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    After the Android Crusades, the man-tittening and several other RJW fiascos, i don't go there anymore. Tis' a silly place. Instead i am now working solely on Sexbound, and taking care while Loc is off getting his IRL Game a upgrade to the platinum pass version.

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  1. Look, you still haven't sent the actual latest log, the one without any numbers attached, and the latest of those, .1, just mentions you trying to join someone and failing, while still having all the mods installed. Tons of errors, and looks like something is just crashing the connection. If you're trying to do FFS missions, it's worth nothing they are not multiplayer compatible, but other than that the error does not mention what is causing it to abort the connection, other than "wrong data". We can help you with Sexbound issues, but all this log tells me is that you're running 174 mods, and a good chunk of them are just buggy by design or outdated. Please try to properly report the issue with the right (and only one) log file when you ask for help with this. As described above, elaborate, otherwise i'll have to flag you as a troll, because "getting cucked" is not a bug or issue, and you've refused to send the proper log twice now, neither time with an actual Sexbound issue attached in the files you did send.
  2. Well, took me a while to translate the individual bits and add somewhat small translations, but yeah; I don't mind if my content is used to produce your mod, honestly there is a lot of good work put into this and i won't ask you to delete it all because of 1 mattress, it's fine. Though some other users may not be as fine, and that's what i wish to warn you of. Don't be taken back though, this is a lot of good content. I don't fully understand your messages, but i can agree with the sentiment of trying to contact modders for permission and them just not responding, apparently gone for a long time, or just ignoring the messages. And don't get me wrong, you don't have to donate, support me or Loc on Patreon (Wink wink, shameless plug) to have permission to do as you wish with the mods, most of the mods here aren't even mine or Locuturus's, if anything Alastor has the highest count, having made most Race Supports thus far. PS.: There goes the Yoru support again lol If you need help with setting up the mod's page, you can edit the File Page specifically. Your first post on the Starbound section will automatically update to reflect the file page, so you only need to edit 1 page.
  3. Wow. I am really speechless. There is so much to unpack, and to boot i can't understand a single word! I've run it through the translator and it seems that you have made a bunch of these objects, animated and wireable, or Sexbound-interactable objects, and while i would usually complain to normal users that there are assets being used that weren't asked for (I know, since Lewdbound assets are in there and nobody asked me =V) , but i guess i have to make the exception here, because it's not normal to have such ownership or copyright over your work over in your country. (Yes, i've read up on Korean copyright law, it's as recent as 1950's/60's that they implemented regulations on that stuff, and not until the last couple decades that it's been taken more into consideration to protect the interests of companies, so the content of creators such as us falls under their perceived notion of fair use.) Though, it's up to the moderators to decide on that, not me, i don't know how much their idea of creator rights protection extends here... These are interesting, and would be more interesting if the race itself hadn't vanished. I don't know what happened as nobody commented anything, but the Yoru race, which seemed to be a more fur-covered kitsune, is gone from the forums, which was posted shortly before this mod. I find it amusing you used several existing pieces of code and objects as example, such as the animated tentacle plant, simple wired objects, and more, including custom-made Sexbound objects which the player can go into and interact with (Only as Actor 1 yet). I am impressed with your use of the API and mods for that! Though, here's a couple issues i've noticed, and i don't know how these will translate so i'll try to be concise. 1) The english patch is machine translated, and that's fine, it sorta does it's job. But of note: The translation patch is set to priority -1 while the mod itself is set to priority "none", or 0. This means the patch won't work because it loads before the mod itself, and patches into nothing. Also, may want to change the translation on a couple objects, as either they are too long and become unreadable, or, in the case of the kitsune-gangbang scenes, call them "children from other places come to help", which sounds.... awfully wrong. 2) The player-interact-able objects are actually really nicely implemented and work. The POV's are a really good touch, and a mechanic that has been in the "we should implement this" for the main API for a while. I don't know if you're using the overlay layers as Loc implemented them, as i'm not awake enough to delve into the files and analyze them, but i'll assume you haven't, as no mods used them yet AFAIK. Unless you did, in which case congratulations on being a pioneer! But... All of them count as female, despite clearly being male, and can even be impregnated, for the ones in the butterfly and standing positions. Doing so causes the actor 1's (Player) head to disappear, and they have no visual indicator that anything changed otherwise. 3) Dancer 2's "off" animation is invisible, seems like a issue with the way it's being called. (probably in the .frames file) Other than regional and language barriers here, the work is really good, and has very few issues. I'd appreciate if someone who could act as a middle-man for communications was around, would make this easier, so we don't have to rely on Google Translate and it's faults.
  4. Lol, i'm not hurt or mad, you're open to have your opinions, if you didn't like it, you didn't like it. Either way, i'm not gonna rib you for your choice of words. I tried to make fun in the first sentence, but sadly yeah, the situation is indeed, quite grim when it comes to one side throwing flames onto the other.
  5. None of these are the latest log, but from what i caught from log.1, which should be the previous to last time you played, you're playing with tons of mods, several of which are outdated or just generating errors even before the game lets you in. Examples are that the TF2/MannStore mod is very old and causes problems for several other mods, and plenty of errors, and also WhoBound and Inklings both seem to be causing errors. I'd recommend cleaning up your mods first, then providing the latest log (starbound.log in the same folder, or "starbound - Text file" in there) and we can see about what is actually going on. After you, of course, go in-game and use a Sexbound bed to generate errors in the first place. Game won't log what didn't happen. ... So, all these features players can enjoy with monsters, NPC's and objects are pointless because they can't share them with other people...? And hell yeah people are secretive, not everyone likes posting how they fucked aliens on their adventures in a children's sandbox game, you realize how judgemental and hostile people are towards adult content right? If you have like, any legitimately constructive suggestions that you think would improve the experience, we're open to listen to them, but as it stands, y'know, we are "secretive" because trying to uphold good values and respect towards other modders, when the Starbound community is already pretty notorious for it's unwelcoming and harsh modders, some even out in the open about it, is as a whole, pretty frustrating to manage. However, just because people aren't good at sharing information, doesn't mean they're hiding. Some are just safe-guarding what they have, as there are several Sexbound servers and small communities among ERP'ers and just players, but their servers get frequently attacked, or raided by users with malicious intent. If you want to expand your experience, there are plenty of mods, a few communities and servers, and more. You really have to get around sometimes, but that's just how it is for a old game, with a small niche community.
  6. Odd, you edited the configs? Seems there's a bit of dirt in the config. (AssetException) Could not read JSON asset /sexbound.config Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Error parsing json: unexpected character parsing word at 32:51 Without the config setup, all subsequent scripts cascade into errors.
  7. You'd need to join it to be able to post there, even though all posts are public and visible to all... The term "Forums shenanigans" comes to mind.
  8. ... excuse you...? I hope you're talking to someone else, i'm just here to say i've seen it in Thunderstore.
  9. I blame you for this (Not that there is a problem with this, but wow, that was quick.) (Actual link: BepinEx FemMod ) Now, as a question, any of you are claiming to have done this? Because honestly, @g29504569 has put up amazing modelling work, and i'd rather have their models and not the mish-mosh of random models from /4c/ without cohesion and credits.
  10. So, if you have Lustbound, i don't think you can tag the Everis males to be herms, instead they'll be "cuntboys" which is, given the species, no different than females. Sadly, Lustbound does not have a separate tag for that yet. If it is male and flagged as futa, it becomes a CB. Might have to request that feature be split in that mod's thread. Also, by default Lustbound will remove the first entry in the Futanari table regardless of what it is.
  11. You only download one version of the mod and the defeat support, 017 exists due to previous issues with Defeat including the poptop support, which shouldn't be a issue anymore, so it's recommended to use 018.
  12. Have you checked if the Log flags issues? Also, did you happen to remove "floran" from the list of species when you added Everis?
  13. Sadly, indeed; that is a issue with Defeat itself; Where monsters that aren't supported will still try to defeat NPC's and even other monsters, only to cause them to have internal errors and become invincible. It is even more notable in the Erchius Mining Facility mission, where the NPC's get defeated by Moontants, which aren't supported, and either become invincible themselves (NPC's), or make them sometimes invincible (Monster). It is really frustrating, i have to say.
  14. By default, no. "Futanari" was limited to only females. I don't know how it handles a "Futanari" male in the current release, by itself, without other mods, but logic says it should indeed just be that. A "male herm". Alternatively, the recent mod, Lustbound changes it so males can become "Cunt-boys" when given the Futanari tag.
  15. If "Can Ovulate" and "Can produce Sperm" are both on for this gender (Default futanari), and being in a position which can become pregnant (Pretty much all of them, except Fellatio, as actor 2) then there is a chance, just the same as they can get impregnated by their partner, that when they climax, they can impregnate themselves.
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