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    Really old post, but would you be able ot tell me how I might get this to work for specific NPCs through CK? If It's set to only activate for the player, then wouldn't it be possible ot then copy the mod and change variables to target a single NPC? Or would that be too difficult. (Not asking you to do that specifically, moreso just asking to the viability, and if so how to go about it. I tried this myself with little results, due to not being able to set the reference to the specific NPC.)
  2. Hello, I've been very shallowly poking my head into actual 'modding', and would appreciate a jumping off point. I'm currently trying to work out how thew Devourment's "Player Digested" system functions, as it's always usurped by Death Alternative. Now, yes I could just turn off DA... but let's be serious, that breaks immersion (Yes yes, what immersion blah blah) but I don't really like to have to go into MCM all the time. So! If anyone can either: A) Find me a link for a tut. on adding things to DA (and by extension... how to get Devourment to comply) or B) Find out what handles this function to where the player is digested, and 'control' transfers to the new player character. Then how to set that to usurp DA. (Maybe have it set on knockdown? I don't know.) https://aryion.com/forum/blog.php?b=26087 Link fore the mod/ mod pack. I know it's a weird topic to ask, but I've been looking through CK for a while now with no real luck. EDIT: SO... the farthest I can het is that the Variable _DevourmentTakeOver is likely what triggers it. But no idea where to go with that knowledge.
  3. Examples such as the Slave Boots (and all feet variants that equip to the feet with the exception of ankle shackles) show human feet... regardless of race. means that I have to disable a lot of devices as an argonian from being auto-equipped, and even then some still slip through. Gags have already been addressed by a different mod, so that's not an issue, however the most irksome thing revolves around the Tails for aronians and khajit... Is there any way to implement a latex mesh coating/ texture to the tails when the rest of the body's covered? Thanks for reading.
  4. I'm fairly new to actually -using- Nifskope, and was wondering if anyone can assist me in a specific matter that I'm having trouble with. I'm fiddling around with the Devourment mod (hosted on Aryion) but I've noticed that, in the process of the modpack that someone built there, some things seemed to have been broken. Namely, 'weight' is being added to the belly that pulls it out of position, and overall causes visual problems. TL;DR:I need to know how to remove weights from meshes via either NifSkope, or editing the HTDPhysicsExtensions ffile. I don't want to remove ALL belly weight (IE, I wand my character's default belly to retain jiggle, but not the new mesh added to it.)
  5. xAteax

    Skyrim Devourment Vore Mod Links.

    Digestion won't work for me... at all. NPCs will die in my gut, but after that... nothing. no digestion to go along with it ,and I'm permanently stuck with a full belly. D: Neither will the RND hunger work.
  6. xAteax

    Skyrim Devourment Vore Mod Links.

    Hmm... I'm not sure then. Do you do TES5Edit / Bashed patches? I had a similar issue when including them in those patches. leaving them out and re-adding after patches seemed to help... though, I'm still having an issue where the prey won't digest. (IE, the belly won't shrink)
  7. xAteax

    Skyrim Devourment Vore Mod Links.

    Okay, there's your problem (Probably). Go into Devious Decives MCM, and look for the two tabs near the bottom (I can't remember what they're labeled, but both tabs handle body slots for where things are attached. Can't really open up SKyrim right now without having a lot of fuss) Go into the first device tab, there should be a "hide device slot" option or something, change it to 61.
  8. xAteax

    Skyrim Devourment Vore Mod Links.

    I think I can. Do you have Devious Devices installed?
  9. So... I've installed it, got it all working (I took me a while in CK to get argonian bellies to work....) but my question now is... why does the belly hang so low? It feels like it's lower than it ought to be on the body. Anyone know how to fix it?
  10. xAteax

    Skyrim Devourment Vore Mod Links.

    So... a couple things. 1: I've tried getting Argonian support to work multiple times with no success. The belly mesh takes my default texture and plasters the belly with it. 2: When I go to digest prey... the belly vanishes entirely. Can't tell how long I have to digest them/ the progress, as the belly 100% poofs. 3: I was trying to use Forgetful Hatter's dialogue mod... and that doesn't seem to work with enemy npc. Whenever you DO try it seems to just make their belly bigger/ breasts expand without digesting or opening dialogue. 4: In relation to 1... is there any chance someone with competent skill in image editing to make a better Argonian texture (when it actually works, mind you.) Namely from: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62574/ lizard skin. D: The belly's so much niceeeer
  11. It's been asked a hundred times already, I'm sure. But does anyone know of good replacers with Bodyslide/ HTD enabled? Recently noticed that the armors I used to use are.. .no longer scaling. (Likely due to a few mods I use that actually change the method of 'scaling', specifically Inflation Framework.) I'd like to get a good replacer for vanilla armor and clothing, anyone have a suggestion? Preferably something that doesn't make all the women in skyrim look like sluts... I kind of enjoy how they look as is. :c Edit: Took. Fucking. Forever. But to anyone who wants armor that ISN'T a disgrace to armor by being a bikini, here's some Bodyslide conversions: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85411/?tab=description
  12. It should only be of a handful (Devious Cursed Loot, Deviously Enslaved, Sanguine's Debauchery, etc.) of choices, but I don't know which one's the ACTUAL culprit. "Hey look, a free fuck. Service me slave!" This is the dialogue in question. Anyone know form what mod.. .and more specifically, how to STOP npcs from trying to grab my PC just because she likes to wear a collar?
  13. Heya. I was having to re-build my skyrim due to.... technical failures, and something caught my attention. The Book of UNP is a really amazign mod, adding variations to armor sets for females (Along with the capacity for "pregnant" armor weights... <3) But that got me thinking... It'd be fucking amazing to have a male version, to give armors in general a nice visual variance. Does anyone know of one?
  14. I use Mod Organizer for my modding needs. It REALLY simplifies the hassle of uninstalling mods. But thanks for the tip!
  15. So... my SSD failed a few days ago, which contained my Skyrim and MO folders. I have a backup of the MO folder (Well, an older one...) But it's been a while since I actually interacted with the Skyrim folder itself. Anyone willing to lend a hand/ quick guide to any changes/ steps to making Skyrim as stable as possible prior to re-modding? There's half a dozen "crash fix" "memory patch" etc. etc. that may not even DO anything anymore, and I want to know what is the most current suggestions.