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  1. Hi. Over the past few days I've been experiencing an issue related to getting CTDs when trying to load save files, and would like to request some help pinpointing the cause. I have a heavily modded setup, only about 10 mods short of reaching the 255 limit, however it has been surprisingly stable so far. My recent save has about 82 hours of logged playtime, during which I have experience close to no crashes. A few similar CTDs when loading would disappear on the second load attempt, but it seems my luck ran out. I did update and add a few mods during the lifetime of this save, however nothing recently to these crashes occurring. The problem I have right now is the game CTD'ing about 3 seconds after continuing or loading any save file, including older ones that I had previously loaded from successfully. Starting a new game works perfectly fine, but I still CTD if I try to load a save file after starting a new game. I have tried to clean the save with ReSaver (it was already clean), I cleaned the skse save with NetImmerse Override Cleaner, I have reduced the number of animations and reran FNIS, currently at about 11k, and I have been enabling and disabling the various load CTD fixes in different combinations to see how far it would get me into the loading process, with the same results. All this time I have been using Crash Fixes' UseOSAllocators=1, and now I have tried changing the size of the custom memory block as well to no avail. My enblocal file has expand memory set to false and reduce memory to true. The only thing that helped me was changing UseOSAllocators to 0, which made the CTD go away. With UseOSAllocators disabled, I can load, save, restart and load successfully as long as I don't enable it again. I haven't yet tried to properly play after this change to see if I encounter any other problems. And this is my dilemma, as I have tampered with memory settings on an active save file before, only when starting a new game. Would it be safe for me to attempt to continue playing with changing UseOSAllocators from 1 to 0 mid-save? Or is there something else I should look into doing to attempt and successfully load with UseOSAllocators still enabled? Relevant fixes that I had enabled: Load Game CTD Fix, AnimationLoadingFix 1.0 along with Animation Limit Crash Fix 1.1, Crash Fixes and HDT Physics Extensions Crash Fix 1.5. Also Safety Load after using skse memory patch. Crash Fixes logs are all the same 'Game has crashed with exception address' with the address always being in the 4E/4F zone, most recent one being 0x4F1BEFE3. Minidump from the most recent crash (loading with UseOSAllocators=1) will be attached. I am still looking into how to analyze the minidump myself, using debugging tools for windows I can see errors related to accessing the dlls for hdtPhysicsExtensions and hdtHighHeelNative, my first guess due to them being loaded through MO2. I also see errors related to symbol files for other dlls, including discord's hook. Load order (some esps are disabled, sitting at 245 loaded): So yeah, if anyone has any suggestion on what else I could try, or if I need to provide anything else to clarify the situation, please let me know. Thank you for your time 2020-09-27_13.24.13.dmp Papyrus.0.log
  2. I seem to have a problem related to the transformation once my character becomes a vampire. the TL;DR is eye and hair transformation is applied for a split second before reverting to the human body version, but I'll try to give more details now. I'll preface this by saying that I'm using better vampires, and I've been reading about the possible issues. However, PSQ used to work entirely as exepcted, as was better vampires (feeding, ranking up and so on). I wasn't using the drain spells so I can't really comment on that, but they don't interest me. I have just over 60 hours logged on a save file using this. Recently, I started a new game after updating and changing my load order quite a bit, although I haven't touched PSQ or better vampires. Before becoming a vampire, the transformation worked perfectly. The only options I had enabled were buffs, eyes, hair, hair color and the tattoo related options. They all worked perfectly, including tattoo glow shifts and so on. My problem is that after becoming a vampire (not just infection, but post the 3 day incubation), the transformation no longer changes eyes or hair. It tries to apply the changes, as I can see them very briefly before the eyes and hair are reverted to the human ones. Hair color remains changed. My initial guess is that this is related to the vampire version of the race (tried both custom vampire race and a default breton vampire race). After reverting to human form for the first time after converting, the hair slider gets reset to 0 and I had to enter the race menu to set it again. I remember that once every few loads in my previous save, I would also load to a bald character, but it was a rather rare occurrence and an easy fix. My question is basically if anyone knows about this problem, or what I could do to fix it, or at least point me in some direction I could try to find a fix? I've tried searching through the thread but didn't find anything related yet. I'll keep trying what I can think about and looking through the scripts EDIT: I have completely removed better vampires and am still encountering the problem. Even using skyrim's unmodded vampirism, hair and eyes are reverted a second after transforming. And those seem to be the only two options causing problems, body, wings, horns, skin and hair color work. The only two options that get reverted seem to be the actual hair model and the eye textures. Is there any way to check what the OrgHair and OrgEyes (if I remembered the names) variables are set to? EDIT2: Didn't manage to fix the issue, but found a workaround. Since the problem only occurred for the vampire version of both standard and custom races, I edited a custom race with vampire related abilities and keywords, and it worked. Parts are being properly transformed, and so far every psq and vampire related script I tried has worked.
  3. 7zip works, you just need to replace the white space in the name of the 5th archive to an underscore so it matches the others
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