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  1. Kaleen Race (head06) (my character using the same race) The outfit variant is available at dude blog who was mentioned above if i'm not wrong.
  2. Does anyone here have alternate links? I can't access to tesall for whatever the internet reasons are.
  3. ENB+/or SweetFX for lighting effects and stuff. Method? hit insert or whatever your mapped key is and Practice.
  4. That's close when it comes to healing. The one i want was something like pentagram magic circle(s) coming out of hands when you did some fire stream or lightning. ...Stuff like that. Either my searching skills are dull or that mod has vanished from the internets.
  5. Does anyone have this mod or has seen it? In short, when you did destruction magic or something else. A rune appeared when you blasted fire or healed. I had it in 2014 but it can't find it anymore. Not from my folder hell or from nexus..
  6. And i am probably the only person in the world who made lewd sets by duplicating a pose mod. -> Then manually slapping selected poses to some CTADDPOSE menu xD --- I know how sinner feels about not wanting to launch the game. There was a year when i made like 13 pictures in over 300 days. I'm just using oblivion to make random pics. I know there are people who do it with skyrim only since it's newer game, i personally don't because reasons. The games i actually play are Elite: Dangerous or Cities Skylines.. Or crash bandicoot on PS4.. which i last time played like 7 weeks ago... Bla Bla --On topic-- I had plans for wednesday but.. Now i just don't knöy.
  7. What do you mean by mess with sliders? As in the face sliders during character creation? I cant remeber the site unless it was Try_Whats owns stuff but it had FFrace variants. He keeps them up for a very short time every now and then. I had a companion with dark-ish textures, moonshadowish lips (heavily edited) and so on. However her face was messed up so i pulled that mod. No eta when it will be up again. ** and yes, i mean character creation sliders. One can make a pretty nice moodnshadow or any race besides default by just tweaking jaw slider, making chin thinner and nice shorter. That's usually enough. Custom textures are just a noyce bonus! (but sadly, in some cases 50% of the character but thats beside the point)
  8. You guys need to mess with sliders. It does take time but if one aims for what Dari up there does, it's worth it.
  9. Try my GlowHell/ArtsyENB? it's based on AT ENB It might make a game a bit darker and there is an fps hit but that's one of the possible options.
  10. Well, one can see from the head already that this is from skyrim
  11. FFRace was used there but the textures are custom (and private)
  12. I know im gravedigging here, but does anyone know where to find a shorter tail mesh i could replace the tail with (for Kaleen) I tried making it shorter in nifskope but that didnt do anything (i dont really know what im doing in that regard). My tail is "off limits", mostly because i cant stand people whining that it may have its own life or some other bugs. Geechan helped me to do it back in 2011. There is a shorter tail on nexus i think but you need blender or some other 3D program to edit it. A short blender tutorial that mostly works. If everything went as planned, you should have a kaleen or any tail now sticking above the butt. And might look something like this. Do note that you may need to weight paint root of the tail by hand to pelvis bone or spine1 (spine 2 was upperbody?)
  13. Why? Because the summer is slowly crawling and this feels like a summer hit.. somewhere in the universe xD
  14. What is that and where can I get it? Pretty sure you have this one http://oblisuki.blog3.fc2.com/blog-entry-360.html
  15. OSR? poses have few, Otpair 1 or 2 had couple and ArkPose has few kissing poses. Daedra Sutra standard Animations have also few, however you need to check what they were from those 177 sex pose combos. (i added few embrace and stuff animations to my game like this: CS: open ctaddpose_miso -> gameplay -> idle animations -> [CTAddpose drop down] - +Addpose 7: stand #number change idle.kf to whatever .kf)
  16. Well then, for the sake of wednesday. I'll give some images to dwellers here.
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