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  1. Is there a mod or resource that adds BBB to umpa animations? (i can't do animations myself, no skill...) I know they exists for kpop animations, adoringdansen and gangam style but i dont give rats ass about those.
  2. Fay wearing my (now old ver.) dune dancer mash up. (aerophonics enb with skyrim unbleak effectprepass and obge colormood)
  3. What he said, that pic looks like it was made for trolling purposes or they modded oblivion UI to that game.
  4. AAAND HERE! SanctaTerra is hoofed armor (unless you want to separate legs and change it) and there is v2 also. Just note, it was made HGEC LL? and ZKEC Normal in mind so DMRA will make it stupid. No offence DMRA users
  5. Is there a mod that added some kind of revolver hammer (i recall seeing that) and other sort of steampunky machina stuff? If there is, and it's skyrim related since i can port those meshes.
  6. I never knew Rick Astley was a Microsoft Exec... Wasnt microsofts punchline: "never gonna let you down?"
  7. http://frozenglyph.deviantart.com/art/Fay-Pin-Up-2-373645313 My few years old character now. Same as you see in above links. I multiplied the poly count and now i wonder why blender didn't whine since up+lowerbody looked nearly full yellow in edit mode.
  8. I will break the female barrier and shamelessly promote my handsome creation which can "company" your female characters soon. xD
  9. Enjoy one of the obnexus "superstars" (i don't remember who said something like this xD)
  10. I went artistic with my character.. And this photoshop effect took 5 hours to make it realistic (I have ancient photoshop 7 and no plans to get CS series now) Character itself along with smoke effect are ingame (midas and fov magic )
  11. Poon: As heavy fov abuser. There is a problem with everything in any shader/whatever effect when thats used That "zoom" removes rain and whatnot atleast in my game so photoshop was only option and i wasn't aware of actual snowflake replacer.
  12. Half assed photoshop (snowflakes) mainly meant as thanks for few people
  13. Was clothing question directed at me or elalqui?
  14. ME thinks its Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria + Lush & Gaudy Water high res (i have 1,5GB gddr5 ram card and that mod kills my PC xD ) Obge only sharpens or adds other shaders, it doesn't magically improve graphics. SSAA dll (d3d9.dll) (from that one enb) is better than AA shaders from obge FXAA tool does better job than obge Only good thing i say obge provides is colormood, depth of field and god rays.
  15. Any ideas how to solve this problem? These started when skyrim force updated to 1.9 (which forced me to downgrade it to 1.8.151 and use unorthodox anti-market methods.. Anyways) Which mod this conflicts with!? I don't have racemenu anymore and whatnot. Help welcome. This mod used to work and all additionals sliders were awesome.
  16. You can get banned from nexus by just starting a "burning discussion" with a guy who says that "muskets dont belong to viking age." They could ban you and not that other guy. Using some non-approved hairs can get you banned or they give you warning and you cant post anything for number of days. Before i had.. 100 or so pics on skyrim nexus, half of them were just deleted so i guess i was lucky because non-triggerhappy mod did something without slapping me around. Reason for picture removal: FF13 Fang hair
  17. Anyone know the mod which adds armor to ogres? I recall there was one ages ago (could be wrong) but i can't find anything anymore.
  18. http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/images/449130-1362727909.jpg hit that link because i have no idea how to resize images in this forum. xD
  19. Is there anyFFX lulu clothes floating around? I might remember seeing pics there and here but that's that. Someone here said that XNALara has one model but converting that is freaking absurd / impossible -> that program refuses to run on my windows xD
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