better. full with all the data folders
    3.Universal Silent voice by Elys (http://tesnexus.com/...le.php?id=16622)
    4.PLACE LoversrapeSGalgat data folder in your Oblivion folder.
    LoversPK is tough for some people to get installed right..if you have never done it then expect lots of trial and error getting it up and running.
    However if you manage to get it working. It is very Erotic, and way over the top in many areas. And can be a lot of fun for ADULT's.



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