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  1. There was a Dog mesh mod (penis?) somewhere on Nexus or LL that is actually a Skyrim file not Fallout, the game crashes entering any area with dogs or dog meat. like the Red Rocket.
  2. In MO2: Right click old version All Mods> Install above Right click old version Remove Mod
  3. If someone is a deliberately trolling or cheesing me off, I don't mind a 2 way blocking, where we no longer share a universe, if that means they can't access my mods under that account anymore, so be it. But that may have technical challenges too as it involves extra database load cross referencing who can see what. I wish Facebook had 2 way blocking as I wouldn't like anyone I block to see what I am selling on the marketplace. Who decides? Me of course! It's my thread or mod, just like its my home, even if I'm renting. People could just be nice and there is no issue.
  4. Hi, I have this problem when adding a new version to downloads, because the File name is not fully visible, I can't tell which is the oldest version to delete when I upload a new version. I tried hovertexting and zooming in and out but there is no change.
  5. The Vanilla only version has been obsolete for years now. Do not use it.
  6. If anyone wants to upload or send me fixed files I can update the main download here as honestly its been so long since I worked on this I've forgotten how a lot of it works
  7. There really isn't a way to resolve it, that was a very old system for the early days of AAF, now it is better resolved by a system tagging the animations directly, I started doing that but fizzled out and haven't done any FO4 playing for years now. Hmm, I thought I removed Vulpine support, but sorry I don't do any FO4 modding nowdays.
  8. If a Elderly sim spawns it changes them to Adult. You can leave it on all the time or just add it now and then, your choice.
  9. Should have this uploaded to LoversLab rather than modshare link, that site sets my antivirus off and keeps giving malware popups.
  10. Try asking in the general forum or in AAF, this is a mod for AAF, the instructions are all there on its main page. Asking here is like ringing a gearbox company to ask how to drive a car
  11. I'll look into adding some of those in next update This mod is based on S4CL functions and Devious Desire Traits so pretty much useless and impossible without them. Some Googling will find them, PM sent.
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