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  1. а спутники Дроу есть и где дровка из доты?

  2. I've been dabbling with this for couple of nights now, and although I got nothing useable out of it yet, I still think this is the most amazing thing for Skyrim since ModOrganizer. I don't really know what body mod I want to use anymore, but today I've been trying to convert Princess of the Woods and Imperial Investigator to cbbe. However I'm struggling a bit because the trousers end up being really lumpy after I'm done with "fixing" the clipping part. Smoothing brush doesn't really help. Anyone have any tips on how to avoid that? I have a feeling that either I'm being dense, or that I'm too clumsy to get anything done.
  3. Ouch! That's... unfortunate. I'm sorry I feel really bad for not thinking about possible save breaking with the update, since I didn't have a male character around before making one to test the reported SoS problems. Only thing I can think of is revert to the previous version. I hope you still have it, because I lost all the archived versions in a stupid accident. If you don't have it, try going in with tes5edit, navigate to armor addon and see if changing male 1st person model back to malebody_1.nif can salvage your save. Don't know if it will work but give it a shot.
  4. Having strange problem with Ashara Princess of the Woods. Full weight version seems to work just fine, but the low weight one has leg and arm somehow confused which looks really freaky. I followed this tutorial here. First time I thought I had just screwed up something, but I made sure I carefully followed each step and it came out same on each try. I've attached the files here. Ashara Princess of the Woods - 7B.rar
  5. Update time! 2.5.2 contains limited SOS support because I've been informed that was an issue and causing CTDs for male drow. There's also new male body textures that I liberated from the schlong mod, both to avoid unfortunate texture issues and also because they made me drool like a little girl. For now, I believe SOS works only for equippable... equipment, and there are some issues involving its colour and also seams with low body weight, but I have no idea what I can do about that. I'd like to add a full support in the future, but I'll have to investigate what that would involve. Please report any problems you encounter.
  6. Unlikely. Try here instead: http://www.loverslab.com/forum/50-technical-support-sexlab-framework/
  7. Thanks, I wasn't aware of that. I currently don't have skyrim installed, but I'll make sure it's done right in the next release, whenever that will be. Meanwhile best I can do is replace that bit on the descripton page with a link to your post.
  8. Try if it's any better with all the other race mods disabled. Technically it should work with them, but I've had similar reports before so who knows.
  9. All installed hairs should be readily available. Sounds like some sort of mod conflict. Do you have any other custom races installed?
  10. Doesn't look like its ears are part of the headmesh, so no. I've also looked at some other alternatives but found nothing suitable. I really don't know what to do about this that doesn't mess up the existing faces, and if I do that I might just as well rebuild the mod from scratch. I don't really have the time and energy for that, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about it being someone else's mod anymore, so perhaps some day.
  11. Ok so replacing the head mesh or using the vanilla one would lose or change the ears and mess up existing character faces. No surprises there. If I could locate a suitable replacement the latter is just an unfortunate inconvenience, but I haven't had any luck so far. I'm open for any and all suggestions on how to deal with this.
  12. Never noticed that, but yeah I can see what you mean. I think that's a problem with the headmesh zazemel's original mod provided. I kept it (and the horrible presets) around because I wanted the mod to be useable for people upgrading from the outdated version. In hindsight probably not a good decision. I'm not too bothered because there aren't many people on this planet that have 100% symmetrical face, but I'll investigate if I can replace or remove the headmesh without breaking anything, however I don't have the skills to tamper with the mesh to fix it directly. It could be possible to fix in-game it with ECE's vertex editor. Never tried it myself but worth a look if it really bothers you. I think RaceMenu is going to implement something similar in near future.
  13. I don't like spamming people with big downloads so I was going to sit on this update a bit longer untill had something more substancial to add to it, but I've uploaded 2.5.1a version. It contains texture updates that should hopefully reduce the seams (I didn't realise it was that bad but I'm not spending much time on Skyrim at the moment), however mind that to my best knowledge UNP seams can't be completely eliminated. Also ADEC support added. I hope that it helps but no promises. What comes to the sharp fingers problem, I'm 100% certain that's some sort of spell effect on you.
  14. Are you 100% sure you don't have the old CNHF 1.0 textures haunting your mod folder? They're no longer included in this mod but if you have overwritten old version they'd still be in the optional files folder. Just to be absolutely clear, if you're using CNHF 2.5, you should be using the default textures (which are also included in the optionals in "Textures for UNP, UNPB, CNHF, 7B" folder. Also mind that CNHF 1.0 is no longer supported, so if you're using that then you need to upgrade.
  15. It has its own head mesh, but the body uses the default path. is there a short way of modifying it to use a custom body mesh via the CK? I'm confident enough that i can muck around with it if i know what i'm doing. I can't remember the details, but paths to the nude body meshes should be somewhere in ArmorAddon entries under the items category. You probably have to also edit the custom meshes you wish to use in Nifskope to point to the drow texture paths. Ok I don't know what's going on there. Are you sure you're using the correct textures for your body type?
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