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  1. thank you for your reply let me take a look of that mod well actualy this is not what I am looking for it is not massaging but torturing, I I mean is the animation or event is start using dialog or you can go to a massage shop
  2. hi guys, i want to request, a massage mod. where follower / NPC can do massage to a player and can give a boost power or stamina or other for some view days, and the after another day player need to remassage. also player can do massage to follower aswell. and yes animation massage can do to the next animation stage where player and follower/ NPC continue to have a sex animation, sorry for my english.
  3. mine using body talk it erect to much as big as baseball stik
  4. Hi all i want to ask. i just start new game at first mission when freedom call " preston, mama murpy and all are having sex and get naked but they all not wear their clothes back. And then they walk to centuary nakedm how to out their clothes back
  5. I loved fourplay before because it is more simillar to sexlab hope they will more mods for fourplay
  6. so we don't need this patch anymore, I read the latest guide it said we don't need this patch
  7. what is the mod that start sex using a dialog? that is more immersive
  8. Hello guys, i want ask is there any similar to sexlab solution (skyrim) for new vegas?
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