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  1. Good stuff, I did some looking into it back when the Original SLA was becoming a beast of burden, and found mostly the same info.


    The cloaking spell's being one of the main influences for me.  That caused instability. Some mod's that I know are popular and will not mention do this a lot, and give no ability to tone down how often or turn off the cloak, and they indeed cause problems when ran with to many other mods that require or also use cloak's or intensive Event checking.


    Line of sight, and limiting what they search for would be good if all modders incorporated that, but many do not.


      Probably one of the main reasons I run many mods alone in there own profile away from other mods even though quite often the Author of a mod will recommend other mods that would enhance there mod I quite often add those other mods very sparingly if at all.

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