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  1. Thanks for the answer. I feared as much Is it commen that just any added file corrupts, or can we safely assume, it has to be a recently added file?
  2. Hi, I need some help. Recently when I am approaching the area north-east of Solitude, the way to Castle Volkihar my game crashes. Also if I am fast travel to any location in that vicinity, like Castle Volkihar. The fact that my game is running fine otherwise (I also checked with a new character and same problem as with an older safe), suggest that the problem is tied to that area and has perhaps something to do with textures??? (I don’t know). The bug occurred recently so here is also a list of mods I changed in the last 4 weeks: Updated Majestic Mountains + Lod Package (I generated Lod with SSExLodGen) AddedCommunity Overlay 3 Updated Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains Updated Better Dynamic Snow Updated KS Hairdos SMP Updated Clever Charff´s Photorealistic Ash Pile Added RDO - AFT v1.66 Patch Added betterblowjob Updated Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Updated Better Vampires Updated Engine Fixes (and added Address Library for SKSE Plugins) Maybe someone can confirm my uneducated suspicion, that maybe a corrupt texture is the problem and how I can pinpoint the corrupt one.
  3. Or the other way around: If you are bound, you start loosing is favor, or something like that. (I, too, thought of Serana ^^)
  4. I was wondering, if it would be fitting, if for example Molag Bal (or some other Daedras) would somehow react to devious devices, because he is the Deedra of Domination and therefore also of Submission. Maybe he can approve of the player wearing devices. Or the players follower.
  5. Hi, thank you for your amazing work. But one thing is not quiet clear: Does this sadly final version work with the current DDi or not?
  6. My Vampire character is getting somewhere. My Game looks nice too.
  7. Yes i did. I probalby have done something wrong in outfitstudio, but i have no idea what, since this are my first tires.
  8. Does anyone has any tips on how to use the tools in outfitstudio? I am trying to convert some armors from oldrim to sse, but i seem to be utterly incapable to use the tools correctly. The meshes end up with weird deformation. So is there a trick to be more precise, to not mess with the meshes to much? Edit: nevermind, i ran into another problem As you can see in the picture, parts of the arms and legs are missing. I am trying to convert this clothes, but i am clearly doing something wrong. Any idea?
  9. I recently found this armor:http://eskrimmods.blogspot.com/2017/06/victorian-dem.html which was exactly what i was looking for a long time, and followed this instruction (with the help of google translate) http://krishunadan.tistory.com/entry/스카이림-모드-DEM-Victorian여성-아머 to get it to work with oldrim. I tried to get it to work with Skyrim SE but i have no clue what to do, since the oldrim version comes with HDT and High Heels and Bodyslide. I would really appreciate a conversion (with bodyslide if possible)
  10. If you ask a lot, then a blacksmith will eventually help you. If you try to escape yourself enough times it works, too. I think both ways only work, if you have 4 hand restraint keys on you.
  11. Thanks for the answer. Yeah, two hand restraint keys. But only to unlock them to take them off. But you can also lock them together, so they act like an armbinder. Thats what i meant, sorry.
  12. I cant find out, how to "unbind" the hands of my PC. She is wearing rubber gloves, which are locked together. Does "finding a sharp item in a container" apply here es well and I just had no luck?
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