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  1. I'm sorry if this is kind of off topic... but how do you adjust fov for screenshots in Oblivion? I know there's an ini tweak, but I usually take screenshots as I play and I don't really want to play at fov 30. And setting it in the console just resets when I close it. Is there a mod that'll help? Oh, and seeing as I'm posting here, I might as well upload a picture of a character. My set up isn't completely done yet (need an enb or to get OR working), and I think I'll tweak her face more. But here she is. Oblivion 2017-01-20 12-58-46-08.jpg Keep the console open. just type dof 1 when you have the desired fov zoom and huds disappear, then blind type dof and all comes back. before i learned this, i just photoshopped the white line out.
  2. I dont have that one but i took Fay's tiny bush from one CBBE texture (and edited it a little) Some skyrim textures have those, one could easily desaturate the texture - screen/lighten it in PS so the whiteness goes away - minor edits - merge.. now the base texture has a 'stash next to lower lips. Said in supposedly sly way. --- on topic: Fov 28 screencapped Fay
  3. That was me and couple of others.. maybe? Major reasons being my attitude towards 3 years worth of bukkake sperm spray, zombies and animals. Nothing against artfully done sex stuff.. But, not gonna go any further in this subject or mods will nuke the messages again. What prevents you making your own kaleen? I don't buy this "i suck at making faces, pls share ur save" showracemenu - reset face - make nose smaller, use one of the concave/convex sliders.. or both. One of the adjusted nose slope and one of the the area between nostril and lips (both have same name in my game so.. whichever) Then make lips 10-20% smaller, make chin smaller and in most cases you are good to go. Hairs/wigs do make the difference but by now there's like 700 hairstyles. Head06 races and FFrace are very simple to work with, some ren variants might be kinda arse and dk highimperials are impossible (to me) -simple tutorial for everyone, im out and hopefully no unnecessary drama this time xD
  4. Where can I download those followers? Mostly private, sorry buddy. (The draenei-like succubus is my gift (private). Risrays characters are not available or are private - ninja comment!) -- The big tits dark girl in my quote can be found in my blog if you bother to see what my signature contents have. (Just be nice to her - read me has more info)
  5. Sexy Wednesday - been a while? Let's start with fresh today's shot. All done in fov 38 because free zoom distorts perspective (which i call lens warping.) Avelyn Then a few never seen before images from last years november-december. Fay Shae - my DMZ model (also, last years stuff)
  6. *Cracks finger joints (and they fall off) and pulls out the director chair* ..Aw, Shit. Here's a little story for you.
  7. Well hello, you saw me few posts back and now prepare your bodyparts to see more colorhell from me.
  8. Let's test something in sort-of-witcher style.
  9. Oblivion https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/images/101/449130-1479598042.jpg It's less pain in the ass than skyrim when it comes to making outfits. YEs, i am aware of couple of conversion methods but the simplest one requires 3Dsmax and Bodyslide is.. too many submenu's.. I can't find a better wording.
  10. what bikini mod is that? Is it bodyslide. Nikutaa's Sexy Bikinies at nexus and i'm sure you can bodyslide them.
  11. If someone read my stupid problem. Here's a working result of RaceMenu edited classic head. Fck citrus replacer ! Edit: Face update -
  12. I listened this a while ago, Finns may mostly get what is bla bla'd in this video Now screaming: Time flies.. These are 8-10 year old songs now :<
  13. http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/44167739.html anyone have this around? I made to baidu servers but file download just never started.
  14. @Mizu/aura ..No, that's just the boobs shot. Pointless boob shots are my titles (no puns intended even if word combo is <-there ) *** random:
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