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  1. I skyrimized my Oblivion character (and lore is that she's near immortal)
  2. Probably need to followerify(?) this bastard
  3. Hi once again! Last julys rcreation before steam nuked 120gb kinda fresh skyrim folder - now resurrected
  4. Anone ever had an issue where characters dong is just white or malebody_1.dds wrapped around it? And know how to fix this ghost mess, i had this before with ningheim patch and moving texture to new area in UV and place webs over, but didn't work this time. Like this? The UV of the little guy is over the said bodypart but its not rendering in game or in nifskope
  5. This keeps returning to my home page / sticking around for 11 months. Is great.
  6. Pick one or listen both - Synthwave (& remixes) is fucking awesome and this comes from picky ass metalhead.
  7. This spoiler contains lewd sea bandit, open at your own risk.
  8. get good looking enb, no need for huge res textures because gamebryo sucks ass unless you have 7ghz single core.
  9. Thats ported Hillat BDO outfit from Team TAL's skyrim mod.
  10. PSA: If you want to see my oblivion pics, go to twitter or flickr for those.

  11. if you want to see boobies, they are in my tumblr.

  12. I dont play Oblivion or Skyrim, i just do screenshots and make armor mods.

  13. This topic has stuff already that i wanted to share so.. Not sure how "underrated" or known these are but i think it's good shit. Wintersun Eternal Tears of Sorrow (i like the older stuff more) (older stuff) http://youtu.be/3Kzm-UQC6U4 Kalmah and i feel like promoting but this is a one of my workmates band xD
  14. Make nose smaller and slightly thinner than original. Adjust jawline Make chin around same halfway forward of nose lenght and bit less manly. Adjust nose concave/convex (one of those made eyes smaller and other altered nose/mouth gap) You can make pretty decent out-of-preset face with these. Works best with Head06 (which is pretty much everything now) but FFhead behaves about as good. Sulwha/Corean/etc.. is.. well not my trump card xD Also, textures do play a big part. Some are just 512* maps and to have something thats onpar with skyrim requires 2048* maps.
  15. Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laSyqVGlPGQ Here: Here:
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