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  1. thanks for the reply. and look forward to the remake. quick question i keep seeing talk about fallout 5 will this be able to fit in or have to redone all over
  2. I was wondering if you can do one where she becomes a member of a pack, every time i'm attacked by one after they get done they continue to try and kill her(dogs or bloatflies) is it possible instead of killing her make her thier brood mother. also one one more, can you do one where she comes across a lone old super mutant and his hound and to help them out she ends up breeding with his hound, thinking maybe a failing fram and she helps him raise money by breeding and selling offspring.
  3. I hope I'm the right place. i clicked on Boston Breeder and it brought me here to Fertile Breeder. I just got a question you asked if anyone had ideals- ask. So is it possible to create one where a pack makes her part of the pack. I ask because when i run into a pack of dogs they have their sex and then try to kill her. can you do one were she submits to the pack and becomes a breeder.
  4. did the same to me. that way i was asking in early post about boston breeder. removed it kept boston breeder and game started right back up
  5. I was looking at the current updated AAF post. And noticed it said that Boston Breeder will now break the game. My question is how or why. Is there a certain mod in the updated list that I could leave out and keep it instead. Or does anybody of others mods that work like the Boston breeder mod.
  6. fnis isn't recognizing the file keeps saying incompatible file is for a different version of syrim
  7. I started using my skyrim se again so i starting using the new mods using SLAL formats but my Vortex is taking them its tell me that they're for reg. skyrim and I know i been downloading the one for the se version. so what am i doing wrong. help please
  8. I have a question is there any way for you to make the 6 breast texture with out turning her into a cow.  hopefully a cbbe body texture  just a normal female no horns or hoofs or tail

  9. Does anybody of a mod that makes the female player the slave of a creature, like in raider pet if they beat her they in slave her. the problem if in run into a pack of dogs or some they'll rape her and then when they are done they kill her. so I guess I'm asking if there is one or if possible see if some one can create one. And second i thought I saw a request before for this but don't know how it turned out so Is there any sex mods of roaches or rats done. I was wondering. something degrading for her and yes i know its bad enough that the other creatures get to have sex with the chara
  10. I'm using Vortex and i'm getting a warning of this mod isn't for this game. I insulted the skyrim se mods of MNC and Hentai creatures, creature frame work and its telling that there not compatible any longer and the games won't let me load.
  11. can some tell me what i'm doing wrong. please. It looks like some of my mods for skyrim se are saying now that they are in compatible with this version (se). and the game won't load. mostly the creature ones.
  12. thanks for the infro I tried removing all the the dealing with npcs nothing so far. So going to try removing the mods a little at a time. Til i find it.
  13. I don't know if anyone asked about this but i'm sure that i'm not the only one this happen to. when i restarted fallout 4 my quest for the museum started acting up. The raiders and the deathclaw won't show up no matter what i do. Whats happening is this a mod causing this. Does anyone know which one. Is there a way around this so i can get the quest from Peston.
  14. don't know why but all of the sudden my vortex mod organizer been acting up. freezing and not deploying and so on, Its hooked into all my games should I get rid of it and get a organizer for each game, if so what are some of the best organizers I should look into.
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