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  1. AAA: Yes because they can milk multiplayer and keep stock owners happy because they get that flow in. AA and other Indies: No, because everything outside local/small multiplayer is somewhat expensive to keep alive.
  2. I know there are ton of female resources to make draenei out of basically any race as long as you can recolor textures. For easy mode and females: one should go for kaleen race and use hooves but you made male and i didn't know here were any male hoof stuff around before that pic.
  3. If you love your eyes, Do. Not. Open xD (couple of people are reason why this exists)
  4. Oh hai there! First: the tattooed girl is my creation. Uses custom hgec textures and customized custom ffhead textures. search modified ffrace, its here in LL second: that blue girl is my "main": She is mostly just standard kaleen: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/31738 She has her own personalizations which im not going to share but you can build yours around various hair styles. I recommend wigs since they look nicer than plasticy generic ones that many hair packs have. Have fun with sliders! Also get Oblivion Reloaded and ENB of your preference. Thats 70% of your "looking good" and before someone cries a river about sending saves and stuff. With my characters, it doesnt work like that. You have no idea what hell i went trough when i made companion version of that darker girl..
  5. Wig is private Outfit is not yet been released by that guy Pendant: check dmz collection on drunken crafter inn (presents) - You need to paste it to other body via nifskope.
  6. You can change steam install folder D:/steam | properties -> move files -> make new or use existing one outside x86 That can solve half of the problems and there is one tool that prevents bsa's getting updated after sessions. Oblivion likes old numbers. (someone else can link it) thats.. 33% crash potential remaining and now its all about.. anything really.
  7. Let's add more salt: Dark Souls series has MUCH BETTER ATMOSPHERE AND GAMEPLAY THAN ANY MODERN BETHESDA GAME. For story: i would go with daggerfall or morrowind.. - Once you get mods you want, it's all about which game you want to use as waifu creator. I personally don't use sex mods because they ruin saves games. (still poses are better for lewd screens) If i want to watch porn -> Pornhub exists. I dont need to suffer trough insane loading time just to wait for script to load keyframes.. and be prompted like "this save is corrupted: delete?" Oblivion was also my first "true experience" and i felt that skyrim was incredibly boring and kind of a let down once i played it. I dont know,, Something about skyrim is just.. meh.
  8. I think this topic needs some high quality artistic nudes..
  9. movomo, yes they do. Also, depends on admin too. Examples: one of my MALE shots got removed because red panties on a guy was "too much skin" https://sir-artsy.tumblr.com/post/174726028158/achievement-unlocked-im-not-angry-just - I avoid posting too risky sexy shots, however showing more less clothed cheeks being banned from free nexus is a new one lol.
  10. Alright sir, you have Darigaz and mine pics there. They are not vanilla races at all.. Actually they aren't really the any kind of race. We use assets and make textures to be character specific. The dark tattooed chick is based on this: the other races you mentioned are techically based on same head but as stated on that other thread. It could be MPB and whatever.. For making the character, you need to mess with sliders. There nothing else unless you want to add tattoos or change lipstick color, whatever., Just don't do it with shitty ingame colors. example of further modified FF Race: (my character) ^Moonshadow lips, freckled brush, handpainted eyeliner, synx eyebrows. Thats how much "simple" retexturing does.
  11. Japanese guys use XEO or some non LL variant of FFhead. 1. Sliders 2. More sliders 3. Tweak until happy 4. Photoshop/Paintnet/gimp for unique details. Thats essentially same as skyrim overlays but you have to do them as no one is making texture presets. sounds harsh but thats about it.
  12. Hi pervs! Took a picture of my immortal half-RG character. (Oblivion version)
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