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  1. 16, but this is too much imo, I have to clean (or maybe remake) my mod folder. And I think I have arround 100 in a folder of unused mod, some of them not available anymore.
  2. I have a question more or less related to this : Are creators on Patreon obliged to fulfil ? I mean legally. Because I thought that it was donation only. My point is that if I am right, it means that no creator "deserves" to be paid for their creations. They will be paid/supported if people are interested in putting money into it, and that's all. You are paid for a creation only if you work form soemone/something. You creates assets for EA or Ubisoft, you are paid for your creation. You do your own thing, you are supported and does not deserve anything because no one ask you to create this thing. Itis true on Patreon, it is true in real life. Btw, modding = sharing since forever. You support a creator when you want to see them continue or when you believe in a project (big thing like Skywind...); That's all.
  3. @gozz72 Do you have examples of content presented as free but which are in fact paid for? (For example, you click on a download link on LL but you can't download it...)
  4. The new decoration looks nice. A bit noisy but there are solutions for that. Keep doing what you are doing, always a pleasure.
  5. Always present, whether by day to admire it mistress, or by night while she sleeps.
  6. I'm discovering your mod page. I really like you put a lot of color choice for your object. Good job.
  7. And still no fix for the mirror bug I have a faded pop up window in the game, but everything else seems to work fine for me. I update anyway.
  8. Like I said before, I totally agree with all of you about animation. But that's not really the question. It doesn't really matter how much time or talent it takes to make content, the same rules apply to everyone. Just that modders and animators have been more respectful on the site in 10 years than a handful of sim creators in 1 year.
  9. I'm not worried about that. And if there is an abuse on the report, the moderator will be the one annoyed by that, not members. But I don't think this will happen anyway.
  10. I'm going to be a bit harsh, I don't want to offense anyone, it will just be easier to express what I want to say. Do you really think people care when someone edit a download page to give patreon news (Patrons already get that news) ? Or when you edit a schedule ? Or edit a screenshot ? The answer is no. Update a post in the minute because you just submit something and your internet is low, or because you miss something, it is ok. Outside of that, the only thing people care about is : there is new content or not ? So we can talk for hours if you want, but there is no good reason to make "minor update" on your pages.
  11. Why not use the forum attached to your mod page to put the news you need to give ?
  12. Simple, it depend on the update. if it is a minor update (like you change something the message, info about your patreon...), it is a spam. If it is new content. it is not.
  13. This is actually the main problem for now. I really hope that someone in good faith doesn't get a slap on the wrist, but I don't think that will happen.
  14. At least it is clear. It is good to have clear rules about what is accepted and what is not.
  15. Please, no need to conflict. He realise the problem anyway and know his mistake. I agree that dont make it a witch hunt please.
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