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  1. Wow! But dang! It looks like a whole lot of work there, but it sure does look great already
  2. I've seen that and currently have it downloaded on my game, I'm just hoping for more proper furry portraits. (The animated kind) So i made this topic to see if anybody was interested in talking with me about it.
  3. So lets talk of Stellaris furry portraits, that could maybe be made and animated, or just ideas really if anything. No furry hate please, just speaking of what i like. First idea, and its what i would love the most. Judy Hopps? Zootopian Bunny Species? Shipset? Cityscape? Traits? Idk i would just like a species portrait mod made of the best bunny cop ever! Scratch that, the bestest bunny ever! And in my opinion the best fictional character ever!
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