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  1. The link is fixed now thank you.

  2. Here is the error message      https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1N_VOnjaLUEOZnVyvUsK_8QMWyh5GAly5&export=download

  3. The google link for the LE version of All-in One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Le zip file is not downloadable due to usage error in google downloads. Can you give a copy of this file I would love to try it. thank you. D

  4. All I need is your Chun Li follower and my collection will be complete. I tried you blogspot and followed your instructions to the letter in the comments below, but I still can't get the file. Any D L link or help would be appreciated. 

  5. I need the follower in the screenshot above in the black mesh for my game plz.

  6. Awesome mods keep up the good work😝


  7. I have the 7.9 file you need and the cbbe files stored on my computer. I don't have the new up date though like you its missing on the nexus. the new version is 7.9.1 let me know if you find it thx
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